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So yeah, I'm getting bad at updating this, lol.  8 days without an update now, heh.  Anyway, for nte most part, I forgot everything that happened between Tuesday and Thursday, except for the fact I found out that Nisa were having a special on shower gel for a quid, which is good.  Friday was much more interesting, especially with Drunk Friday.  I found out that someone stole my 2 pear Kopparbergs, so had to go to Wetherspoons and got more, although it turned out to be the best thing ever to do because  I got talking to a guy, and he informed me about a possible job opportunity at a computer shop in Eltham, which was cool.  After that, i headed home and drank my Kopparbergs and generally got tipsy and had a laugh on Drunk Friday, giving my flatmate one, though I shouldn't have, heh.

Anyway. I'm fed up having my food nicked, so I decided that I'm going to move most, if not all my food into my room, and talk to my cousin about putting cat food into my cupboard, with note saying that I've decided to start eating it because it won't get stolen then!  This is a variation of my cousin offering to buy me dog food and doing a similar thing, although I think cat food is better because then I can donate it to the local cat shelter when I'm done with it.  Anyway, today I'm going to go and do stuff, like go and sort out UEL, do some more shopping, do some laundry and other bits and bobs that I need to get done.

I'm gonna have an "early night", given I usually go to bed at about 7-8am at the moment... will finish off that outstanding entry later.
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So yeah, I've been slacking off for about a week now with teh postage.  Not really much to say, save for the fact that on last Thursday, I did my shopping in Bexleyheath, finally started shopping in Iceland and other places.  How typical of me that I got loads of games yet again!  I also drank a lot of drinks that day as it was hot!  There was also a continental market which was pretty cool, but asides from that, there was fuck all to say until about Sunday, where I went to the Hot Fuzztival along with two TBers, although officially, I've taken one person out of the TB bracket and put them in the personal friend bracket, although I don't forget how I met them.  Anyway, I got to see Hard Boiled, The Last Boy Scout, Point Break and Hot Fuzz with Director & Cast Commentary!  Hard Boiled was quite good, starred Chow Yun-Fat in an Asian (Oriental if you're English) film, which is set in Hong Kong, and it's quite a violent one, yet has quite a few funny moments too!  Then we had The Last Boy Scout, which I actually have been aching to see, and I'm actually glad I did see it, as it was a good film.  Point Break was quite a good film too, except I had a few "huh?" moments at the subtle gay jokes. 

The film was, as the Hot Fuzz director very homoerotic, and essentially put Brokeback Mountain in the shade.  And lastly we Had Hot Fuzz, although we couldn't actually watch it because the movie was turned down and the cast were talking over it!  That's not to say the commentary wasn't bad, but I was expecting to see the movie too, so now I'll need to get it.  There were plenty of jokes made about Star Wars and Lord of the Rings which did make me laugh, and another plus is that I got a free copy of Shaun of the Dead, and a signed (by Edgar Wright) DVD cover of Hot Fuzz.  Was well chuffed with that because I was actually going to buy a copy of Shaun of the Dead.  Coincidentally, I now have to by Hot Fuzz as the DVD cover is hidden behind the Shaun of the Dead DVD cover.

I helped out another person on my way back from the Hot Fuzztival, gave him about 6-7 quid to help with his electricity and stuff.  He seemed like the good sort, so i felt that I should help him out.  He was a nice guy, 6 weeks out of jail and he wants to go on the straight and narrow, which I think is admirable.  I had a chat with him about stuff too, which was nice as well, he shook my hand when he had to leave and said when he makes his millions (to approxmate), he'd pay me back...  although I don't see this happening, and I don't really mind if he doesn't, but it was a nice gesture all the same.  Again, it gives you that nice fuzzy feeling inside. 

Anyway, I went to see Virginia today, but I thought I lost my phone for a time, but I'm glad I found it now... although unfortunately, the issue of my camera LCD being fucked from when I walked into something on the bus, in conjunction with my sound being fucked for a bit, and me thinking I lost my phone really put me over the edge.  I went to the insuranc eplace on campus to enquire about making a claim, and was chatting to the girl there for a good 30 minutes or so, which was pretty cool.  Anyway, I went though the motions of making a claim and such, to pre-empt stuff.  They said they'd call me back, which they did, although I missed it, but the cordless phone I use now has an answerphone on it, which is damn handy.  I ended up being late because I was chatting to people in a pub, no alcohol though as I had no ID, bah.

Anyway, I managed to find my phone now, although the camera is still fucked.  If the cost of repair is 25 quid or under, I may as well just pay for it myself, minus the claim, because excess is 25 quid...

I'm gonna get Hot Fuzz tomorrow now... and I saw Shaun of the Dead this morning, was damn funny... I imagine Hot Fuzz is more of the same XD
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First post of the month, if it actually  decides to post that is!

If this does post, then I should inform you that for the time being I've been holed up over in GreatestJournal, as a LJ backup.  Same username and everything.  Anyway, I can post now, w00t.  So anyway, let's get through the past couple of days.  Obviously, I've already posted the entries of the past few days in GJ, which I'll be transferring to here, as well as another entry that's locally saved...

But anyway, these past couple of days have been quiet, apart from the fact that yesterday I was sending some of my research findings (from Monday) to someone who requested my services as a paranormal investigator, although frankly, it's been more history rather than paranormal investigation, but nonetherless, it is interesting.  I'm heading over to Southwark Local History Library, and also the Lambeth Archives.  The funny thing about the library was that the way down initially made me feel like I was going into a back alley brothel!  I got over it fast enough, although that was my initial feeling walking down, plus it stank a bit!  The library itself is nice enough though, but it's typical of London to be full of surprises.  After I was finished with the library, I decided to go to Central, namely Westminster, although I decided this after trying to get to Southwark Tube station by bus, which I failed miserably at, so had to get the Tube there.  Westminster was cool enough though, got some pics of the London Eye, as well as Big Ben.  I'll be heading back that way tomorrow.

And when I was over the bridge, I had a bit of an emotional moment, and realised how much I really love London.  I also checked out the House of Lords and observed one of those parliament things that go on in there, which was quite cool.  Prompted me to take a more active interest in politics, though I want a bit more 'excitement' as it were, so I'm going to talk to my local MP about getting an invite to the PM Q(uestion)'s.  Before that I was talking to my two sisters about stuff, told them where I was, and also we talked about how crap the 2012 logo was (but it is!).  Anyway, after the HoL, I went in search of Westminster Cathedral, although at that point it was closed.  I do know where Westminster Abbey is now though.  After that, I had some food in McDs, took a bus to Waterloo, and spent about an hour trying to get home by bus!  It's just was well that I know places!  I hopped onto the 453 from Deptford, then caught a 53 to Blackheath Royal Standard.  Before my last leg though, I came across a woman who had a row with her boyfriend, and was left stranded (and was quite disdraught) and asked me for change and me being the good samaritan that I am, gave her all the change in my pocket (£1.24), wished her good luck and went back on my way.  It wasn't until I checked my wallet that I realised I could have given her 2 quid exactly, but at that point, I thought all my real spare change was in my pocket, go figure :|

Anyway, it occurred to me, in an insightful (not cocky!) way that if I weren't around (ie never existed), there'd be a few more unhappy people in this world.  It prolly sounds a bit presumptuous, but at the same time, I was just thinking about how many people I've helped along the way, like that woman just now, the man in Ilford who needed money for the taxi fare for his family (including 2 elderly parents) and lastly the guy in Central who I gave a few quid to for something to eat, though admittedly, I'm a little more wary in Central than I am in the likes of Blackheath, even Ilford (although there was another guy there too).  It's a sobering thought when you look back and realise how much of a difference you've made to some people's lives.  Granted, it's not a global scale, and someone else could have done it (or maybe not), but being able to help out a fellow human being is one of those great things anyoen can do.  Granted, it's only on a local scale, but still, it does help someone, which in turn makes you feel better.  I suppose that's the principle of those big charities, but I dunno, save for the Charleville Castle Trust, I've not really given all that much to charity, save for Gorta, and I wonder how much of that actually goes to the people... it had better have been worth putting me into my overdraft for!  Anyway, back to helping out people... it's nice to know that I'm able to do such a thing.

Anyway, I'd better go do some backlogging... maybe I'll show some pics in my next entry...

Oh yeah, I also forgot that I switched to a new VoIP provider... much much cheaper than VoIPstunt, but get this... it's done by exactly the same company and the software is pretty much the same too, save for a few interface jigs, and there isn't a VoIP-out number!  I find it bizarre that instead of revising their prices for their current service, the company decides to bring out a new one!  Oh well, I've paid the new one 10 Euros for exactly the same service, heh... After this though, I'm switching to the new one... seeing as it's vastly cheaper.  The only letdown is that I can't call a number to do what I can do with voipstunt atm, although I can do it with voipcheap, if I decided to get an account with them.  Although I can't wait till they get the number for 12voip sorted, because it also means that I can say goodbye to using call18866, or whatever it was called, because these services are cheaper, especially given they quote prices in Euros, w00t.

But yeah, roll on cheaper and free calls once more!  It's unfortunate though that calls to US Mobiles are no longer free (an any of them), but hey, the reduction of costs in other locations makes up for this.

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