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So yeah, while I'm up writing about 11+ days worth of stuff, I'm going to bring this up to date.  Anyway, I've done my Asda shopping at this point, cost me about 94 quid, between getting stuff to fill up my cupboard and a couple of magazines and DVDs (Aliens quadrology was a steal at 16 quid!).  I ended up being gone for oer 3 hours, but before all that, while I was waiting for my bus, some 14-15 year old kid wanted me to get him cigarettes for his sister, which I constantly said "no" to, but he constantly pestered me, until about 20 minutes later, where he said that I was pissing him off, and that I was fucking him about.  I replied that I wasn't.  He also commented on the look that I gave him at the time, which must have been an intimidating look if he were to comment on it in that capacity!  The fire burns brightly once more in my eyes, it seems... which is most certainly a goood thing.  I did think he was going to go for me at one point (along with his mate, who in fairness, seemed decent enough), but he kinda left me alone after telling me I' be waiting for the bus a while, and that was about 10-15 minutes before my bus came, then yeah shopping.  I also got Advent Children, then got a taxi home.

Not really much else happened... so yeah, that's it till the other entry, which'll be before this one >.>

I decided in the interests of... stuff, I'm moving more recent stuff here, so here's a continuation:

On the camera front, I'm now considering the Fujifilm Finepix F20 (or here) as a strong runner for the camera I'll choose, and so far it fulfills a lot of what I need, which is good.  On Sunday night, I watched Interstella 5555 which is composed of all the videos on Daft Punk's Discovery album, which was pretty damn cool. Finally got to see them all for once.  On Monday night, I had my first saveloy, and it reminded me of a hot dog actually, also started to like spam fritters as well, and I'm also addicted to a drink called Rio, which is mixed tropical fruits, which is only sold in my local chip shop.  Anyway, today I plan on finally tidying my room and doing my laundry, as well as bringing back my battery.  Mum is coming up to London tomorrow, and I am looking at going down to them on Thursday, if I can afford it, so we'll see how that goes.  One thing I should mention as well is that I've been getting cheekier and more confidant as of late, which is good.  I should prolly mention as well that I have finally started to appriciate Madcap's Flaming Duty from Tangerine Dream.  It's also taken me about 5-6 days to write the entry to summarise what happened while I was in Ireland now, go figure.

Mum was supposed to come up Wednesday with my nan and 2 sisters, but she called up at about 8:30am saying that it was going to rain that, although I don't think it has yet, seems sunny!  It ended up raining in the evening though!  They'll be up tomorrow now (minus my nan - who hates London), which provides me with an opportunity to do my laundry this morning, shopping and my room.  Tomorrow I'll get that Fujifilm, seeing as it's the best camera for me in the sub-£100 range, especially with the high ISO rating.
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So yeah, now I have to decide between three cameras to replace my broken one.  I have a choice between:

Canon Powershot A450 - or
Praktica DCZ6.2 - or
Praktica DCZ-600 -

Unfortunate for me that the DCZ 600 is thin on the ground specs-wise, because it really looks like a decent camera, although without being able to compare all the specs across the board, like the other two, I'm gonna have to see if I can find somewhere that has the specs I need, although I do like the look of the Canon, as it seems to offer a bit more, despite the lower amount of megapixels.  I might compare some of the other Canon models as well to see what they're like, pricewise, as I've got 70 quid I can use from the insurance, then I just have to pay the remainder as excess, so I'm gonna take my time with this.  I also finished off the Die Hard Trilogy this morning, and my laundry's all sorted now.

Anyway, camera search time, innit.
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So yeah, I've been slacking off for about a week now with teh postage.  Not really much to say, save for the fact that on last Thursday, I did my shopping in Bexleyheath, finally started shopping in Iceland and other places.  How typical of me that I got loads of games yet again!  I also drank a lot of drinks that day as it was hot!  There was also a continental market which was pretty cool, but asides from that, there was fuck all to say until about Sunday, where I went to the Hot Fuzztival along with two TBers, although officially, I've taken one person out of the TB bracket and put them in the personal friend bracket, although I don't forget how I met them.  Anyway, I got to see Hard Boiled, The Last Boy Scout, Point Break and Hot Fuzz with Director & Cast Commentary!  Hard Boiled was quite good, starred Chow Yun-Fat in an Asian (Oriental if you're English) film, which is set in Hong Kong, and it's quite a violent one, yet has quite a few funny moments too!  Then we had The Last Boy Scout, which I actually have been aching to see, and I'm actually glad I did see it, as it was a good film.  Point Break was quite a good film too, except I had a few "huh?" moments at the subtle gay jokes. 

The film was, as the Hot Fuzz director very homoerotic, and essentially put Brokeback Mountain in the shade.  And lastly we Had Hot Fuzz, although we couldn't actually watch it because the movie was turned down and the cast were talking over it!  That's not to say the commentary wasn't bad, but I was expecting to see the movie too, so now I'll need to get it.  There were plenty of jokes made about Star Wars and Lord of the Rings which did make me laugh, and another plus is that I got a free copy of Shaun of the Dead, and a signed (by Edgar Wright) DVD cover of Hot Fuzz.  Was well chuffed with that because I was actually going to buy a copy of Shaun of the Dead.  Coincidentally, I now have to by Hot Fuzz as the DVD cover is hidden behind the Shaun of the Dead DVD cover.

I helped out another person on my way back from the Hot Fuzztival, gave him about 6-7 quid to help with his electricity and stuff.  He seemed like the good sort, so i felt that I should help him out.  He was a nice guy, 6 weeks out of jail and he wants to go on the straight and narrow, which I think is admirable.  I had a chat with him about stuff too, which was nice as well, he shook my hand when he had to leave and said when he makes his millions (to approxmate), he'd pay me back...  although I don't see this happening, and I don't really mind if he doesn't, but it was a nice gesture all the same.  Again, it gives you that nice fuzzy feeling inside. 

Anyway, I went to see Virginia today, but I thought I lost my phone for a time, but I'm glad I found it now... although unfortunately, the issue of my camera LCD being fucked from when I walked into something on the bus, in conjunction with my sound being fucked for a bit, and me thinking I lost my phone really put me over the edge.  I went to the insuranc eplace on campus to enquire about making a claim, and was chatting to the girl there for a good 30 minutes or so, which was pretty cool.  Anyway, I went though the motions of making a claim and such, to pre-empt stuff.  They said they'd call me back, which they did, although I missed it, but the cordless phone I use now has an answerphone on it, which is damn handy.  I ended up being late because I was chatting to people in a pub, no alcohol though as I had no ID, bah.

Anyway, I managed to find my phone now, although the camera is still fucked.  If the cost of repair is 25 quid or under, I may as well just pay for it myself, minus the claim, because excess is 25 quid...

I'm gonna get Hot Fuzz tomorrow now... and I saw Shaun of the Dead this morning, was damn funny... I imagine Hot Fuzz is more of the same XD
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Like I said in a previous entry, the entry got eaten up when my net went down, so I'm going to start with what I wrote from the 15th, which was also what was recovered from the autosave, then I'll branch out into more recent stuff, although I'm still pissed off at having to rewrite everything all the same, as the entry was quite big, heh.  Anyway,  I'm beginning to realise that I have to check what I've previously written to prevent repeating of stuff, although overlap isn't really counted as a repeat, given it fleshes out stuff at a later point.  Anyway, considering I had a huge rant yesterday, I never really got to write about the wedding, what I did in Holland and why I had to book a new flight, as well as stuff that's happened since then, apart from me blowing up earlier, though that issue has since been resolved.

And all that pretty much brings me bang up to date, so all that's left for me to do now is start planning my shopping for today, and my laundry, and everything is hunky dory.  Also need to save up a little for the Jordan trip, which is a definate.  Should prolly get a new and larger memory card as well... which means I can take more pictures, though a new camera wouldn't be a bad idea either...

Coincidentally, with everything that's gone on, this entry took 5 hours to complete, so it's now 02:30 when I finished this, fun eh?

Oh, lastly, we ran out of leccy not long after I got back, which was a pain... :|
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I finally watch Blade Runner The Director's Cut, which just finised now... And while I right this, Vanghelis' Blade Runner Them plays in the background, which is a classic piece of music in its own way.  Anyhow, I knew quite a while before this film had finished that I'd be left wanting more, go figure.  Just as well I'm getting the box set soon when it comes out then.  I finally got around to getting my hair cut, and by god there was a lot of hair!  The hairdresser I went to even commented I looked like a new man with all that hair off!  Anyway, Saturday turned out to be a fairly decent day, considering I got to the pound shop and did my Asda shopping in time, although I had so much that I had to call a taxi, but oh well.  Either way, my upward curve has started, as I now have my Easter Holidays, although I have less than 48 hours to do my coursework, and although I'm sure I ca do it, I think it may be a bit hairy!  After that, I need to worry about my CCS coursework, but thankfully I've managed to pass Multimedia, although I have about 4 week to do CW3 as well, argh!

I was gonna wriite an entry for Friday and before, but I'll prolly just delete the filler entry (it's hidden) and just replace it here.  It will seem a bit random, but that's what happens when you write up one line topic summaries :P  Although, this said I'm writing this from a perespective of quite a while ago, so I guess current events will also be included, but it has to be done... anything to make it flow smoothly, though admittedly how many people actually read my ramblings?  Hard to say, but at the end of the day, not many - if at all - will understand them!

With all that out of the way, I now have to start coursework >_<

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