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Oh how things change... and so quickly. To put it proverbially, from a lot to a little.

Yeah, anyway, I really can't sit around here moping like last time, even if I want to... and believe me, I feel pretty basd. I guess I can be glad that I wasn't as stressed as last time, even if that sickness at the pit of my stomach has returned, but for all I know, that was from me drinking orange juice at room temp - don't try that at home, it fucks you up!

Yeah, anyway, I have my graphics crap about halfway done photoshop-wise. All I need to do now is draw it on paper, and that aspect is completed, then I get to play with my template for coursework one and nick stuff from the last cw and use it in cw2, as well as adding in other bits... then it's complete, and then I'll be able to start on Design Methods and get that out of the way for Friday hopefully... I have 12 hours or so to work on both projects plus whatever else remains... but I need to remember to submit stuff for Graphics tomorrow for certain by going to Docklands, and seeing as I'm on campus, the Barking one can have a little more leeway time-wise.

And, oh yeah.... my bulb blew, so I have to do this all in the dark. Makes me wish I could play Doom III, lol

I have an energy-saving lightbulb somewhere, but I forgot where, dammit.

And oh yeah.... FLASH ACTION SCRIPT SUCKS!!!!!!!!
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About half an hour till my stitches get taken out, woo! Still though, I have another week before my foot is sorted, plus the toenail may have to come off it it isn't fixed. Anyway, tomorrow I will get my blood tests, yay! (not)

Livejournal seemsto be on the blink as well, woo hoo.


Jun. 1st, 2005 12:15 pm
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Well, those fucking ants have multiplied... There's tons of winged ones on the wall. It would have to happen today, of all days.
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And it's true!

Yeah, anyway, I have the pleasure of living right near an ant colony, or rather on top of it, so those little cunts get everywhere! That includes in the bathroom, where tons of works, queens and drones were generally walking around, so yeah, anyhow... I decided to check to see what happened, and I see nothing but a pool of water and at least 20 dead ants, heh.

Yeah, anyway, I'm putting a hold on that wolf sanctuary thing, seeing as I can't afford the trip over. I'm waiting till Winter break from uni to go, and most likely, that's after the wedding I'm attending in Minnesota at the beginning of November. So yeah, anyway, that's about it. Go do other things now. :P

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