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So, again I was in Crayford, and learnt some more stuff (trying not to be graphic here, heh), which was cool. I was also informed that when I get going in this regard, I'm going to be a hell of a lover, which is nice to know, given that in the past, I was scared of doing a bad job. Like I said, reading pays off! I did some shopping at Bexleyheath and got myself a few things, finally had a proper Kendal's Mint Cake, ust like I remember, and one with chocolate. The Sugar Free ones were fairly chalky in texture I felt, so I won't be buying them again. I need to reember to get either an Aloe Vera plant, or the extract when I'm back there tomorrow, among other things. The worst bit for Saturday had to be when I was catching a 162 back home, ended up tripping up and falling hard on my knees. Was alright, save for being a bit dazed when I get home. Kinda cool I suffer from delayed reactions really, means when things calm down, realisation hits me.

Anyway, I have lots of coursework for me, so this may be my last entry for a few days, at least till the 13th, where I'll be writing a little before heading back to the grindstone. I have Multimedia Games CW due for the 13th, and CCS due on the 15th, and neither has properly been started, so I need to look at spending most of my tme on that, may consider going for extenuating circumstances so I can actually do the CCS work, as 2 weeks is infinately better than less than one week. I hate the fact that being sick throws me off a lot. I can't even remember when I properly recovered either, because I'm left all over the place from it :S

Either way, I'm keeping better records the next time, so I know what I'm doing, and what I've had and how long for...
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So my nan was over yesterday.. it was pretty cool, but it took us an hour to find each other! I arrived at London Bridge, after meeting a few interesting characters (and their dog), got there 15 minutes sooner than I expected which is good, although I had trouble finding her. She said to go to the Starbucks on Joiner Street near the London Bridge Hospital, but get this - there are two Starbucks, one on each end of the street; a small shack and a coffee shop! I guess you know what's coming, yes? Yeah that's right, we were at opposite ends. Pretty confusing to be honest! Anyway, after an hour of missed calls (and finding Joiner Street!), chatting to her and my mum, we finally found each other! Anyhow, we headed back towards the station, and caught a train to Eltham.

This is now where it starts to get bizarre... I found us two seats, albeit separately, like this:

[P][O] [N][P]
[P][S] [P][?]

Anyway, S is me (obviously), N is my nan, and O is the old man who was opposite me. Anyway, the old man was talking to me about me being a student, and that. Anyway, I felt quite uncomfortable talking to him for some reason. I looked over at my nan, and she was a little uneasy, though given what she thought, I'm not surprised. Anyway, once some people shifted at a station from those seats near my nan , I moved (bolded are where we were after)! We then talked a while, while he read a book on French, noting that he was an intelligent man. He was also making a bit of noise while reading the book, which I wondered about, but kinda was distracting nonetheless. As we were leaving the train my nan said something about him probably not ever being married, though I was confused for a while, and decided to wait till later to talk to her about it, confirmed she meant he was gay! :|

I think I just beat my friend's record of having a 70 year old man flirt with her - I have had a 90 year old man do something like that! Not something to be proud of, I know, but hey it's something to mention in jest. Of course, I'm going to wait till I see her on MSN before mentioning this, want to see her reaction... unless she reads it here first, lol. She'd also know about something else as well. But I digress... I need to get back to the point!

Anyhow, after we left Eltham Station, we went to McDonalds. Let me hold it here for a few seconds. I may have stated in the past that I dislike McDonalds due to working there before, but I want to state now, for the record that I don't dislike them, nor do I like them. There are worse (and better) places to go in my opinion. At the end of the day, they are quite handy to go to. Anyway, with this out of the way, we eat there (free cheeseburger for being a student!), we comment on the little bastards acting up, we do whatever else, then leave. Nothing special really. We did walk through Eltham, and I found some cool stuff in a charity shop (Z: Steel Soldiers and a book by Sue Townsend - Number 10, grand job). Found a hairdressers too, which is good. I'm gonna have a right proper mooch round there someday, as it seems to have a lot of good stuff. If it had an Asda, I'd be happy, but it doesn't, so oh well.

Anyway, lets fast forward a bit, taking note that my nan bought me a radio (<3) and also an MP3 player. We spend time talking (this is how I found out about the old man being gay), I give her a few songs, we leave. Fastest bus trip ever, I might add. Speedy bus + after 6 = fast trip there and back... yes, I caught the same bus back after saying goodbye to my nan. Entire trip took in the region of 30 minutes, yay!

Anyway, I need to go out for a while and get my laundry, and I'm not going to be available till tomorrow now, plan on doing some shopping then too. Not much has really happened in the past 5 days, save for classes. Ghost walk went well though. I need to do my university courseowrk before some point as well, have a piece of work due in on Wednesday. :|

Anyway, as they say that's all folks.. now lemme go! :P
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DisorderYour Score
Major Depression:Slight
Bipolar Disorder:Slight-Moderate
Cyclothymia:Extremely High
Seasonal Affective Disorder:Very High
Postpartum Depression:N/A
Take the Depression Test

Oh dear, that's not good. I wonder how accurate those results would be if this were a real test...

In other news, I had a crapload of junk food, lol... ah well, guess at least I'm eating something, heh. I did have a sandwich too, so not too bad. After all that though, I'm gonna have some "normal" food...

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