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So yeah, a fair bit has happened in the past while... I went to counselling which got off to a good start.  We talked about everything under the sun, pretty much, including the paranormal, and I'm happy to say I'm gald the ball is rolling now, and I'll think it'll go pretty well, although as I've done it before, it'll be easier to properly get into it.  Anyway, not really a hell of a lot to say, although I'm moving flats on Monday, to Aragon Court.  If I'm lucky, I may ahve the same room I'll be residing in, so I won't have to move, though is that a lot to ask, I have to wonder.  Also, my flatmate and I will be doing the kitchen later on today (which I had to leave in a hurry because of the bad smell of one of the unwashed pans - which nearly made me sick!), if not this week plus I'm eating all the food I have so there's less to bring over when I move.  Its raining over here at present, although it seems to be on and off, but it's nothing compared to the flooding up north to be honest.  I've got something funny to share later, but in the interests of keeping the flow, I'm in the process of organising things a bit better... I'm taking the slimline cases from magzine cover discs and I'm shoving them into a CD wallet, so I can downsize the footprints of what my games take up... I'm trying to put 2 games from the same label together where possible, though this may end up taking a bit to fully sort... although things are coming along quite nicely.  It's probably just as well I'm starting now as it may take me a few days to get all this stuff sorted.  Other than that, I intend to go to the camera person tomorrow to get stuff sorted out, so I can get that loose end tied. 

On Monday, aftter I've moved... or rather Tuesday after counselling, I intend to nip over to the shop to do some replacement of foodage, and maybe looking at ways to lessen my load.  I'm thinking of selling off my monitor for starters and getting an LCD one, which I think would help muchly...

Other than that, I have this funny thing to show:

[00:02:13] <Spoofy> FSRadio: what do you think about God?
[00:02:17] <FSRadio> Spoofy: Cats are very intelligent, independent and yet very loving and friendly.
[00:02:27] <Spoofy> FSRadio: I asked about God, not cats.
[00:02:31] <FSRadio> Spoofy: Oh yeah, we were talking about God not cats.
[00:02:35] <Stormkeeper> lol
[00:04:05] <Stormkeeper> FSRadio: What do you think about dogs?
[00:04:09] <FSRadio> Stormkeeper: Cats are very intelligent, independent and yet very loving and friendly.
[00:04:18] <Spoofy> FSRadio: Stormkeeper asked about Dogs!
[00:04:45] <Stormkeeper> Okay, so not only does FSRadio think cats are dogs, it's dyslexic too... brilliant.
[00:05:00] <Stormkeeper> FSRadio: What do you think about cats?
[00:05:07] <FSRadio> Stormkeeper: Cats are very intelligent, independent and yet very loving and friendly.
[00:05:15] <Stormkeeper> FSRadio: What do you think about birds?
[00:05:18] <FSRadio> Stormkeeper: Cats are very intelligent, independent and yet very loving and friendly.
[00:05:25] <Stormkeeper> FSRadio: What do you think about sex?
[00:05:29] <FSRadio> Stormkeeper: No. Are you gay?.
[00:05:37] <Stormkeeper> FSRadio: No, I'm not :|
[00:05:41] <FSRadio> Stormkeeper: | FSRadio: I heard you are. You're sure about that?
[00:05:49] <Spoofy> what?
[00:05:50] <Stormkeeper> Cheeky fucker!
[00:06:08] <Stormkeeper> FSRadio: No, I'm bloody-well not gay :|
[00:06:14] <FSRadio> Stormkeeper: | FSRadio: Really? Me either.
[00:06:21] <Spoofy> haha
[00:06:23] <Stormkeeper> FSRadio: But you said I was gay!
[00:06:29] <FSRadio> Stormkeeper: Don't put words in my mouth.
[00:06:35] <Stormkeeper> ...
[00:06:49] <Spoofy> lol

So yeah, I got called 'gay' by a piece of software and then it denied doing it... cheeky fucker!

But that's it for now...
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First post of the month, if it actually  decides to post that is!

If this does post, then I should inform you that for the time being I've been holed up over in GreatestJournal, as a LJ backup.  Same username and everything.  Anyway, I can post now, w00t.  So anyway, let's get through the past couple of days.  Obviously, I've already posted the entries of the past few days in GJ, which I'll be transferring to here, as well as another entry that's locally saved...

But anyway, these past couple of days have been quiet, apart from the fact that yesterday I was sending some of my research findings (from Monday) to someone who requested my services as a paranormal investigator, although frankly, it's been more history rather than paranormal investigation, but nonetherless, it is interesting.  I'm heading over to Southwark Local History Library, and also the Lambeth Archives.  The funny thing about the library was that the way down initially made me feel like I was going into a back alley brothel!  I got over it fast enough, although that was my initial feeling walking down, plus it stank a bit!  The library itself is nice enough though, but it's typical of London to be full of surprises.  After I was finished with the library, I decided to go to Central, namely Westminster, although I decided this after trying to get to Southwark Tube station by bus, which I failed miserably at, so had to get the Tube there.  Westminster was cool enough though, got some pics of the London Eye, as well as Big Ben.  I'll be heading back that way tomorrow.

And when I was over the bridge, I had a bit of an emotional moment, and realised how much I really love London.  I also checked out the House of Lords and observed one of those parliament things that go on in there, which was quite cool.  Prompted me to take a more active interest in politics, though I want a bit more 'excitement' as it were, so I'm going to talk to my local MP about getting an invite to the PM Q(uestion)'s.  Before that I was talking to my two sisters about stuff, told them where I was, and also we talked about how crap the 2012 logo was (but it is!).  Anyway, after the HoL, I went in search of Westminster Cathedral, although at that point it was closed.  I do know where Westminster Abbey is now though.  After that, I had some food in McDs, took a bus to Waterloo, and spent about an hour trying to get home by bus!  It's just was well that I know places!  I hopped onto the 453 from Deptford, then caught a 53 to Blackheath Royal Standard.  Before my last leg though, I came across a woman who had a row with her boyfriend, and was left stranded (and was quite disdraught) and asked me for change and me being the good samaritan that I am, gave her all the change in my pocket (£1.24), wished her good luck and went back on my way.  It wasn't until I checked my wallet that I realised I could have given her 2 quid exactly, but at that point, I thought all my real spare change was in my pocket, go figure :|

Anyway, it occurred to me, in an insightful (not cocky!) way that if I weren't around (ie never existed), there'd be a few more unhappy people in this world.  It prolly sounds a bit presumptuous, but at the same time, I was just thinking about how many people I've helped along the way, like that woman just now, the man in Ilford who needed money for the taxi fare for his family (including 2 elderly parents) and lastly the guy in Central who I gave a few quid to for something to eat, though admittedly, I'm a little more wary in Central than I am in the likes of Blackheath, even Ilford (although there was another guy there too).  It's a sobering thought when you look back and realise how much of a difference you've made to some people's lives.  Granted, it's not a global scale, and someone else could have done it (or maybe not), but being able to help out a fellow human being is one of those great things anyoen can do.  Granted, it's only on a local scale, but still, it does help someone, which in turn makes you feel better.  I suppose that's the principle of those big charities, but I dunno, save for the Charleville Castle Trust, I've not really given all that much to charity, save for Gorta, and I wonder how much of that actually goes to the people... it had better have been worth putting me into my overdraft for!  Anyway, back to helping out people... it's nice to know that I'm able to do such a thing.

Anyway, I'd better go do some backlogging... maybe I'll show some pics in my next entry...

Oh yeah, I also forgot that I switched to a new VoIP provider... much much cheaper than VoIPstunt, but get this... it's done by exactly the same company and the software is pretty much the same too, save for a few interface jigs, and there isn't a VoIP-out number!  I find it bizarre that instead of revising their prices for their current service, the company decides to bring out a new one!  Oh well, I've paid the new one 10 Euros for exactly the same service, heh... After this though, I'm switching to the new one... seeing as it's vastly cheaper.  The only letdown is that I can't call a number to do what I can do with voipstunt atm, although I can do it with voipcheap, if I decided to get an account with them.  Although I can't wait till they get the number for 12voip sorted, because it also means that I can say goodbye to using call18866, or whatever it was called, because these services are cheaper, especially given they quote prices in Euros, w00t.

But yeah, roll on cheaper and free calls once more!  It's unfortunate though that calls to US Mobiles are no longer free (an any of them), but hey, the reduction of costs in other locations makes up for this.
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...the fact that I can carry on a random conversation about nothing:

<KyaraNAK> stupid naked fudge monkeys!
<Storm-KsH> Mmm... fudge
<KyaraNAK> why isn't she sleeping
<Thrawn> how would a fudge monkey be naked?
<KyaraNAK> it just IS
<Thrawn> is it supposed to be otherwise?
<Thrawn> I guess it depends on the fashion culture of fudge monkeys, whether it is socially unacceptable for the fudge monkey to be naked in the first place or not
<Storm-KsH> True

And there you have it... fudge monkeys.


Mar. 8th, 2007 11:05 pm
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Well, so much for today... I get my first early night in ages, and get up early, and as luck would have it, I feel like shit, and have some sort of cold or something... it sucks :(  So yeah, because today was such a spectacular failure, in every sense of the word, I'll be talking about yesterday, which was infinately better.  Anyway, I got myself a copy of Supreme Commander and Company of Heroes LE, which was quite good.  I now need to sell off my old copy of Dawn of War, because CoH has the GotY edition free with it.  I also did a little bit of shopping while I was out and about, getting a few things that I thought would be handy for me to get... ended up picking up 2 more £1 games as well, hehe.  Anyhow, I'm gonna have to call up the counselling people tomorrow, because I felt like shit today, and I'm also going to get my hair cut, and visit another UKCBer who lives nearby.  Additionally, I'm going to check out Well Hall Park while I'm in Eltham because the drive by's made it look nice, and I need an excuse to get outside, though I really should get my programming started on, as I've already missed the deadline for Systems Building, which I deliberately did.

Anyway, CoH is installed on my PC, and more than likely wouldn't play because of outdated drivers.  I updated them earlier today, so maybe it'll play now... well, it should, as this PC is the dogs bollocks in terms of gaming.  It's also the only PC I've successfuly kept relatively clean and in complete working order, which is amazing, because usually I forget to maintain it, though that said, I need to schedule regular defrags.  Anyway, I'll finish off the entry before this one, and then I'll be up to date.

I hate fucking colds though :|

Coincidentally, I'm working on a few nice ideas for Stormhaven, and additionally, FriendlyStorm IRC is the new name for FriendlyIRC ad Stormhaven IRC, as we're going uniform, or will eventually.

I almost forgot as well... I'm not getting my extenuation results for a while yet, so at least I know I'm not going mad, and unfortunately for me, in Asda, Nestle are the only ones that do condensed milk, which pisses me off a bit.  At this point, I'm wonder if my NEstle boycott has any point, as really I can't do much about it, heh.  Anyway, I did well not buying any products, except for the one time I needed a bottle of water...
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Right then... I finally removed 3/4 of my AIM addresses.  I cannot delete them for some bizarre reason known only to AOL, so I just won't sign in on them any more.  Anone on GHTHotshot, SNw Stormkeeper and KennettGE have been transferred to Politik250, so if you get a message from this person, that's just me.  I'm gonna be registering a second, secret AIM address soon as well, so after that, those two names are all I'll be using.  The Politik name will be my public alias for AIM and Yahoo from now on.  I also cleaned up my remaining list, which was fun... need to start cleaning it up more, as for some of my contacts, I've not heard from them in years now.

With that aside, I need to tidy my room some more, and at long last, do my laundry, which is now separated in two, for easy washing, which is good.  The uni is replacing our mini-fridges, so I need to tidy up my room, plus eat as much as possible from it before... well, I dunno... it's a bit of a pain, given I did my shopping on Friday :|   I have also yet to do my coursework, as well as go outside, which sucks a lot.  I'm hoping I'll have the will to go outside tomorrow, but I guess we'll see.

Nothing else to mention really, though I did get a few texts, and I also had to deal with a crazy stalker girl... oh, and Storm Rain hit its bandwidth limit, so yay.  I'll fix that tomorrow.  Oh yeah, better send off that email too.

Anyway, that's really it for now.  Maybe I'll have something worthwhile to write about later... although I'm having a tendancy to read my friend's list more than I comment lately, but that's obvious anyway...
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You Are 48% Perfectionist

No one would call you a perfectionist, but you definitely have a side of you that strives to be perfect.
Try to see your mistakes as learning experiences, and don't be so hard on yourself when you screw up!

Sounds about right. Anyhow, one more day till Edinburgh, and I haven't even packed yet! I also need to drop over to UEL, as well as get a travelcard for tomorrow. Plus, I need to call the Book Club, as they are hounding me for cash, yay. Anyway, this weekend is set to be a good time, though I'm left wondering how I'll be able to pay for stuff, if my money doesn't come in today... it may go to the evil over(draft)lords again, which is why I need extra money in the first place! I really need to get a job, as I'm obviously crap with money... of course, it'll help in the new year that I know where my local pound shop is, so in the New Year, I'll be a better shopper, and thus can save money. This, of course is taking longer than I expected it to, as well as what I want. Oh well, at least I have a 2007 diary, and by the grace of god (I've wanted to say that! - still lower case 'g', except in sentences though), I'll be using it! I think I might make it a resolution I'm keeping, so it'll need to be in an easy to find place...

Anyway, the Edinburgh trip is the third last one I'll be making this year... other two are my Xmas trip to Ireland, and a residential investigation. This is beyond standard travel plans, such as Travelcard stuff... well, most of it. Only time it's really remarkable is if it's with someone. And speaking of someone, that girl I mentioned in a previous entry is coming back here at some point, perhaps even 2 weeks from today! *looks around* I suppose I'd better get my stuff cleaned up for starters! I should prolly pack as well, thinking about it... why not do an all in one job? I am painfully aware, however of the fact that I may or may not need towels... though I may wait a while before deciding that. I hadf a nice bit of luck though, found a 2 pound coin in a reciept, which along with another recipt has 34 quid worth of stuff on it... wonder how much of that I actually need :|

So anyway, I'll prolly not be updating my journal on Saturday, Sunday and most of Monday, most likely Tuesday, as I'll be knackered till then. Either way, I hope to have pictures (and preferably not any scratches!) from the trip to show. Though admittedly, if I do get scratches, I'll get a picture, heh.

Anyway, that's all for now.

I leave you with this gem though, from UKCB:

[pr3d4t0r6sic6] a/s/l people i from Iraq i must find my new wife so i can make relations inside you

As I said before... brilliant!

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