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I was roused from my sleep yesterday morning by the doorbell (after having a few bizarre dreams I barely remember, though I have to admit I seem to remember them a little more these days) by the dude charging up the meter for the flat, and again, it looks like no one is here.  Anyway, I have a lot of work to do, in order to get myself ready for Prime Time.  First things first though, internet will need to be restored, by the very thing I dismissed earlier; my mobile... and with good reason.  I'm on the cusp of the coverage area, so everything is slow or doesn't work, which sucks.  It's about the only thing I can do while I wake up and dry off from my shower, mind.  After this, I'll need to brush my teeth and head to residential to check stuff.  Amazing what a night's sleep makes you realise.  The unfortunate part is that I could have done this last night if I recalled, but no matter, it's done now.  Next is checking Residential and mail stuff.  My mobile internet isn't bad, for the record, just that I'm out of coverage, so it performs bad.  Anyway, lack of internets gives me time to get much-needed stuff done, like getting rid of crap from my room.  However, I'm gonna work on this till about 11:30, seeing as I have a fair bit to say about the past couple days, although I'll prolly update this entry later to expand it to cover the last entry, once I have worked out what dates I'm covering, but either way, the trip home was pretty good, although going towards Dun Laoghaire, I had a couple of mishaps.

First of all, after I got to Connolly Station, with 4 minutes to spare on my suggested schedule (this will be important later on), I missed my train, and I was on the platform and all!  The reason for this however was I forgot which direction I was supposed to be going.  This may sound silly now, bit both Bray and Howth have beaches and are along the coast, albeit in opposite directions.  However, I caught a train going direct to Dun Laoghaire, but because I was so stressed, I got off at Blackrock, which is 2-3 stops away!  Luckily for me, there was a DART going to Greystones in the next few minutes, or I'd have been screwed!  Anyway, I made it to Dun Laoghaire port in a reasonable amount of time, and check-in was grand, though it was a bit empty (and a bit scary) going to the ship, as I thought I had missed it!  Luckily for me, I had arrived in plenty of time (relatively speaking), so once I was on the ferry, I had nothing to worry about, so I hopped onto UKCB and FSIRC to check stuff, and on UKCB I had a friend of mine wondering what was wrong with me because I'd barely been on, response being my PC in Ireland was screwed, graphics card gave up the ghost on Thursday, though at least I got a few things done before that.  After all that, I sat around and did relatively little, until after the man sitting next to me went off.  A few minutes later, I got myself bruunch and headed back to my seat, where a few minutes later, the man opposite me returned (there was also a woman next to me reading, and earlier there was a Korean guy - I think - beside the man and opposite the woman, who was at a window seat) and then we started chatting, and he gave me some advice about having a positive attitude, and he mentioned about how he met his wife in Sussex (after I told him I was born there), in a place called Hailsham (if I recall), at a hospital party, which he found out about in Brighton.

Anyway, after finishing the story (which was a lovely one),  he shook my hand and left, then I started talking to the lady beside me.  Turns out it was her first time to Holyhead, and that she was from Enniskillen (sp?) in Northern Ireland.  Anyway, I had a chat with her for a bit, before she got her back off conveyer belt B, while mine arrived on A, go figure.  Anyhow, I got my bag and began to make it to the station, when I spotted a train straight to Euston from Holyhead, and decided to wait for that, as there was less faffing about, and as I found out, it'd save me about an hour getting home.  Admittedly though, once I got home, it wasn't all that good, to be honest.  As you know from the entry on the 21st, the place was practically abandoned, no washing was done, and someone stole the shelf from my room, and it was also completely dark... anyway, we all know what happened, so I'll just steam on, and mention that a lot of people have moved in on Saturday, including two girls, or a girl and a guy, not sure.  Either way, I didn't get up to much, and I just realised about that parcel too and what it was, was from eBay.  Saturday wasn't terribly active, and nor is Sunday, although I'll have a commissioning entry for my new spiritual, paranormal and dream journal, which has been created out of neccessity, although I can't explain for reasons here.

Moving onto Sunday though, I've started to organise my room some, and laundry has been put on the back burner till tomorrow now, considering I have no will to go out, although I may have to anyway for dinner.  And, if I can get myself out for about 8pm, I can do a single load of laundry, which is much-needed at this point!  Anyway, onto more trivial things now, and I've been scouring eBay for Planescape Torment and Star Trek Innerspace toys.  I also have plans to sell off Commandos, Unreal Tournament 2004, Die Hard 3 and Baldur's Gate II, once I find the manuals and CD and DVD for it, as they're all spare at the moment.  All I have for BG2 is the box and reference card, which is a start, but seriously isn't gonna make any money for me at the end of the day.

Anyway, today I'll have a few things to do, like laundry and shopping, and I also need to pop over to Uni to get stuff sorted... it never ends!  Either way, I hope this year, I don't have to worry about stolen food, and I never did get the money back from my former flatmate either.... and he had the cheek to ask me for my PS2 to borrow!  But yeah, with the new flatmates in, and as at least one is female, I don't walk around topless like I used to, and I imagine I can't pull off stuff I used to be able to in an all-male flat.  Either way, I need to organise my room some more, get stuff out of the way, and hope to god my parcel hasn't been shipped off to the USA, although it's possible that as I've been such a good resident, they may have kept it for me.  We'll see later on today though...
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So there's really not a lot for me to say... desktop is still fucked, even after my mate had a look at it... we're both figuring it's the graphics card is on its way out, seeing as the screen garbles up still, which is a pain in the arse.  I've been doing feck all this week, although it looks like I'll be heading home early... thinking of getting a guitar, case and tuner for 60 Euros from Lidl, which is 40 pounds, which I think is good value, and it means I've saved myself some money.  Computer-wise, I'm thinking of updating components for all 3 computers at the moment, though more on that when I get to London, which I am seriously thinking of leaving for on Thursday, after I charged up my iPod.  I never got my Irish mobile's charger back, although I plan to in December, along with going out drinking with Buttzy, and people from the paranormal group on Boards and someone in N. Ireland from UKCB, as well as an investigation.  That's my Xmas hols kinda sorted!

Anyway, when I get back to London, I plan to tidy my room, as well as getting myself into a fitness plan, and also I want to get a bike... guitar can wait till next year, I want to get myseolf and my room sorted out first, then the real stuff can begin.  More later, need to finish before the PC crashes...
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Okay, so I'm still on my mum's laptop, and I'm bringing an update... a proper one this time.  I never went to Northern Ireland because I woke up too late, and with the time I got up at, I'd have been there at 9pm at the latest.  Anyway, I wouldn't've had the money to go anyway, given I ran out after 2 drinks for Buttzy's birthday night.  He's off out tonight in Naas, given he couldn't afford Carlow as he was after spending 90 quid last night!  Sadly, I can't go out tonight, but I'm working on going out next week, and the same with Northern Ireland.  Nothing to report really, save for the fact I can spend an extra week in Ireland, as I'm not due in for re-induction till the 25th, though I plan on leaving on Friday or Saturday.  I also need to wrap up stuff here, though thankfully, my Irish bank accounts are resolved, so that's one less worry, especially as dealing with it now means that instead of E800+ over 2 years for paying back my credit card, it was a little over E400, which is good.

On the subject of sorting out my life, I decided a couple days ago to get myself fitter, and bring my stomach down, after seeing a program on some girl bringing down her weight and other stuff and living longer.... then tere was also What Not To Wear.  I also found out today that 39% of Irish people are overweight and 18% are clinically obese.  Anyway, when I get back to London, I have plans to improve myself for the new academic year.  Will detail more later, after CSI.
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Well, I failed PDP.

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Been 4 days since I've written stuff now, go figure.  Today is Monday, the last day I have to do stuff for PDP, although I'm pleasantly surprised to find that I only have 3 bits of work to upload, means less of a drag.  I could prolly get one done in about a few minutes, with another in about half an hour, but I need to do up a CV for the last of them, which I haven't got, or maybe I do... dunno.  Also need to do a covering letter, which should be easy enough... or so I hope.  Moving on, I've now seen Alien and Alien Resurrection (fully) so I think I've seen all of them, although I only saw the Director's Cut of Alien, and the Special Edition of Resurrection, and I'm looking at the SE of Aliens atm, as I only seen the original, so here's hoping I'll see some new stuff.  Anyway, I finally got my laundry done, and mum and sisters are back in Ireland too, I got to show them around Greenwich, where we spent 5 hours, surprisingly!  Although that said, I love Greenwich, and there is plenty to do there, so it's not too surprising.  We were gonna go to Westminster but on the day we were gonna do that (Friday), I was told that they wanted to go to Tower instead (doh!), which we did do, nice trip as well, but sadly the Tower of London closed, so we went back home; me to Eltham, them to Brighton.

Other than that, I've been up to fuck-all, tomorrow I'm gonna sort my laundry drying-wise, and finish off my shopping, and top up my oyster, but for now, I'm gonna do my PDP stuff, then later I'll finally finish that entry off >.>
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Well, I've not really accomplished much, heh.  BIT Live 2007 has come and gone.  I got to meet a few people I haven't seen in a couple of years, and managed to pick up email addresses and phone numbers of fellow sceners, remixers and composers.  I had a really good night though, despite lack of funding.  I had 17 quid worth of coins, and that weekend drained me of most of them, as I needed the money to buy a travel card (1-4) and an extension, as well as food the same day I was seeing my guest/mate off.  I have enough money to do laundry, although I am still a bit irked over having to buy a 1-4 travelcard considering I had Oyster.  What's the point in spending money topping up an Oyster card when I still need to rely on travelcards?  Ergh, it's all fucked up.  Anyway, I got 3 free CDs that night as well, which was good... two of them were given free with entry to the Spitz, and one I got because I asked about what would happen to the CDs... as I would have bought one later, but the guy who did them gave me one for free, so again thanks to him.  I also got a CD-ROM to do with the event as well.  All in all, was a good day.  That pretty much sums up Friday, Saturday and Sunday... well, if you count the fact I've done nothing since getting back homer except chatting, DJing and listening to music/the radio.

I did have a chat with the bus driver on the way back home, and she told me the bus fare was going up to £1.50 on Oyster, and £3.00 on cash in September!  Although it was said in somewhat of a hushed tone, although at the end of the day, sooner or later it'd be found out.  Surely I'm not the only one who knows this?  But yeah, there's a renewed urgency for me to sort my finances out.  First thing's first, I'm gonna avail of the uni bus more often.  Secondly, I'm going to only use NR stations in emergencies and where I need to be somewhere fast, which is almost the same thing, but not quite!  Also, I'm going to use that coin sorter and start saving pennies in my bank account, as well as  recovering my tuition fees from UEL and accommodation fees, as well as depositing half of it into my savings account, with the other half as a cushion for my current account, as yet again I get to experience the joys of a bank charge... which reminds me, I need to also recover my bank charges, and prolly move the money out of the NS&I account that I have to support my current account.  I also need to look at organising my shopping list, and most importantly, knuckle down for uni!

I also need to get a job, or I'm going to be in trouble, because if I fail this year again, I won't be able to do uni after... worrying prospect, but I have time to get myself sorted, and that I will... or I hope I will. :|

Seriously though, now I'm settled round here, it should be a lot easier to get stuck in, and I can start and finish stuff sooner, given I know what's coming.  Coincidentally, I need to chat with my classmate to see if he's repeating the year.  Doesn't matter if he is or isn't because at the end of the day, I have to remember, I'm doing this for me, and no one else... although if I get through these 3 years, I do get the chance to stick it to my (ex) stepdad, and perhaps Chris as well, though Chris doesn't matter so much.  I'm not out to prove anything to anyone... it's just a bonus that I get to have one over on people who tried to bring me down.  And at the end of the day, all this will be worth it... no maybes, hopes, nor nots.  Just wills.

I coincidentally start counselling on Tuesday, so it'll be interesting to see how that goes.   Coincidentally, I promised I'd show Virginia my LJ.  I figured it can't hurt really... what I don't want people not in my friends list to know or no one at all in fact is marked accordingly, so yeah.  Anyway, been a month into the holidays, and things are starting to pan out.  I'm gonna go to Ireland in late July... till the 9th of August.  I think I'm booking for the 26th of July, but not 100% certain.  2 weeks in the summer this time, I do think that's enough.  Then perhaps later on I can go to Holland.  Need to sort out a flight to Jordan as well... although I need to get dates first, plus my camera needs replacing.  Just had a look at flights and the cheapest flight is over £350 in November!  I'd better get some proper dates sorted so i can work on sorting some cheaper flights!

Either way though, I need to start organsing my camera, as well as UEL and also I need to go to the post office.  Shopping will have to wait till I can afford it, but at least I have laundry money (for next week) and food to last me, although milk may be an issue. >.>
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Well, I did that meeting with Kate and suffice to say, I have a lot of thinking to do now, especially as she thinks I won't pass this year.  Additionally, she thinks that my problems aren't academic, which I agree with.  As of this moment, I uploaded all my PDP stuff except for 3 files, which I intend to do today, Bexleyheath can wait till later.  Anyway, today I got my Oyster card, which is pretty damn cool, means I can now save money, wehay!  Additionally, I got Hexplore and the TA pack thing which is good.  I moved Hexplore to my 2 slot DVD case, which Vangers was in, as it was only 1 DVD, then moved my new TA CDs to where my old TA CDs were, also using the x2 CD case for Core Contingency and Battle Tactics, which is handy, though I have a spare Core Contingency which I may sell on eBay... or may not.  Either way, I want to have some study done, as well as have all those files uploaded before Sunday, and ideally tomorrow.

Really haven't much else to say, save for the fact I'm looking forward to using my Oyster card for the first time... it does mean I'm savng more money now...
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Interesting my colours are red and blue... I've been turning more towards blue lately for some reason or other. I'm not sure how accurate these are at the moment, although my dark outlook on life may be fairly accurate.  Anyway, 2-3 more days till I have to worry about the uni accommodation and where I'll go, although uni is still rough for me.  Yet again, I've not gone in.  And the worrying thing is that I promised my mum that I'd be going in till the end of uni, and this is the last week! T_T   Dammit all!  I wish I knew what was wrong with me.  I mean at UEL in my first year, I had relatively few problems, save for getting the work in on time, and in fairness, I never knew that each campus had a different submission deadline, I mean fuck that!  Then there was Design Methods, which I hated with a passion!  Of course then there was Chris, who constantly undermined me while I was there, or at least in my first year.  I was pretty alright after the first semester (B Yr. 1), then I was still okay after semester A (Sem. B starter), but when I got into semester B of year 2, I started to lose faith in UEL.  Some people (particularly those who went to UEL, and one person in particular comes to mind - yes you!) will perhaps wonder how I had so much faith in UEL, perhaps, but it really is quite simple.

It was obviously the excitement of going to a university, and the newness of it all, though admittedly I had an edge of cynicism as well, to keep me from going crazy... I mean, there was quote a few good things about UEL, but at the same time, it started going downhill as well, there were some outrageous things going on there!  Of course, now I'm out of there, I'm happier, but I still am flopping about like a fish out of water and I dunno why.  I mean, the first semester was fine, but then in the second semester, and second term, it got worse, I started feeling very anti-social for some reason, and now as of the end of term 3, I've hardly been to any classes.  It's funny.  And also, I'm in between a rock and a hard place; I know I'm capable of doing this degree, I mean at the stage I am now, I can set up a PC and install Windows on it, and get it hooked up to the internet, install hardware, and generally maintain PCs, and I'm also able to do websites to some degree, as well as knowing how to work Photoshop, and Dreamweaver.  I also have extensive knowledge on PC security; removing spyware and bolstering the PC's security, as well as firewall configuation, etc.

Oh, i just dunno at the moment.  Either way, my plans for today are to do the laundry, get food, and do shopping.  I also purchased the full set of Total Annihilation, Core Contngency and Battle Tactice, which is my last eBay splurge for a a while, although I'm considering looking at using eBay and Amazon for purchasing certain things, such as books or games,because it works out cheaper.  Additionally, I need to start compiling a grocery list as well as price comparisons, so when I do my shopping in future, I allocate an entire day for it, and go to the cheapest places and can thus save money.  Regarding shopping for games... I won't stop going to Game, but I won't do it as often either, unless they're cheaper than online shopping.  I'm going to kerb my impulsive spending, so I can start saving more money for important stuff, and don't drain things.  To this end, I'm also going to start looking at cooking my own food instead of having ready-made so often, specifically with regards to burgers, as for less than the price of one burger, I can get myself 12 baps and 8 burgers.  Ketchup and cheese are generally bought anyway, albeit real cheese, and not the processed crap.  I'm also going to look at trying to get more veg in my diet too, already I'm getting myself into buying juice again, which I intend to keep doing, and also buying mixed leaf which will help with my 5 a day.  I figure also I should look at trimming down my tummy a little too, seeing as it sticks out a little too much!

I do wonder if I'll actually start doing this, although I have a feeling I'm making a start, given that with my rice pudding, I'm looking at having raisins/sultanas mixed in.

Either way, I need to start a few re-evaluations of things.
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So yeah, I'm gonna have another whack at this while my connection is stable!  Anyway, starting off with today... I went and checked about acommodation, only to be told I should go back on Tuesday, though I'll go in on Wednesday or Thursday.  Besides that, I missed the thingy for Wednesday for allocation of places, and went in on Thursday, but was told to go in on Monday, but I went in today to check stuff out and was told to come back on Monday.  Almost forgot to do the leccy too, but I found out that my account was never charged with the money previously, which is pretty damn good, although the £30 I got was charged.  Additionally, I'm not sure of what to expect for the money at the moment, as I may have jinxed it, dammit.  Anyway, besides that, my internet is still crap, although it's had a few good runs, which is good.  Although I do wish it was working, as I have stuff to upload!
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Apparantly, the cause of this lag is because some cunt couldn't submit his dissertation on time, so he decided to infect ResNet with a virus.  Now, I dunno how plausable that is, but it's all I have to go on atm.  Internet has marginally improved, but at the same time, it's still shit.  Skype is flickering on and offline, Voipstunt is staying offline, MSN, Yahoo and AIM are online, but severely lagged, so stuff may or may not get through.  IRC strangely enough is okay, albeit quite lagged.  Websites are a nightmare to get onto though.... they're taking ages to load, although Teleboards, LJ and a handful of others load reasonably well, although my Gmail checker plugin yokey in Forefox isn't working that well, heh.

Either way, at least I have some form of communication, or I'd easily be going spare by now!  I just hope this is fixed soon because I really need to get my er... PDP stuff sorted out and uploaded while I still have time... no fucking way am I failing that module and resitting!  At least I know I haven't completely fucked up a year though, the way I see it:

  • PDP
    • +Finished first term of uploads
    • +Made headway on some uploads for term 2
    • -Still have some to do
    • +No more PDP sessions till next semester
    • +No exam for this subject!
    • Rating: 80%
  • Multimedia Games Design & Development
    • +Did Coursework 1, without references and got a 2:1!
    • +Did Coursework 2, and passed it even despite it being half-done (although the other one is on extenuation)
    • -Coursework 3 has yet to be done
    • +I think I have EC time left on that one
    • +No exam for that subject!
    • Rating: 75%
  • Computer & Communication Systems
    • +Coursework 1 was uploaded, semi-done
    • +I applied for EC for it
    • -Coursework 2 isn't uploaded
    • -Yet to do EC for that
    • -Exam is looming
    • /I may or may not pass this module
    • Rating 30%
  • Systems Building
    • -Never submitted CW1
    • -Need to do EC for it
    • Exam looming
    • +I at least understand a few things about it
    • -I'm getting the impression I'll fail
    • Rating: 20%
  • Computer Programming
    • -Coursework wasn't submitted
    • -No EC submitted
    • -Need to fix up my Java skills
    • -Exam looming
    • -I may fail
    • +I can catch up in a relatively short time
    • +If I can do EC, I can incorporate my ideas into the EC CW
    • Rating: 20%

By the looks of it, all I'll be passing with certainty is PDP (even though there's a huge potential for fail) and Multimedia, which in theory I've passed... either way, looking at everything overall, it's quite shoddy, although the average rating is 45%, but that's brought up by the first two... it just proves that I'm not fucking up as badly as I thought... hopefully I can get msyelf together to at least scrape a pass for this year.  Coincidentally, I'm gonna be starting my PHP website tomorrow on my local server, and at some point, I'll also upload the Diggercast Pilot MP3 onto Stormkeeper dot Net, so you can hear a sample of myself and my friend Sean in prepration for the hour-long radio format podcast we'll be doing.
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Well, here I am, albeit in a very laggy state.  I figured that today I should post, lag or not, given I will end up forgetting what I'm going to post.  Anyway, on Saturday... Saturday?  Sorry, Friday!  So, on Friday I went out to Eltham, seeing as I had some time to spare, given I missed my metting at 12pm, so I mooched around town (and in a few shops) for a bit (and got a "free" bus trip, although not really, given I had to buy a 1-4 travelpass), and managed to find a copy of Total Annihilation (TA) for 50p in a Scope shop!  Which was a bragain, until I realised one of the CDs from TA was missing, but at least I got the Core Contingancy, which goes for 26 quid on eBay, so it's not all bad.  I can get Battle Tactics and the original TA from eBay cheap enough, which is good.  The CDs are in good condition too, which is great.  Anyway, why do I want such an old game?  Well, to tell you the truth, playing Supreme Commander had me hankering for the good old days of TA, as although SupC (SC is taken by StarCraft) is a really good game (and was done by the same person), it doesn't have some features of it, which I missed.  Although that said, there are many similar features.

Anyway, moving swiftly on... I ended up being in Greenwich Uni. for about 13:45, so I decided to go to the labs, and prat about on eBay for a bit.  In the process, I found out that my password expired and needed to be changed, hence why I couldn't log in... damn Windows.  Anyway, I changed it now, so everything is back to normal, which is good.  I got talking to a guy behind me who had the same name as me and was working on a game, so we got to chatting about games and old systems.  After that, I went to see Virginia (Uni Disability Advisor), and we chatted for a bit abour stuff and my academic stuff... she was dreading hearing about the fact I was behind by 3 courseworks!  Thankfully, I'm still under EC for one, kinda hope I have enough time to submit it as well!  Anyway, we ended up having a chat about everything under the sun as usual, found out that Spooks was being filmed on campus, which was cool, although I didn't see much.  In case you didn't know, the University is used as a place for filming sometimes.  Anyway, moving swiftly on, I had to meet up with my mum... I was first gonna meet her at Stratford, at the DLR platform, but then I realised I should be getting her to go to the Jubilee Line platform to save her a trip, and then I realised I should get her to meet me at Canning Town, to save me going back on myself.

Anyway, we got to East India, and eventually found the hotel, which was pretty nice for a Travelodge... anyway, we went to Tottenham Court Road station and got there in plenty of time.  We had a bit of trouble finding the Astoria, though it was no trouble to find the Dominion at all, though the Astoria is kind of opposite in a sense.  Anyway, we took the subway (underground walkway) and went out the other exit and queued up, after being told we needed to go in through another door.  At one point, it seemed like I was the youngest attending, but later that ceased to be the case.  Either way, we got searched as we went in, for cameras I think, although strangely enough, lots of people brought their cameras, so I was gutted that I didn't bring mine... although I did take a few vids and pics on my phone which I may upload later.  Anyway, TD started a few minutes late, and I agree with my mum... they're the same live as they are on CD, although the only difference here is that TD get more of the money compared to CDs, as we all know the publishers and the MAFIAA/BPI get a lot of the money from CDs.  But hey, she's happy, and I'm in there for "best son ever", and she enjoyed it muchly.  Personally speaking though, between getting tired (standing for a while doesn't agree with me atm :|) and not being as interested in the new stuff overall, (although the guy singing was good, as were some of the songs) I seemed a bit uninterested, although I wasn't.

I did enjoy the older stuff more, although I thought a few things, or my mum did and I agreed (may be a few repeats):

  • Tangerine Dream is much better listening to sitting back, eyes closed and relaxed.

  • You cannot dance to them, despite what those two mad wans thought.

  • However, you can't help but tap your feet to some of their more upbeat songs.

  • They're the same live as they are on CD, though whether this is a good or bad thing is a matter of opinion.

  • They seem to have a large male following, seriously.  When mum pointed it out, I started to notice how few females there were!

  • Those that listen to TD are generally much more intelligent and open-minded on average.

  • When they did House of the Rising Sun, it was pretty damn cool.

  • You can feel the vibrations of the music while it was playing.

  • TD aren't as original as they once were, which may be why their new stuff didn't interest me so much.  I can only hope they do a Mike Oldfield and go back to the classic stuff, rather than doing a Jean Michel Jarre and trying to be modern.

  • The crowd much preferred the classic stuff compared to the new stuff.

  • And lastly, my mum got the impression that the Astoria was a place for gay people to go, and of course, this isn't the first time I've been involved in that sort of realisation - Manchester anyone?  I wouldn't mind checking the place out one night, mind... even if I'm not gay.

Anyway, it finished at about 21:30, and we nipped into Virgin to mooch around, where mum got 3 TD CDs she hadn't got (I'll rip them later, hehe), and I found out that I could have gotten some games for £10 cheaper in Virgin, rather than going to GAME, heh... live and learn.  Anyway, after that, we went looking for some grub.  Eventually found a place in Canary Wharf, after walking to there from Westferry, and having a mooch around - nice place Docklands is.  Anyway,  we went into the station because I couldn't find away into the shopping complex bit.  I spotted a Burger King upstairs (Canary Wharf has a shopping centre bit) and me being the quick thinking person I am used the DLR stopped at the platform to cross... not once, but twice, and with my amused and bemused mother in tow!  It certainly beats taking the long way round where I could have gotten lost!  Either way, I spent nearly 9 quid on a 3 Pepper Angus meal and Bacon Double Cheeseburger which was dinner, then after that I went to relieve myself, as you do of course, and I have to say, the toilets were a bit of an anti-climax.  Sure, you're prolly wondering what the fuck I am doing talking about toilets, but really, you'd be thinking the same as me if you walk up this fairly impressive-looking corridor only to find the toilets are dingy/manky yokes, and also a bit on the small side!

Anyway, enough about the bogs... after heading back to mum's Travelodge, and chilling for a bit, and reading the papers, I go to get the DLR, which I missed (schedule-wise) because I went up to the wrong place!  Luckily though, one was due a few minutes after.  Anyway, after determining where the stop I wanted was, I catch the 15 to Monument, and miss a bus going my way... hell, I even saw it depart, which was a pain, but I'm not about to risk my health for a sodding bus!  Anyway, I was able to breathe easy after getting on the good old N21, although there was a ruckus downstairs (only on the Night Bus!) which I was glad not to be anywhere near!  After all that though, I got in at 02:30, woke up at 09:30, found my internet was laggy as fuck, so played SupC for a bit and went back to bed, getting up at 19:30-odd, oops.  Either way, at least I got a decent sleep.  Saturday was a bit of a blur, mind.  All i remember was trying some baklawa which my flatmate Mohammad brought back from Birmingham, and then I gamed some more, till about 03:30, after which I go to bed and get back up at 06:55... and I've been up ever since, trying to deal with my myspace, Facebook and Tagged, and all are added now.  I also need to do my laundry at some point, though I have plenty of time for that, although no Asda trip for me as I haven't the money.  I did have a quasi-fryup though... I had fun microwaving rashers and cooking sausages in the oven, as well as nuking baked beans and having a few glasses of milk and OJ... I do think that's the "healthiest" breakfast I've had in a while, what with 2 intakes of fruit, some carbohydrates, lots of calcium, and a fair bit of protein, and for once, I'm actually not all that hungry either, although I may have a sausage and bacon thingy  later on... nice to know I can microwave bacon, as that cuts a fair bit of fat out, apart from on the rind, but ah well.

Anyway, I'm about to start on a PHP project, doing a website for a simming org I'm a part of, although I'm after checking for exams, and on the 8th of May, I have an exam in Systems Building, which earns an "Oh bollocks!" from me, then abut a week later, I have two more exams... fucking brilliant.  Then, to top it all off, I have those fucking resits to worry about! *sigh*  I have no idea how I'm going to cope with things at this rate, and this damnable lag isn't helping matters because I can't do a thing till it's sorted!

Coincidentally, I may wait till Monday to post this, if it doesn't work out :|
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Okay, I never actually went into uni... I had to wait around to see if the tickets ever arrived, which they didn't, although I did get Enemy Infestation and the Vampire books, although NOT THE TICKETS! After much calling and searching around, I managed to get in truch with The lady at the other end is escalating the call to her internal department who should be able to tell me what happened with my tickets. I'll find out about them tomorrow... before 8pm, I'm assured. I hope so, because the concert is this Friday! My mum already had a go at me about the tickets, though she backed off after I called her back and explained the situation. Anyway, to top it all off, I lost 2 eBay auctions for Commodore magazines (Force and Power) (damn snipers) and my flatmate sent me a video of his ex (I kind of saw a bit too much of my flatmate as well!), so all in all it's been an interesting and stressing day. I do need to order another vampire book though, because the book I have is the 1992 Ed., and I want the 1998 one. I may end up sniping myself, actually. Either way, I need to go to uni tomorrow.

Oh, also someone came back to FSIRC, yay... fucking bitch.  Although I just agreed with a fellow Admin that if she stops being such a bitch, we'll let her stay.
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I can't believe it's been about 4 days since I last wrote an entry, but then I realised that not all that much is going on.  Either way, I never got my coursework in for Monday because I couldn't logon to my student intranet, and it was out of hours, so no one could help me.  Yet oddly, Monday was the best day I've had in months.  Can hardly believe that it's Thursday now though.  Have to go later on today to sort out my uni stuff, and it seems that noise disruption thing may have been a mistake, which is good... one less worry.  And on the subject of university, I've been seriously considering that break, though someone asked me if I would go back?  Well, see I would like to, but who knows what'll happen?  On the subject of education and moving on and such, I found out that my old college Roslyn Park now do a Programming & Games Design course, only thing is though that asides from the Games DEsign module, it's exactly the same as what I did there!  Oh well, at least it's a step in the right direction.

Coincidentally, I joined up with the ffshrinwe IRC channel, and a really funny link was posted here.  Back on track to more current things, it's now 2 & 3 days left.  I got a birthday card from my aunt, uncle and cousins, as well as my 3V card thingy... first proper post in ages!

Anyway, I'm gonna either play a bit of C&C Tiberiam Wars (Demo), or go to bed as nothing else is happening at the moment.

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I finally watch Blade Runner The Director's Cut, which just finised now... And while I right this, Vanghelis' Blade Runner Them plays in the background, which is a classic piece of music in its own way.  Anyhow, I knew quite a while before this film had finished that I'd be left wanting more, go figure.  Just as well I'm getting the box set soon when it comes out then.  I finally got around to getting my hair cut, and by god there was a lot of hair!  The hairdresser I went to even commented I looked like a new man with all that hair off!  Anyway, Saturday turned out to be a fairly decent day, considering I got to the pound shop and did my Asda shopping in time, although I had so much that I had to call a taxi, but oh well.  Either way, my upward curve has started, as I now have my Easter Holidays, although I have less than 48 hours to do my coursework, and although I'm sure I ca do it, I think it may be a bit hairy!  After that, I need to worry about my CCS coursework, but thankfully I've managed to pass Multimedia, although I have about 4 week to do CW3 as well, argh!

I was gonna wriite an entry for Friday and before, but I'll prolly just delete the filler entry (it's hidden) and just replace it here.  It will seem a bit random, but that's what happens when you write up one line topic summaries :P  Although, this said I'm writing this from a perespective of quite a while ago, so I guess current events will also be included, but it has to be done... anything to make it flow smoothly, though admittedly how many people actually read my ramblings?  Hard to say, but at the end of the day, not many - if at all - will understand them!

With all that out of the way, I now have to start coursework >_<
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After nearly 22 years, the grommet put into my right ear finally found its way out... about bloody time! 


Mar. 21st, 2007 01:52 am
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After nearly 22 years, the grommet put into my right ear finally found its way out... about bloody time! 

Gruesome stuff, don't read if you don't want to be grossed out... )
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Well, at the moment, I'm quite sick, so haven't done a thing... suspect I have the flu.  Anyway, I'm gonna go back to bed in a few... nothing really happened, save for the fact I did some shopping on Friday and had a Pizza Hut with my friend.

So yeah, fuck all has been going on... I did help a Reading University Computing student though... their course sucks as they get basic notes, and that's about it.  They also have to do a complex program with no code cutting, which is sucky and dumb.  Kinda glad I'm not studying there :|
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Well, seems the reason why I got declined (after I put the two halves of the letter together coz I ripped it, oops) is because of "repeated noise nuisence", though we weren't noisey, so I'd imagine it was the repeated fire alarms and pre alarms, which made security come over.  Either way, we're being monitored till June now so we'll see what happens.  Still need to talk about the house move however.
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Things aren't going very well at the moment.  I have some major blockage regarding coursework, there's been a few IRC network issues, and to top it all off, I wasn't accepted to stay for the next academic session at halls, meaning I have to move out in June, if the situation doesn't change... plus, I have to wait till tomorrow - though more than likely Thursday to find out why.  :|

Things aren't going well at the moment. >_<

I guess I'll just go shopping today, and do my haircut some other time... because by the time I can be arsed to go out, the normal shops will prolly be closed :(


Mar. 8th, 2007 11:05 pm
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Well, so much for today... I get my first early night in ages, and get up early, and as luck would have it, I feel like shit, and have some sort of cold or something... it sucks :(  So yeah, because today was such a spectacular failure, in every sense of the word, I'll be talking about yesterday, which was infinately better.  Anyway, I got myself a copy of Supreme Commander and Company of Heroes LE, which was quite good.  I now need to sell off my old copy of Dawn of War, because CoH has the GotY edition free with it.  I also did a little bit of shopping while I was out and about, getting a few things that I thought would be handy for me to get... ended up picking up 2 more £1 games as well, hehe.  Anyhow, I'm gonna have to call up the counselling people tomorrow, because I felt like shit today, and I'm also going to get my hair cut, and visit another UKCBer who lives nearby.  Additionally, I'm going to check out Well Hall Park while I'm in Eltham because the drive by's made it look nice, and I need an excuse to get outside, though I really should get my programming started on, as I've already missed the deadline for Systems Building, which I deliberately did.

Anyway, CoH is installed on my PC, and more than likely wouldn't play because of outdated drivers.  I updated them earlier today, so maybe it'll play now... well, it should, as this PC is the dogs bollocks in terms of gaming.  It's also the only PC I've successfuly kept relatively clean and in complete working order, which is amazing, because usually I forget to maintain it, though that said, I need to schedule regular defrags.  Anyway, I'll finish off the entry before this one, and then I'll be up to date.

I hate fucking colds though :|

Coincidentally, I'm working on a few nice ideas for Stormhaven, and additionally, FriendlyStorm IRC is the new name for FriendlyIRC ad Stormhaven IRC, as we're going uniform, or will eventually.

I almost forgot as well... I'm not getting my extenuation results for a while yet, so at least I know I'm not going mad, and unfortunately for me, in Asda, Nestle are the only ones that do condensed milk, which pisses me off a bit.  At this point, I'm wonder if my NEstle boycott has any point, as really I can't do much about it, heh.  Anyway, I did well not buying any products, except for the one time I needed a bottle of water...

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