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Name:Andrew Kennett
Website:StormKeeper Dot Net
Right then, it's time I did a new profile out. Anyway, I'm a 33 year old male currently residing in Southeast London. I previously studied Computing with Games Development at the University of Greenwich and before that I was in in Essex studying at the University of East London, where I studied Computer Games, which again was a BSc. (Hons). I've lived in London for approximately 5 years now, with 1.5 of that spent at UEL/in East London, the rest spent in UoG/Southeast London and Kent.

I have no real need to put up a photo this time around because the sites I'm on have plenty of photos, so I'm not wasting space on adding a photo this time around :P Regarding one of my interests above... I have Aspergers Syndrome, although most people don't notice that I do, but it's something that bears mentioning as it's not something I can always hide, given I have a predisposition towards eccentric behavior at times! I almost forgot to mention that I'm a DJ and owner on Stormhaven Radio (though the station is being redeveloped at present), as well as co-owner of FSIRC (Free Spirits IRC, formerly Friendly Storm IRC) which I run as a Network Administrator. I'm also in the process of slowly but surely setting up a company called Stormhaven Networks, which is an evolution of a company I set up with an ex-friend of mine called Storm Netwerks. Similar names, I know, but it seemed to fit quite well. Either way, the old company's been put to pasture and the new one rose out of it.

Watch this space for more details.

I'm listed on OK Cupid, E-Mode/Tickle, MSN, Yahoo (listed above), DotNode, Orkut, Multiply, Mingleville, (twice!), Bebo, and MySpace, though for a a lot of them I either signed up to do the tests, or I did it out of curiousity... or I have friends there. I'm sure I'm elsewhere as well, but I can't remember where >_< Oh yeah, we can't forget Facebook.

If I know you from somewhere, please do feel free to add me.

Oh yeah, you will see me around as "Shadowstorm" on Teleboards, and Stormkeeper in a lot of places, including Deviantart... Though there I'm stormkeeper04. I'm pretty much everywhere at this point, lol. I'm also into 3D landscaping in Terragen and I also like photography. I've recently branched out into Photoshop usage as a result of my course at UEL, which also required me to learn Java, Flash and Director, so barrels of fun all round, woo! And even though I've moved, learning Flash and Java are still very much a must. I am thinking of getting back into Photoshop at some point as well.

I've forgotten a lot of what I was taught at uni due to being out of it for so long, but I plan to get myself back up to my previous standards in everything. I do still understand games design and hardware somewhat though.

Check out my Audioscrobbler at:

And better yet, check out the last 5 songs I've played:

Note that my top 3 artists are mostly because they pop up the most on my playlist because there's lots of songs. :P Note, I have no specific genre of music that I like, I'll listen to pretty much anything. I'll listen to most things once... unless I hate it or am not in the mood for it, then I move to the next song after the first 30 seconds.

And here is my wolf:

my pet wolfie!

Lastly, here's an age thingy that I decided to put in on my journal, as opposed to relegating it to an entry, because I'm sentimental like that (a female friend of mine gave it to me)*:

That said, it does show my exact age too and it has a wolf, er fox or something, so meh.

Interests (150):

8-bit theatre, adventure, alcohol, alternative, animals, anime, art, asperger syndrome, aspergers syndrome, astrology, astronomy, bdsm, beavis and butthead, being a smartarse, body art, books, bows, cartoons, cats, celtic stuff, chatting, comics, complexity, computer gaming, computers, cooking, creative writing, crossbows, culture, digital art, dolphins, dutch, electronic keyboards, emulation, evanescence, fairytales, fan fiction, fantasy, fiest, film, final fantasy, fire, flirting, flying, following my dreams, foreign countries, forums, friends, fun, gaelige, game of thrones, gameboy, games, games design, gaming, garfield, genealogy, gothic stuff, greenwich, guitars, handcuffs, high-tech, horses, html, indiana jones, intelligence, internet, irc, ireland, irish, java, journalism, krondor, laughing, leadership, listening to music, london, longbows, lord of the rings, lotr, lyrics, magic, magick, manga, mirc scripting, movies, music, mythology, netherlands, nine inch nails, open-mindedness, paganism, paranormal, partying, philosophy, photography, photoshop, politics, programming, psychic, psychology, quotes, radiohead, rain, reading, red, role-playing, rpgs, sci-fi, science, science fiction, sex, sherlock, sherlock holmes, sleep, sleeping in, soulmates, souls, spirituality, star trek, star wars, stars, staying up late, stories, storm rain, storms, sweets, swords, tarot, tattoos, teleboards, the paranormal, thinking, travel, traveling, travelling, university, university of east london, university of greenwich, vampires, video games, website design, weebl and bob, wicca, witch, witchcraft, wolves, women, writing, yoga
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