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I was roused from my sleep yesterday morning by the doorbell (after having a few bizarre dreams I barely remember, though I have to admit I seem to remember them a little more these days) by the dude charging up the meter for the flat, and again, it looks like no one is here.  Anyway, I have a lot of work to do, in order to get myself ready for Prime Time.  First things first though, internet will need to be restored, by the very thing I dismissed earlier; my mobile... and with good reason.  I'm on the cusp of the coverage area, so everything is slow or doesn't work, which sucks.  It's about the only thing I can do while I wake up and dry off from my shower, mind.  After this, I'll need to brush my teeth and head to residential to check stuff.  Amazing what a night's sleep makes you realise.  The unfortunate part is that I could have done this last night if I recalled, but no matter, it's done now.  Next is checking Residential and mail stuff.  My mobile internet isn't bad, for the record, just that I'm out of coverage, so it performs bad.  Anyway, lack of internets gives me time to get much-needed stuff done, like getting rid of crap from my room.  However, I'm gonna work on this till about 11:30, seeing as I have a fair bit to say about the past couple days, although I'll prolly update this entry later to expand it to cover the last entry, once I have worked out what dates I'm covering, but either way, the trip home was pretty good, although going towards Dun Laoghaire, I had a couple of mishaps.

First of all, after I got to Connolly Station, with 4 minutes to spare on my suggested schedule (this will be important later on), I missed my train, and I was on the platform and all!  The reason for this however was I forgot which direction I was supposed to be going.  This may sound silly now, bit both Bray and Howth have beaches and are along the coast, albeit in opposite directions.  However, I caught a train going direct to Dun Laoghaire, but because I was so stressed, I got off at Blackrock, which is 2-3 stops away!  Luckily for me, there was a DART going to Greystones in the next few minutes, or I'd have been screwed!  Anyway, I made it to Dun Laoghaire port in a reasonable amount of time, and check-in was grand, though it was a bit empty (and a bit scary) going to the ship, as I thought I had missed it!  Luckily for me, I had arrived in plenty of time (relatively speaking), so once I was on the ferry, I had nothing to worry about, so I hopped onto UKCB and FSIRC to check stuff, and on UKCB I had a friend of mine wondering what was wrong with me because I'd barely been on, response being my PC in Ireland was screwed, graphics card gave up the ghost on Thursday, though at least I got a few things done before that.  After all that, I sat around and did relatively little, until after the man sitting next to me went off.  A few minutes later, I got myself bruunch and headed back to my seat, where a few minutes later, the man opposite me returned (there was also a woman next to me reading, and earlier there was a Korean guy - I think - beside the man and opposite the woman, who was at a window seat) and then we started chatting, and he gave me some advice about having a positive attitude, and he mentioned about how he met his wife in Sussex (after I told him I was born there), in a place called Hailsham (if I recall), at a hospital party, which he found out about in Brighton.

Anyway, after finishing the story (which was a lovely one),  he shook my hand and left, then I started talking to the lady beside me.  Turns out it was her first time to Holyhead, and that she was from Enniskillen (sp?) in Northern Ireland.  Anyway, I had a chat with her for a bit, before she got her back off conveyer belt B, while mine arrived on A, go figure.  Anyhow, I got my bag and began to make it to the station, when I spotted a train straight to Euston from Holyhead, and decided to wait for that, as there was less faffing about, and as I found out, it'd save me about an hour getting home.  Admittedly though, once I got home, it wasn't all that good, to be honest.  As you know from the entry on the 21st, the place was practically abandoned, no washing was done, and someone stole the shelf from my room, and it was also completely dark... anyway, we all know what happened, so I'll just steam on, and mention that a lot of people have moved in on Saturday, including two girls, or a girl and a guy, not sure.  Either way, I didn't get up to much, and I just realised about that parcel too and what it was, was from eBay.  Saturday wasn't terribly active, and nor is Sunday, although I'll have a commissioning entry for my new spiritual, paranormal and dream journal, which has been created out of neccessity, although I can't explain for reasons here.

Moving onto Sunday though, I've started to organise my room some, and laundry has been put on the back burner till tomorrow now, considering I have no will to go out, although I may have to anyway for dinner.  And, if I can get myself out for about 8pm, I can do a single load of laundry, which is much-needed at this point!  Anyway, onto more trivial things now, and I've been scouring eBay for Planescape Torment and Star Trek Innerspace toys.  I also have plans to sell off Commandos, Unreal Tournament 2004, Die Hard 3 and Baldur's Gate II, once I find the manuals and CD and DVD for it, as they're all spare at the moment.  All I have for BG2 is the box and reference card, which is a start, but seriously isn't gonna make any money for me at the end of the day.

Anyway, today I'll have a few things to do, like laundry and shopping, and I also need to pop over to Uni to get stuff sorted... it never ends!  Either way, I hope this year, I don't have to worry about stolen food, and I never did get the money back from my former flatmate either.... and he had the cheek to ask me for my PS2 to borrow!  But yeah, with the new flatmates in, and as at least one is female, I don't walk around topless like I used to, and I imagine I can't pull off stuff I used to be able to in an all-male flat.  Either way, I need to organise my room some more, get stuff out of the way, and hope to god my parcel hasn't been shipped off to the USA, although it's possible that as I've been such a good resident, they may have kept it for me.  We'll see later on today though...
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Wow, I'm finally home, and it's such a mixed bag to come home to as well.  First of all, I come home to  darkness, and find that the kitchen has been cleaned up.  Then I start everything up again, only to find that I have no internet, meaning I have no way to check anything, be it email or even journal entries!  I do have mobile phone internet, which I'll prolly use, but I think a damper will be lack of proper access.  I intend to see if Residential is open tomorrow so I can get internet back, or at least attempt to.  In the meantime, I'm giving my room a tidy, so I can get stuff out of the way.  Additionally, I'm doing my laundry (tomorrow), moving my boxes about (tonight), doing shopping (tomorrow) and selling some games/DVDs (tomorrow), then I'll finish with doing washing up, because my stuff has been put away in a bin bag, and mixed with my flatmate's (as he never washed up, damn him!)... so I'm not happy.  AND, to top it all off, someone took the shelf off of my sink :|

Note: I actually slept the whole night after this, so part 2 will be for the 22nd... although it would have been if I wasn't all over the place.  I'll post up an entry today (the 23rd).
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Why does it have to be so fucking hot in my room? :|
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Well, I got my new Oyster card which is firmly staying in my wallet from now on. I also started on my laundry today as well, or rather half of it, so things are starting to take off. I also got my first Chinese (food) in months, by getting spare ribs in bbq sauce, chips and prawn toast. Overall, it was nice and all, but it wasn't as good when you compare it to the one in Barking... well, except for the prawn tost, which is better in Goodmayes. The chips were nice, but not like the huge ones in Barking, also I only got 6 bits of prawn toast compared to the 8 in Barking and Goodmayes, though it was moist than Barking, but not Goodmayes. The spare ribs were nice too, although the bbq sauce wasn't what I expected, perhaps I've been spoilt, lol.

Anyway, it occurred to me while eating the spare ribs that I couldn't ever become a vegetarian, heh. I also see that I've got fuck all in my bank account, and I'm thankful that from tomorrow, I only have a week left before I get some more money... I had to use my overdraft facility, which I hate, although the amount I took out is equivlent to what I will owe HSBC, which sucks. I need to go and get money back from UEL, as well as trying to recover bank charges, and unfortunately for me, the ex-landlord is a sinkhole, as apparantly, I owe him £1440 for 6 months rent!

Of course, that's what his solicitor told him, and I'm after discussing my circumstances, and it seems that I owe him nothing, seeing as someone was found to replace me, although the landlord doesn't seem to be aware of this, heh. I did some reading up as well, and between what my mate said and I definately seem to owe him nothing, given someone was foudn to replace me... it all seems a bit dodgy to be honest, but whatever... I'll have to leave it now, unless he manages to find my address (which he asked for from my mum - who wouldn't give it to him) or number. It's funny though, legally I owe him nothing, yet his solicitor claims I do, but solicitors tend to be sneaky like that sometimes, don't they?
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Like I said in a previous entry, the entry got eaten up when my net went down, so I'm going to start with what I wrote from the 15th, which was also what was recovered from the autosave, then I'll branch out into more recent stuff, although I'm still pissed off at having to rewrite everything all the same, as the entry was quite big, heh.  Anyway,  I'm beginning to realise that I have to check what I've previously written to prevent repeating of stuff, although overlap isn't really counted as a repeat, given it fleshes out stuff at a later point.  Anyway, considering I had a huge rant yesterday, I never really got to write about the wedding, what I did in Holland and why I had to book a new flight, as well as stuff that's happened since then, apart from me blowing up earlier, though that issue has since been resolved.

And all that pretty much brings me bang up to date, so all that's left for me to do now is start planning my shopping for today, and my laundry, and everything is hunky dory.  Also need to save up a little for the Jordan trip, which is a definate.  Should prolly get a new and larger memory card as well... which means I can take more pictures, though a new camera wouldn't be a bad idea either...

Coincidentally, with everything that's gone on, this entry took 5 hours to complete, so it's now 02:30 when I finished this, fun eh?

Oh, lastly, we ran out of leccy not long after I got back, which was a pain... :|
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Ergh, damn internet connection!  Because it went out, I have to type up most of the catchup entry again... fuck fuck fuck!
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Damn it all... I just have to make myself go offline because at least one of my flatmates has wound me up too far!  Essentially, because I didn't visit prostitutes or smoke weed or go to any clubs, I haven't had the Dutch Experience.  Not those exact words mind you, but it does fit nicely, which is more than I can say for what happened.  I was also told to go die, but not before paying the electricity, though I told them they can pay their own fucking electricity.  Anyway, was also told that I left my room open (which wouldn't surprise me if I did, though I do hope I didn't!) and that there's vomit somewhere, allegedly my room.  I was fucking livid over it... so after one final outburst of "NOT FUCKING FUNNY", after being told it was a joke (a very sick one too), I went offline, but they still messaged me so I ended up blocking the person's MSN.

Edit: Additionally, I was told that my room was open (which it wasn't as I had checked once I got back) and that someone vomited in it, which contributed to my being pissed off.

I am not looking forward to seeing them when I head home next, as I'll be flying out today at 1900 CEST... getting home at about 2200-2300 GMT, provided I arrive at Stansted at 1900 anyway.  At the very least, I envision staying away from them for a few days at least over this.  I really don't need this sort of stress on the day I fly out... I'll be tired ans stressed enough as it is!

God, I hate my life at times... first missing my flight, then all this crap.  For once, can't I have it where I'm not severely stressed about something, be it exams, coursework or everything else? :|

I'm going to bed.
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So yeah, I'm gonna have another whack at this while my connection is stable!  Anyway, starting off with today... I went and checked about acommodation, only to be told I should go back on Tuesday, though I'll go in on Wednesday or Thursday.  Besides that, I missed the thingy for Wednesday for allocation of places, and went in on Thursday, but was told to go in on Monday, but I went in today to check stuff out and was told to come back on Monday.  Almost forgot to do the leccy too, but I found out that my account was never charged with the money previously, which is pretty damn good, although the £30 I got was charged.  Additionally, I'm not sure of what to expect for the money at the moment, as I may have jinxed it, dammit.  Anyway, besides that, my internet is still crap, although it's had a few good runs, which is good.  Although I do wish it was working, as I have stuff to upload!
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You guys must have thought I have ran off or something, lol

But no, I'm alive and (somewhat) well.  Just had to deal with a debt collection agency a few minutes ago, because a payment I made on my card never went through, go figure.  Anyway, it's all done now and I no longer have to worry, which is good.  Either way, I wished the book company accepted Solo (figures the debt collectors do!) - I could have paid it off ages ago, and without it being full price!  Anyway, I'm back home from the investigation over the weeend, and at present, I can't remember anything between my last... oh, it's coming back to me now, go figure.  Okay, what happened between those "missing days" was pretty much working on that report, which I did right before I was due to go, or rather I did it right up till 4am, slept in till 07:00 (about when I was due to leave!), then scrambled to get ready to go... luckily enough, after all that, I managed to get in only 20 minutes (1h 40m) shy of the 2 hour requirement, which wasn't bad!

Anyway, after that it was pretty much plain sailing, save for the fact I had to wait for a bus in the cold, and have a bus driver make me feel a little stupid (wanker!), called up my friend as well, he was happy to hear from me.  Got into Naas fairly late, met up with my mum and sister, after which we went to the Capri, then off to Superquinn (which reminds me, I'll need to buy some food tomorrow - too tired today) and then off to a place to find a wireless network card.  The shop I initially went to didn't seem to have them, so I went to the place across the road, which was closed for a few minutes break.  I met the principal of my old primary school, and had a quick chat with her, she's retired now which came as a bit of a surprise.  Seems that times are a-changing indeed!  Anyway, my mum told me they had a network card, which I bought... nearly forgot to bring it with me as well, till the chap at the counter said something!  At this point, I headed home, along the new bridge built, which is quite nifty, I have to say.  The place has really changed a fair bit!  My sister was convinced she'd have made it for the 17:45 bus, when it was 17:20, but both my mum and I said she wouldn't.  And you know what?  We were right!  Takes half an hour to get to town, and with all the getting ready... well, you get the idea.

Anyway, cue various actions including sisters getting ready, doting over two kittens, resting and other fun things.  Anyway, after my two darling little siters were gone, I pretty much chilled and stuff, before having an early night, though the idea was to take a nap for an hour, so I could do some PDP uploads, which I have yet to do... I must have been knackered though!  Got up at 07:00, and set up the wireless, but due to lack of mouse, it was hard to get stuff done, but I did do it.  Mostly stuck with the lappy, mind... which I'll eventually be getting one of myself.  Anyway, fast forward, and I got so fed up with the Eircom router being so crap, I went to PC World with mum and got a new one, because it was better.  Anyhow, it took me 45 minutes to get the password to connect to the internet (which I later found online), seeing as the guy wasn't Irish or English... it was crazy.  I just wanted the password to get on, and he goes on about the router!  The router was fine.  Admittedly, I finally connected the router to the internet, but then the laptop wouldn't connect... there was an issue on the router itself, but it's fixed now, so it's all good.  Anyway, this was all after the investigation I went on, photos of which will be up soon.  I picked up on a few things as well, which was cool.

Anyway, fast forwarding through everything, I had to rush to the bus stop to catch my bus.  I couldn't get the airport one, so had to get the normal one, with a change at O'Connell Street.  Managed to make it in on time too, which was grand.  Anyway, I joined the wrong queue, so had to go to the back of the other one, because yu now have to pay for priority access.  I remember reading about how Michael O'Leary views himself as Roblin Hood, though a politician considered him to be more like Al Capone.  I dunno which one to agree with, really.  I mean, in fairness, he did bring low fare airlines to the masses, but at the same time, he's charging us an arm and a leg for it, as well as giving people as little money as poss, as well as hiring foreigners coz they'll work for peanuts.  That's just scrping the surface.  Unfortunately though, I can't afford anyone else.

But enough of that mini-rant.  Fast forward to getting back into London, as really, there was nothing out of the ordinary getting back to there, even the bus from Stratford to Lewisham (108) was uneventful, or relatively so, was talking to a guy who works for the Underground.  Anyway, after waiting a while for the N21 to come along I hopped on and began the relatively short trek home.... only it wasn't working like that (does it ever?)!  I pretty much blinked and missed my stop, meaning I had to walk over a mile back to my flat, yay.  I got back in the end, but not without learning that Blackfen is in Kent first, though I wish I could do it at a more leisurely pace, but ah well.  I eventually got home though, but not without feeling knackered, and that was the same time I got the debt collector's letter, which is sorted now.

Which brings me right up to now, of which I've done nothing at all, never went into class today either!  I'm resting my poor legs, in the hope I can make it in tomorrow, though it figures that I missed my CCS stuf, but oh well, I'll catch up over the next while, as let's face it, March comes soon.  Either way, I need to rest up, knuckle down and organise everything!

And that's pretty much that.  Oh yeah, the report got put in, with 5 minutes to spare, had 50 pages in the report, compared to the rest, who had about 1/3 or 1/4 of that!  At least we showed that we put some work in, despite our team going from 6 to 4!  Either way, I hope we pass, as the less I have to resit, the better.

Edit: I almost forgot, a friend of mine texted me to say she was in Blackheath, though I got the text some 12 hours later, which made me have a "dammit!" moment in the car.  Interestingly enough, she's been thinking about studying at Greenwich, as she's asked me about what it's like there.  She's looking at doing Forensic Science (my mum and I think it's cool), which she mentioned in an earlier text.  She'll be writing to me as well, seeing as she can't get online so much these days, so I need to start remembering how to write letters, and if she's reading this, be it now or at some point... now you know that my letter writing skills are crap, but I'll give it a shot all the same.

Lastly, I forgot to mention I'm able to hear ultrasonic sounds, as I heard my mum's bug repellant thingy which was interesting.  Apparantly though, Aspies can hear into ultrasonic sound ranges, so I'm not very surprised...
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Next week is Skills Week, FUCK!
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Your Sloth Quotient: 55%

You're definitely lazier than the average person, but you're able to live a somewhat normal life.
All your life needs is a little more effort and variety, and you might see that doing hard things is actually fun!

So, I'm dong a terrible job with doing things at the moment, although I did do some washing up and reorganising, so the entire day isn't wasted, though I feel rather erked that I haven't been organised enough to get my laundry done, which kinda sucks. Anyway, my cousin is coming over tomorrow, so I have to organise myself tonight, at least to a degree. Found a laundrette nearby but it's still a fair walking distance away, so at some point tomorrow I need to go find it, though what I might do is organise washing up a few days worth of clothes and send the rest to the laundrette, then from that I'll work out if it's more economical getting someone else to do it, as opposed to myself, because I remember last time I did it at a proper coin-operated laundrette, it took ages for my stuff to dry, and it was somewhat expensive as well, so we'll see.

Anyway, with that aside, I've been letting myself go a bit, if the above wasn't enough of an indicator! I need to get myself fairly organised because at the moment, I'm not very organised at all. Anyway, on Thursday I went to my friends' (4) house and had fun with them, catching up. I stayed there overnight, and watched parts of the German version of Taxi 1-3, and The Whole Ten Yards. Ended up not sleeping till about 07:30, and kinda felt a little crap before I got to sleep properly at about 08:00, though was woken up a couple of hours later by a BT engineer, checking for faults on the line. After all that business, I called up UEL, talked to them about things, then went over to Greenwich, caught up with someone there and attended the market, but not before getting a copy of Taxi 2, which I found out was French (albeit with English subs)!

After that, I went over to the market and had a proper mooch around, bought about 11 books as well, which was cool, though a burglar alarm went off a bit later on, due to a power cut. After that I wandered into a shop called Mr Humbug, which is one of those "old-style)" sweetshops, where you have the jars on shelves, and you go by weight, etc. Anyway, I chatted with the shop owner and a very nice lady about sweets, and all that. The place was in darkness because of the powercut, but later the power was restored to normal, as was the alarm, which was greeted by cheers from the crowds outside! I love Greenwich. A visit there never fails to cheer me up, as I feel I belong there, because it feels so bohemian. Eltham/Avery Hill is good as well :) Bexley and Welling are good places to visit too, so between them and a coupel of other places, I have most, if not all of my needs covered.

But I digress. Getting back on track now, I called my nan up after and was talking to her for a while about stuff, and arranged a meetup with her for about 2 weeks from now, and I'm really looking forward to it ^_^ After this, I went to go to the bathroom, then mooched around the site, left the place (and finished off my fudge that I had started on earlier!) and went to the bus stop, and got on. Figures though that it ended up being another horror bus story, as there were significant delays, especially at Eltham Station where the bus driver was getting his supervisor. He reassigned the bus to go to Avery Hill (which was good), though a lot of other people had to go to another bus. One person was so pissed off he was shouting at the driver, then at the spervisor, and threatened him with assault!

After all that, we went on our way, and that pretty much ended my day. Because of my delay, i had no way in hell of visiting the doctor to apoligise for being late, but I'll apoligise at the earliest convenience.

And that, as they say is that... now I need to clean stuff up a bit more, and watch Taxi 2.
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Ergh, I miss my doctors appointment, and now I feel like crap because of it. I suck :(

I didn't get my laundry done either, but I'm waiting till tomorrow to get it done, but I'm checking the place out when I get my travelcard. I really don't feel like doing my own washing at the moment... :/

At least I don't have to worry about university, it's relatively easy and I'mhapy there for the time being! I guess I was about due for a stint of feeling fed up/depressed, especially my cold has left m sleeping patterns essentially fucked up. I'll apoligise to the Doctor tomorrow and explain everything.
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Bah, I slept from 13:15 till 22:30... I'm so ashamed at this :/ I ended up spending a hell of a lot of time on SL as well, though I did win a competition which wasn't too bad. Anyway, I'm going to sleep at about 1:00 to get up at about 5:00/6:00 and then I'm gonna do a mass-clean of here, which is needed!

Anyway... university is crap. I figure that I set myself these last-minute tasks for myself to actually provide me with some excitement, which usually peaks, then goes. Sure, there are good elements of the course, but they're usually modules that have been taught for years, like CompSys and Software Development... and they also have good lecturers*, in addition to good, solid lecture content. I'm seriously thinking about transferring to Greenwich or South Bank at this point in time, because I think I'd get a better degree!

Anyway, that's enough ranting... I'm gonna have to do PM2 at some point today too, heh.

*Edit: When I say good lecturers, I don't necessarily mean that the others are bad people. The funny thing is, that quite a few of the lecturers in the uni are really good people that you'd go to the pub with, though they mightn't quite be in the right job if they're lecturing, or have potential to do the job, though need more working on. I'll forget about the fact there are one or two bad lecturers as well, because that happens everywhere, right?


Some quizzes:

Your Brain is 60% Female, 40% Male

Your brain is a healthy mix of male and female
You are both sensitive and savvy
Rational and reasonable, you tend to keep level headed
But you also tend to wear your heart on your sleeve

More feminine than masculine? That can't be right!

Your Stress Level is: 48%

You are somewhat prone to stress, especially when life gets hard.
When things are good, you resist stressing over little problems.
But when things are difficult, you tend to freak out and find it hard to calm down.

This really should be higher, considering what the uni is putting me and my fellow students through!
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I just had the worst two hours in my life, ever. Never before have I laugehd so much in or about a class! The TCA was a fucking joke, one of the lectures wasn't even covered, the questions were fucked up, and to top it all off, the lecturer wasn't even there, and gave the poor chap who was administering the exam no instructions!

My faith in UEL has plummeted yet again! I'm becoming more and more convinced that what I'm studying is not a proper degree!

Ah well, at least I haven't got to worry about MM HW now... I just hope I pass this module, or I'll be very upset.

Anyway, I'm bac out again. Also, it seems that I don't have to go out to Straford on Thursday, yay. Anyway, I really need a drink now, heh...

Amazing how my mood went from great to shoddy in the space of what, three hours?
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It's funny, Sod's Law seems to be happening a lot today... I was talking to someone about someone and now they appear. Interesting how things work. Interesting how I still get jittery when they're online too, and it's been like three years... I really love my life. New country, same old problems.... Hah! Well, cynicism aside, I've come on in leaps and bounds. Of course, there's some situations that don't change at all, even when it's well-due for a change... heh. I seem to make things too difficult on myself too, bleh. Either way, I should go bang my head on my desk or a wall...

Anyway, I found a few bus laws that apply to me, from

Two bus for the same place will always pull in together

Happened today! Also happened to me in Dublin many times, if I recall, dunno if they were both the same number however.

Waiting for a bus seems to be longer than the journey.

It is for the 387 and 366...

The first bus from your route will always appear first in the opposite direction.

Yeah, that always fucks me right off! =/

Irrespective time and route, the city buses are always crowded
Corollary: Buses traveelling in exactly opposite direction go empty.

Yes, city buses are always crowded! And yes, they are mostly empty as well coming from the other direction. People obviously don't want to leave... that said, the buses going away from Barking are more packed than the ones heading towards!

When walking to a bus stop, if you'll look back to see if the bus is coming, it won't, if you won't look back, the bus will pass you just as you'll reach the bus stop.

Heh, could happen.

Oddly, I never had to deal with some of the more obvious ones, yet. I don't really smoke, so the cigarette ones aren't an issue... I wonder if there are any train laws...

Fed up

Aug. 3rd, 2005 02:47 am
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Heh, time for my once every two months of feeling fed up, oh joy.

I guess I can be glad it passes after a day...

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