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Okay then, I have some updates.  First of all, due to lack of money, I never went to the spiritualist church thingy in the end, and I decided to save my money for an emergency.  Weekend was practically wasted due to lack of money, but oh well.  Monday didsn't really hold much in the way of accomplishment either, although I did get 30 (out of 35) quid my flatmate owes me, which is a good start.  I also found somewhere to get my digital camera instantly, and for 100 quid plus locally as well, score :D  Linky here.  Tomorrow I'll be calling up the insurance people to see if I can get the monetary value of my old camera, minus the 25 quid excess (45) sent to me as a cheque, meaning I get my camera for 55 quid, with deductions.  I also need to get the ball rolling at UEL with regards to recovering my money, plus I need to go and get the camera, so tomorrow'll be much more active, so may be an early night for me *gasp!*  I also need to top up my Oyster card, although regarding travel, I'll have to be careful come Thursday as there's a Tube strike on, dammit. :|

So yeah, gonna be busy tomorrow for sure, heh.
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So to follow up from this morning's entry, I got myself over to Eltham and did my shopping at Iceland, went over to the cat shelter, only to find it was closed!  Same went for the PC shop, was a half day.  I spent my last 11 quid on my Iceland groceries, and lunch (or rather brunch, if not my entire daily meal!) at co-op, before heading home.  Other than that, I've done sod all... although I did pop into Eltham Spiritualist Church.. I'm gonna be dropping by on Friday to see a medium at work, which sounds pretty cool.  Other than that, on Friday I'll be getting a refund on my battery, and getting one from Argos Eltham, and I'll also be seeing Virginia and well, that's about it... my life is kinda dull at the moment.

OH!  I did get myself a new deal on a phone... my bill will be £9 less (£14 less standard) from OCtober, because I got a £14/month loyalty discount with Three, and a new phone, so I pay £21 for my current plan of 750 mins, 150 texts, 50 video calling mins, 50 MMS and £5 downloads, which is good compared to £28 for the 750 & 150 alone.  I also got XSeries for an extra fiver (£26/mo now) and also a Nokia N73, which I can use once I get it, so score.

Anyway, that's about it for now... not expecting Thursday to be terribly active, but I intend to organise my room for more space... especialy with the foodage influx.  And next month, I'll be buying cat food, to "eat".

I'll explain later, if it hasn't been explained in the last entry, but otherwise I'll leave you guessing ;)
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Well, I've not really accomplished much, heh.  BIT Live 2007 has come and gone.  I got to meet a few people I haven't seen in a couple of years, and managed to pick up email addresses and phone numbers of fellow sceners, remixers and composers.  I had a really good night though, despite lack of funding.  I had 17 quid worth of coins, and that weekend drained me of most of them, as I needed the money to buy a travel card (1-4) and an extension, as well as food the same day I was seeing my guest/mate off.  I have enough money to do laundry, although I am still a bit irked over having to buy a 1-4 travelcard considering I had Oyster.  What's the point in spending money topping up an Oyster card when I still need to rely on travelcards?  Ergh, it's all fucked up.  Anyway, I got 3 free CDs that night as well, which was good... two of them were given free with entry to the Spitz, and one I got because I asked about what would happen to the CDs... as I would have bought one later, but the guy who did them gave me one for free, so again thanks to him.  I also got a CD-ROM to do with the event as well.  All in all, was a good day.  That pretty much sums up Friday, Saturday and Sunday... well, if you count the fact I've done nothing since getting back homer except chatting, DJing and listening to music/the radio.

I did have a chat with the bus driver on the way back home, and she told me the bus fare was going up to £1.50 on Oyster, and £3.00 on cash in September!  Although it was said in somewhat of a hushed tone, although at the end of the day, sooner or later it'd be found out.  Surely I'm not the only one who knows this?  But yeah, there's a renewed urgency for me to sort my finances out.  First thing's first, I'm gonna avail of the uni bus more often.  Secondly, I'm going to only use NR stations in emergencies and where I need to be somewhere fast, which is almost the same thing, but not quite!  Also, I'm going to use that coin sorter and start saving pennies in my bank account, as well as  recovering my tuition fees from UEL and accommodation fees, as well as depositing half of it into my savings account, with the other half as a cushion for my current account, as yet again I get to experience the joys of a bank charge... which reminds me, I need to also recover my bank charges, and prolly move the money out of the NS&I account that I have to support my current account.  I also need to look at organising my shopping list, and most importantly, knuckle down for uni!

I also need to get a job, or I'm going to be in trouble, because if I fail this year again, I won't be able to do uni after... worrying prospect, but I have time to get myself sorted, and that I will... or I hope I will. :|

Seriously though, now I'm settled round here, it should be a lot easier to get stuck in, and I can start and finish stuff sooner, given I know what's coming.  Coincidentally, I need to chat with my classmate to see if he's repeating the year.  Doesn't matter if he is or isn't because at the end of the day, I have to remember, I'm doing this for me, and no one else... although if I get through these 3 years, I do get the chance to stick it to my (ex) stepdad, and perhaps Chris as well, though Chris doesn't matter so much.  I'm not out to prove anything to anyone... it's just a bonus that I get to have one over on people who tried to bring me down.  And at the end of the day, all this will be worth it... no maybes, hopes, nor nots.  Just wills.

I coincidentally start counselling on Tuesday, so it'll be interesting to see how that goes.   Coincidentally, I promised I'd show Virginia my LJ.  I figured it can't hurt really... what I don't want people not in my friends list to know or no one at all in fact is marked accordingly, so yeah.  Anyway, been a month into the holidays, and things are starting to pan out.  I'm gonna go to Ireland in late July... till the 9th of August.  I think I'm booking for the 26th of July, but not 100% certain.  2 weeks in the summer this time, I do think that's enough.  Then perhaps later on I can go to Holland.  Need to sort out a flight to Jordan as well... although I need to get dates first, plus my camera needs replacing.  Just had a look at flights and the cheapest flight is over £350 in November!  I'd better get some proper dates sorted so i can work on sorting some cheaper flights!

Either way though, I need to start organsing my camera, as well as UEL and also I need to go to the post office.  Shopping will have to wait till I can afford it, but at least I have laundry money (for next week) and food to last me, although milk may be an issue. >.>
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First of all, let's start with a quiz:

Your Psyche is Blue

You are deeply emotional and very connected to everything (and everyone) around you.

By simply understanding other people, you are able to help them heal and let go.

While you are a very deep and thoughtful person, you do have a very silly, superficial side.

When you are too blue: the weight of the world's problems hangs over you

When you don't have enough blue: you lack perspective and understanding

Secondly, I finally got my laundry out of the laundrette, which is good.  I also did some shopping today as well... cheapest shop ever; 18 quid!  Anyway, I'm now 24, so yay.  Never got Tiberium Wars yesterday so I'm getting it today, and it shall be my last "new" full priced purchase for months.  I also sold off my old copy of Dawn of War as I had the Game of the Year Edition free with Company of Heroes.  My only game purchases now will be limited to pound shop games, and games to decrease the footprint of my current collection, which I need to consider listing.  I want to do the same for movies as well, coincidentallly... I have a lot of cases that could be downsized, while keeping the games as well.

So far I twigged on that I can downsize:

Neverwinter Nights, Shadows of Unrentide and Hordes of The Underdark: 4.5 boxes to 3
Unreal, Unreal II, Unreal Tournament and Unreal Tournament 2003 (I think I have this still) and 2004: 5 to 1 or 2 (dunno if 2004 is covered)
AOE 2 Gold to AOE 1 & 2 Gold: 2.5 to 1 (I think)

I already downsized or have yet to complete:

Thief 1 & 2: 2 to 1
Broken Sword 1 & 2: 2 to 1

The benefits of downsizing is though that although it costs me more money to purchase the games, I do get a portion of the funds back from selling the originals, though admittedly not always half.  For instance, Dawn of War normal or GotY sells for 9.99 retail, but I only got £3 quid for it, though that said I got another 1.99 off, so it's worth either around a 3rd of the price or half the price.  Older games I'd be lucky to get 1 quid or even 50 pence for!  Thankfully though, the price of games has equally come down.  Either way, I expect that on average, I'll get about 1/4 to 1/3 of the value of what I invest after I'm done, which isn't all that bad, though if I do it right, then I could end up saving more.

With all that aside, I should say that I got Warhammer 40K: Dark Crusade and the toilet sprung a huge motherfucking leak, which can't be looked at till Monday, so I recommended that we used the other toilet.  What are the bets that we forget to mention it to Awami when he returns from Amsterdam?  If you see an entry stating "I told you so", you'll know why.  Asides from that, the usual madness that happens here goes on.  So yeah, nothing really all that different from last year, except I'll be completely sober and not dying this morning, plus I'll be getting Tiberium Wars: Kane Edition, hehe.  On a totally random note, it's quite nice to find £20 quid in your wallet that you just drew out to pay for your shopping last week., though that same £20 is now a fiver... gotta love student life. :|

HSBC are also fucking wankers... damn them and stealing my money!  I'm gonna look at switching over to Natwest when I get a chance.
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I finally watch Blade Runner The Director's Cut, which just finised now... And while I right this, Vanghelis' Blade Runner Them plays in the background, which is a classic piece of music in its own way.  Anyhow, I knew quite a while before this film had finished that I'd be left wanting more, go figure.  Just as well I'm getting the box set soon when it comes out then.  I finally got around to getting my hair cut, and by god there was a lot of hair!  The hairdresser I went to even commented I looked like a new man with all that hair off!  Anyway, Saturday turned out to be a fairly decent day, considering I got to the pound shop and did my Asda shopping in time, although I had so much that I had to call a taxi, but oh well.  Either way, my upward curve has started, as I now have my Easter Holidays, although I have less than 48 hours to do my coursework, and although I'm sure I ca do it, I think it may be a bit hairy!  After that, I need to worry about my CCS coursework, but thankfully I've managed to pass Multimedia, although I have about 4 week to do CW3 as well, argh!

I was gonna wriite an entry for Friday and before, but I'll prolly just delete the filler entry (it's hidden) and just replace it here.  It will seem a bit random, but that's what happens when you write up one line topic summaries :P  Although, this said I'm writing this from a perespective of quite a while ago, so I guess current events will also be included, but it has to be done... anything to make it flow smoothly, though admittedly how many people actually read my ramblings?  Hard to say, but at the end of the day, not many - if at all - will understand them!

With all that out of the way, I now have to start coursework >_<
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Well, I finally got some motivation to start with my coursework which is a good thing, only I haven't started it yet, but tom... er today I will.  Granted, it's just writing on paper atm, but hey, it's a start!   Anyway, tomorrow I'll be going to Stratford to see my mate Billy for a few jars, and to talk about stuff.  I didn't go to that SE London thing on because I couldn;t afford to go, but hopefully next month, I shall be able to go.  Anyway, this Saturday, I'm off to Manchester, which I need to pack for on Friday.  Someone was gonna be coming over on Friday, but I dunno what's happening there.  Guess we'll see.  Anyway, asides from that, I have to go into uni tomorrow to discuss stuff.  Also, I had the entire day off today because the lecturer was ill, and apparantly, the PDP is all meeting-based, so I'll be arranging a meeting next week. Asides from that, I'm gonna be switching my hosting to a new server with the same company... which'll give me 50% more space and is $5.00 cheaper than what I pay at the moment... which amounts to $60/yr saved, plus I save even more because of the space and bandwidth upgrade, thus I don't need to invest in a VPS just yet for my hosting company... this also means that I can make a bit more money when I go into it a ferw months down the line, as I have more space to offer.

I am consolidating the majority of my sites into the new Stormhaven website, so the IRC and games dev website will be subdomains of Stormhaven, just like Blackrain and Stormkeeper are subs of Storm Rain.  The paranormal website, and naturally, the hosting company will be running as separate sites, as will a little project I'm organising with a couple of friends of mine.  I may also make a subdomain off StormServers for website design, but it'd be a full part of the branch.  Either way, I'm working on getting stuff sorted much better, and much ore together than the old Storm Netwerks.  I'll prolly drop the Storm Netwerks domain next year and go with Stormhaven Networks instead.  Sure, it's similar to the old name, but it's sufficiently different to distinguish itself.  The Networks spelling is kind of implying I mean business, plus everyone misspelt "Netwerks", so I may as well change it, plus it signifies growing up.  Either way,  a Storm is coming, and it's not like the pissy shower that Storm Netwerks was.  It'll be much better organised, and expanded at a slower and more calculated rate... but more than likely a few months from now, in the Summer, and naturally after the hosting has chanegd over.  This does give me a chance to start some things from the ground up, such as Storm Rain Paranormal, and Stormhaven, though I need to back up the other sites.  It's gonna be a bitch to upload everything now that I can't connect normally, so I'll have to do it from university :|

So yeah, that's about it really.  Looks like I may have a little more money to play with this year, which isn't bad at all... now, if I get my website building skills to a decent standard, as well as Java, I may be able to make a few bob on the side as supplimentary income, which can't be bad at all... and once I save enough money, I can register the company and make money, though for the time being, I figure the money I make would be under the table-type things... I could always charge something for IT support as well at some stage, will have to see, mind.

Edit: Why not go the full monty?  Instead of Stormwerks Interactive Productions, do Stormhaven Interactive Productions?


Feb. 3rd, 2007 02:34 pm
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I've been doing a little research prompted by this site: and have drawn some interesting conclusions; it's far cheaper overall to travel by bus or train!  Look at these prices (I'm just showing the prices, don't wanna bore you with details):

Dates: 11/08-18/08

Ryanair from Stansted (Naas Airbus): £101.19
Ryanair from Stansted (Busaras Airbus): £100.94
Ryanair from Stansted (Normal bus): £95.94

Sail & Rail (via Newbridge - on peak): £73.00
*Sail & Rail (via Sallins - on peak): £68.00

Eurolines (Eltham to Naas PO): £60.90

Note that these prices don't include the single taxi fare I usually take sometimes, and assume that all prices are from my door (practically) right to Naas town centre (meaning I have travel costs to the airports factored in, be it bus or train).  It's interesting to see the disparity between plane and rail/bus though.  Additionally, because Sallins isn't listed on the site, this is a conjecture.  If I wished to take a taxi from Naas to my mum;s house then I'd add another £6.00.  Either way, interesting how much everything costs, though admittedly, I'm paying for speed (and hassle!) with air travel.  It takes about 6-8 hours by plane, up to 19 hours by bus and about 9.5 hours by train.  You have to admit though, all things considered, the differences are apparant again.

It's definately something I should consider in the future.  Especially as I can do my bit for the enviornment if I train/bus it along, especially as I'm always on the move with everything with these options, and after I catch the bus or train, I get to relax for the next few hours.  Of course, the iPod will get a lot of usage and will prolly expire, so I should remember to bring a book along.  Either way, I'm gonna try the train route.  Best thing is with the non-flight routes, I don't have to be there 2 hours before, can just hop on and go (for the most part)!

This can be one of my new ways to save money, especially as all the routes get me to Naas, or the next town along!  The almost 50% difference between bus and plane is amazing!  I'm taking the Sail and Rail next time along, then trying the bus once I'm confidant enough.  It is  bonus that the bus people accept Solo, shame the rail people won't, but I'll just book straight from Eltham Station...

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