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After nearly 22 years, the grommet put into my right ear finally found its way out... about bloody time! 


Jun. 23rd, 2005 01:57 pm
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Stitches are out, so I can walk better. They smarted a tad getting them out, but then, that spot is still a little tended, so it's not surprising. I wasn't too bothered by the pain though... It's not like I was being jabbed by a needle or anything like that... That said, I'll have to bite the bullet tomorrow, however because of the blood test.

Edit: you = out; BIG typo.

Anyway, seems that I have a lot of work done, so I may just end up making the deadlines, which is the 1st of July for PM and the 29th of June for the other work, and oddly enough, coursework B is exactly the same as what I was doing, just like my PM work was, so happy days!

(finally, something that's going right!)
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About half an hour till my stitches get taken out, woo! Still though, I have another week before my foot is sorted, plus the toenail may have to come off it it isn't fixed. Anyway, tomorrow I will get my blood tests, yay! (not)

Livejournal seemsto be on the blink as well, woo hoo.
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Yes, I'm still alive, but I'm still bereft of internet access (sanity isn't around either, but that's a given thing considering this is me and I have no internet access). Anyway, I'm starting to settle into our new house, which is pretty much up the road, and not that far from Essex, which is still considered to be London... Hell, even Romford, which is further out is London! Yeah, anyway... I found an internet cafe that does 50p/hr which means I'll prolly be coming here every so often till we have internet access at home. Also, I'm getting my stitch out soon, which is a good thing.

Anyway, I have a blood test (read 12) tomorrow, and I have to stop eating an hour from now, so I can have a certain blood state tested. I'm not really looking forward to it, as I have begun to HATE needles with avengence... They are starting to scare the shit out of me again. =/ I've gotten over heights somewhat, and my confidence issues too, but needles still scare me! They're completely different to getting tattoos, I'm beginning to notice. Single needles hurt like fuck!

Anyway, now I'm somewhat settled, I'll be getting the new Storm Rain site layout sorted, and I'll hopefully be learning PHP soon, so I can do some good stuff. Anyway, that's really about it, asides from watching Hudson Hawk, Monster Man and playing Rugby on the PS2, oh and having a barbeque. It's also fucking hot here, and was 32C, at least yesterday or the day before and it's still hot now!

That's really about it... Now I'm playing catchup everywhere. Oh, and updating my address, of course.

Edit 22:04: Perhaps I'll wait a couple of days for the addressing issue.


Jun. 15th, 2005 01:44 am
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What a day!

First of all, we found a place to move into and Sandy and Chris are moving in tomorrow or Thursday, with me later on in the week, after my deposit and what not is sorted. Anyway, asides from that, looks like my disorganisation ended up seriously injuring me. I tripped over something while going to answer my door, and I ended up partly removing my toenail from my big toe which was fun, and it stung a lot, and at one point I lost feeling in the toe. =/

I ended up trailing blood from my room to the bathroom as wedll, heh. It took the paramedics around an hour to arrive, then they carted me off to hospital where I had to wait about 3-4 hours to get treated, though I was eventually seen. In the end, I was told I needed stitches. I decided to be better safe than sorry and go in. Of course, after being jabbed 3 times in the toe, and after a few minutes, I was stitched, which was complete agony! I could feel the stitch go in and out and being pulled through... By god it hurt... A lot. I was literally screaming because it was that painful... I was glad when it was all over, although I won't be able to walk properly for about a week, so I'm kind of fucked for the time being, heh. Thankfully Sandy let me borrow one of her crutches she needed ages ago, so I'm hoing to be somewhat mobile more or less...

Anyway, that was my day...

Edit: I also forgot to mention as well, that the EMT mentioned I have a high blood pressure, which I'm aware of. I know I have hypertension, just I forgot to go look at it. I'll need to go get it sorted, or I'll be suseptable to heart attack or stroke =/

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