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Well, I finally got Tiberium Wars... the sweet smell of victory is, well sweet.  Of course, typically of me, I can't go into GAME without getting more than one game, so I ended up spending 85 quid (with a 2.50 discount).  I also got AoE Collectors Ed., Neverwinter Nights Deluxe, Dreamfall The Longest Journey Limited Edition and the Unreal Anthology.  This pretty much equates to 2 new games, and another phase of my footprint reduction.  I now can sell off AoE II Gold, Unreal, Unreal Tournament, Unreal II, and the 3 Neverwinter Nights things.  I was gonna have Icewind Dale instead, but the guy at the counter couldn't find it, which sucks, because I wanted it.  I need to look... I just had an "Oh crap" moment... I saw here that you can get all the games I have in one pack :|

I may have to consider going to Amazon and getting that now, instead of Icewind Dale from GAME... I hate when I find stuff like that out... stuff like this is another thing, heh.  I suppose I might actually upgrade to that later on... will wait till it gets cheaper first.  Either way, I need to get Heroes of Might & Magic 5 Silver Edition at some point.  I should consider doing Amazon before going anywhere else, it seems.  Either way, I may need to get a new copy of Planescape: Torment to replace the one that I've lost... :|  Real shame I managed to lose it, it makes me weep actually T_T

Everything in general is so much cheaper on Amazon though... I think I may shop there in future then sell off my games to GameStation... at least that way I'll make some money back, and save money as well.

On a totally separate note, I want to go to Jordan more and more now... it looks cool.  I want to check out Petra (as seen in Indiana Jones) and also go for a swim in the Dead Sea!  It would be a pretty cool place to go, I figure, plus a great place to take pictures as well.  More on that later though.  My room is finally starting to get some organisation to it, and I've got completely hooked on Amazon now, go figure.  I'll be looking at going there before I go to GAME in future, not to say I'll stop going there but at the same time, if it's cheaper to go to Amazon, why not? :|
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Well, I now have to wait till tomorrow to get C&C3, because I forgot where my wallet is, but oh well.  I now have a new mission in life though... I must have the first 6 Final Fantasy games on the DS and GBA... of course all that said though, I need to actually start playing them as well!  I also need to get a DS Lite as well... I dunno whether to trade in, or keep the old one so I can play multiplayer... I should stop wasting money though, so maybe I'll just sell it, heh.  What I may do though is sell off my old GBA and get a GBA SP, or not... I would sell off the second copy of Doom II, but then I'd not be able to play multiplayer, heh.

Decisions, decisions...
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First of all, let's start with a quiz:

Your Psyche is Blue

You are deeply emotional and very connected to everything (and everyone) around you.

By simply understanding other people, you are able to help them heal and let go.

While you are a very deep and thoughtful person, you do have a very silly, superficial side.

When you are too blue: the weight of the world's problems hangs over you

When you don't have enough blue: you lack perspective and understanding

Secondly, I finally got my laundry out of the laundrette, which is good.  I also did some shopping today as well... cheapest shop ever; 18 quid!  Anyway, I'm now 24, so yay.  Never got Tiberium Wars yesterday so I'm getting it today, and it shall be my last "new" full priced purchase for months.  I also sold off my old copy of Dawn of War as I had the Game of the Year Edition free with Company of Heroes.  My only game purchases now will be limited to pound shop games, and games to decrease the footprint of my current collection, which I need to consider listing.  I want to do the same for movies as well, coincidentallly... I have a lot of cases that could be downsized, while keeping the games as well.

So far I twigged on that I can downsize:

Neverwinter Nights, Shadows of Unrentide and Hordes of The Underdark: 4.5 boxes to 3
Unreal, Unreal II, Unreal Tournament and Unreal Tournament 2003 (I think I have this still) and 2004: 5 to 1 or 2 (dunno if 2004 is covered)
AOE 2 Gold to AOE 1 & 2 Gold: 2.5 to 1 (I think)

I already downsized or have yet to complete:

Thief 1 & 2: 2 to 1
Broken Sword 1 & 2: 2 to 1

The benefits of downsizing is though that although it costs me more money to purchase the games, I do get a portion of the funds back from selling the originals, though admittedly not always half.  For instance, Dawn of War normal or GotY sells for 9.99 retail, but I only got £3 quid for it, though that said I got another 1.99 off, so it's worth either around a 3rd of the price or half the price.  Older games I'd be lucky to get 1 quid or even 50 pence for!  Thankfully though, the price of games has equally come down.  Either way, I expect that on average, I'll get about 1/4 to 1/3 of the value of what I invest after I'm done, which isn't all that bad, though if I do it right, then I could end up saving more.

With all that aside, I should say that I got Warhammer 40K: Dark Crusade and the toilet sprung a huge motherfucking leak, which can't be looked at till Monday, so I recommended that we used the other toilet.  What are the bets that we forget to mention it to Awami when he returns from Amsterdam?  If you see an entry stating "I told you so", you'll know why.  Asides from that, the usual madness that happens here goes on.  So yeah, nothing really all that different from last year, except I'll be completely sober and not dying this morning, plus I'll be getting Tiberium Wars: Kane Edition, hehe.  On a totally random note, it's quite nice to find £20 quid in your wallet that you just drew out to pay for your shopping last week., though that same £20 is now a fiver... gotta love student life. :|

HSBC are also fucking wankers... damn them and stealing my money!  I'm gonna look at switching over to Natwest when I get a chance.

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