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Well, I found my walkie-talkie chargers. My life is that mcuh more complete. Now I'm washing clothes in order to prepare for tomorrow, where I'll be in Athlone till Sunday. Then on Tuesday, I'll be heading to London, and I'll be back on Thursday. I get to see the phone bill as well, woohoo.

At least things are going reasonably well. I'm somewhat in order.

Dat's Mad!

Apr. 22nd, 2006 02:07 pm
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Guess who just found his iPod USB cable? Dat's riot, moi.

Heh, things really do turn up in the oddest of places... it's Sod's Law though, innit?

Now if only my camera cable would show up...

Anyway, I need a shower and to do some shopping, so toodles!

I also really need to start on my assignment soon as I only have till 13:30 on Monday att the very latest to do it =/


Jun. 14th, 2005 03:57 am
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I'm going to Sweden soon!
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To go to Sweden, and I'll be in town/city called Gothenburg where I'll be meeting people from the C64 Music Scene, and Slay Radio... If I get over there, which I should. Found out the drinks over there are about almost the same price as London. Of course I get to play around with Swedish Kronor, which'll be interesting to say the least. At least I get to add another notch to my travel belt. Oh yeah, if you're interested, I setup a temporary travel journal here until I sort out the blogs on Storm Rain which'll be our new travel journals. Going to try to sort out a gallery too so you can see what Blackrain and I get up to... This'll be so kickass when I'm done. Though, I need to learn some decent HTML editing for future versions of the site.

One day I'll be able to do something kickass...

Last Z Regular Show is on today on Slay Radio... Go, listen now! If you miss the show (will be on for 3 hours from now (19:00 GMT)), just stay to listen for the remixes... They're good anyway :)

Btw, The Z Show is the only time you'll ever get me to say Z like "Zee" :P

Edit @ 4:54am: Oh, and ZSNES... Also, Storm Rain is down, and yes I'm aware of it.

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