May. 8th, 2006 03:38 pm
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I've got some good news and some bad news.

Bad news is that I cannot withdraw from VED. This just means that I shan't be submitting any work for it, and will be retaking the module next year, fair enough like. I'll have 3D Modelling learnt so I can take a fair whack at VED with the proper knowledge.

The good news is that as I have passed Java overall, and got over 30% in my Java exam, I do not have to retake it now, which is good, meaning that I only have Design Methods to pass, which I should get 40% for definate for. I also seem to be doing really well with regards to my results, which is good. As was mentioned before, I'm steadily increasing my results, which my programme leader was impressed with, and I was happy about.

Anyway, if I keep up a decent standard of work, then there's no reason why I couldn't get at least a 2:1, which is good. I was also praised for my "pragmatic approach" towards all of this, so that's another thing to be happy about, plus if I get good grades on the other 5 modules, then I don't need to worry about VED. This means that all I have to be worried about now is PM2 and the TCA for MM HW, then at the end of this month, I just have Design Methods, and nothing more for the summer, except for the Java, Director and Flash I'm going to be learning to help me with Games Programming, and VED. Lastly, Second Life will start to be used to help keep my modelling and coding skills sharp, seeing as the scripting language is like Java, though I'll be starting with the scripting first, then moving onto modelling later on.

I have it all worked out now, and for the most part, it's all for the better, even if this course is a bit of a shambles over all (as was discussed with MM HW in class!), I can make the most of my time here, and finally rise above it, like a phoenix from the ashes... it's all a matter of prespective really.

I also feel like making a new tag, with regards to happy things, plus the fact that I feel like watching some Ren & Stimpy ^_^
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Yay, finished Multimedia Hardware...! I still think it was a pointless exercise. Felt like I was assigned 4 pieces of CW, as opposed to a group project, a two-part report and a TCA! Now all I have to worry about is PM 2, and VED... VED has the deadline for the 12th of May, and PM2 has a presentation on the 15th, whereas the individual stuff is for the 22nd. Then I have a resit for an exam and Design Methods, and I've survived this semester! VED is gonna be a bugger though...

I need to get a haircut and some mail stuff. At least my printer works though, so my password expiration hasn't affected me on that front... thank god!

So yeah, need to sort out my password now as well, and hope that my CW got marked... it's been a month since VED CW1 has been submitted, surely it should be done now? Bloody strikes...

Maybe after all this stuff is sorted, I can work on my personal projects... Stormkeeper dot Net and Worldscape anyone?


Jul. 1st, 2005 06:34 pm
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Here I am in Gothenberg, Sweden, despite nearly missing the bus and plane! Sweden looks like a beautiful place so far (well, I'm partly Icelandic, so appriciation is higer than usual), but that said, I haven't seen much, as once I got into the hotel, I slept for about 5 hours, though it was the first time I slept in over 23 hours, so I think I needed it! Anyway, that's all I have for now. Stay tuned on Storm Rain for info and travel tips, when I get the hang of the Swedish keyboards!

Edit: I just realised.... I never told you guys on here I was heading to Sweden! I'm sorry, but I really couldn't update everywhere, hence why I have Storm Rain.
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Well, I've accomplished something today, and that's doing my washing up of cutlery and stuff, woohoo. Also, I went to visit my nan in hospital a couple of days ago. She was happy to see me, and I was happy to see her :)

Not really much else to say, barring I missed out on two meetings today and yesterday and my delivery of Pools of Radience 2 hasn't arrived yet, damnit.

I'm so bad with time... lol

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