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After nearly 22 years, the grommet put into my right ear finally found its way out... about bloody time! 


Mar. 21st, 2007 01:52 am
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After nearly 22 years, the grommet put into my right ear finally found its way out... about bloody time! 

Gruesome stuff, don't read if you don't want to be grossed out... )
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Well, at the moment, I'm quite sick, so haven't done a thing... suspect I have the flu.  Anyway, I'm gonna go back to bed in a few... nothing really happened, save for the fact I did some shopping on Friday and had a Pizza Hut with my friend.

So yeah, fuck all has been going on... I did help a Reading University Computing student though... their course sucks as they get basic notes, and that's about it.  They also have to do a complex program with no code cutting, which is sucky and dumb.  Kinda glad I'm not studying there :|
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You Should Paint Your Room Blue
Peaceful and soothing, blue rooms have been known to reduce blood pressure.
Your blue room will encourage deep rest and great sleep.
A blue room is the perfect oasis for a stressful life.
Blue is also a healing colour, don't ya know. Have to be careful though... the blue shouldn't be a cold blue, rather a warm one.

Your Slanguage Profile

Canadian Slang: 75%

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Prison Slang: 50%

Victorian Slang: 50%

Southern Slang: 25%

Hmm... not bad.

Anyway, I'll make a post sometime tomorrow, when hopefully I'll be a bit better.  This sickness is really frustrating me :/
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I was supposed to go in today, but ended up sleeping in due to being sick, but I was told not to come in today, because it's very windy, and transport is down.  I also called up and talked to my tutor, and was told that I didn't need to come in.  Anyway, it seems now that classes were cancelled, which is an interesting and good development!

Now I just have to worry about the presentation for the time being... can finish off the CSG another day, hopefully.
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Still sick, and I think it's worse now, as I got a headache and tummy ache, which sucks. :|  Anyway, I have this presentation to do before I come in today, which sucks.  And to make matters worse, I have 3 courseworks due in March!  How the hell am I going to get them all in on time, when I have the presentation this Friday, and a report next Friday.  Then I have Systems Building, Programming  and Comp & Comms Sys due in March, starting from the 6th.  Now this doesn't seem so bad, but when you consider it's near the end of January, that leaves me a month or to do everything... and considering I've not had a chance to start anything yet, I'm gonna be so screwed by the looks of things, but I'll guess we'll see.  Would have been nice to have it spaced out more though so i don't feel overloaded. >_<

About the only good thing is that the CSG is almost done, which is one thing less to worry about.  I'm going to be doing a reduced workload over Saturday so I can regain some semblance of sanity.  About the only thing that made me smile today was a text I got from a certain someone, though admittedly, i was late in responding to it but at least I responded.

I just want to hide away from the world at the moment though...
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So, today is the day I decide to clean myself and my room up, and do my loundry. I suck becaus eI haven't done it in the past 2-3 weeks, because I'm all over the place, and this sickness doesn't help. I have an ear infection too, so going to the docs for it. I went to uni yesterday and semi-regretted it. CSG is also going down the tubes too, as I wasn't well enough to go in :/

Anyway, I'm gonna get myself a shave, and try to sort my room and laundry out, because I really have to. I have that schedule to finish off as well, and coursework to start.

Either way, I need to get my finger out. I bet I'll have something new to post later on.
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Oh dear, that can't be good, can it? Hmm... I guess I've got a bit of a dark edge to me, eh?

Well, went to the doctors today, and the nurse checked me out. Seems the inside of my right ear is a bit red, so there is a doctor's appointment scheduled for Friday afternoon. Anyway, due to railworks, I shan't be seeing Gemma on Friday, which is unfortunate, but as I said to her, just as well because I'm out of cash, had to dip into the old OD to buy some food for a few days. I'm also looking for a new bank, seeing as I'm getting fucked over in overdraft fees with my current one, HSBC... 25 quid a transaction that goes into my overdraft, plus paying back the overdraft and interest? I'm getting figuratively fucked up the arse.. without lube either. :|

In other news, texty texty texty :D
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So, for the past few days, I've had a really bad cold. I've been sneezing and coughing a fair bit, and my tissue supply is dwindling, go figure. Not only that, I seem to have some fucked up sleeping pattern where I go to bed between 19:30-20:00, and wake up at around 05:30-06:00 for the past 3 days! To make matters worse, i haven't been able to have a shower for the past 3-4 days because of lack of hot water. And to make matters worse, I've got periods where my balance is severely off... I kept on wanting to lean (extremely) to the right abut 10 minutes ago. I stood up and practically fell hard onto my bed and rolled over onto it, before getting back up and heading to my chair. Whatever I have, it seriously sucks. :|

My mum is going to kill me for missing another day of class, but frankly I'm almost too sick to care. I can't even get out the door at the moment, which really sucks :(

Hopefully, I'll get better soon... :|
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I didn't go into uni at the end... ended up being too shattered from very little sleep, which was brought on from the cold I had on the weekend (and which I still have), which made me stay up late and contributed to my overall sleep pattern fuckup. Of course, I'm back to the headaches like I had on the weekend which sucks royally. I had some Anadin, so hopefully that'll get rid of my headache. In the meantime, I'm stuck because I can't access my lecture stuff at the moment :/

Also, I can't sort out my IRC problems till tomorrow! Oh well, at least I have an advantage in that course too, so I'm not desparately behind. I'll catch up to stuff when I get y account info sorted out...

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