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Just a short update today. I've not actually updated my blog this weekend because I've been having issues with my wisdom tooth. I hope to write a blog update later today, though what I don't know. Anyway, going back to my teeth issues, I'm going to go back to the dentist over the next couple of weeks (although it'll take 4 weeks till I can register, and even then I'm not sure if I am) to get a few things sorted. I'm gonna be getting an appointment for oral surgery at some point as my two bottom wisdom teeth have to come out, but it's going to take 4 weeks before I get contacted! I'm most likely gonna have to stock up on some painkillers if the pain (which has been going on since Saturday evening) continues.

Silly me hasn't been to the dentist in over 10 years, seeing as it's too expensive to go after you're 16... at least in Ireland anyway. In the UK essential dentist work is free, although in Ireland it may be too. On Thursday, I'm going in to get a minor silver filling for my tooth and then 2 weeks from then, I'll be getting an appointment with the hygenist although something tells me I might want to consider talking to the dentist again about it as I may have mixed something up. Anyway, the sooner this tooth is out, the better :|

I've no idea what I'll be blogging about today though...
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Save for the summary of tweets, this has been getting no love recently. It's been around two months now since I updated again and I'm getting awfully bad at updating. Thankfully though, over the past few weeks or so, I'm starting to get things organised. I've started to become more regular with my blog entries (though less regular with here). I've pledged to update my blog every 2 weeks, meaning that I have a blog post to write in 3 days time now, which is crazy! The past almost two weeks have just flown by! Things are slowly taking shape, although I expect that it'll be next year by the time I'm fully sorted. My flat looks more organised than it was in the past. I'm also getting to the stage where my Warhammer stuff is starting to come togethwer quite nicely... it's only taken me, what, 8 months to get most of my stuff together? I do have more stuff to put together now, but I may just prioritise the stuff I don't have, leaving the other stuff for later as I have far too many troops now :|

My sites are slowly coming together, although I made a last-minute change with my DiggerCast podcast into a format that's reminiscent of the old one, though hopefully it'll mean a lot of stuff is easier to sort through. Other than that, I've not been up to much overall. I've sorted out the Xmas presents for my mum and sisters early for a change, although I also sorted out a mega present for my mum to cover her birthday, mothers day and Xmas. I did also bring her to a paranormal convention earlier this month, which she enjoyed. I also got a few books there, and got to meet Ciarán O'Keeffe and Steven Parsons, who both have been on Most Haunted. Ciarán, as many already would know is still on it. He's a really nice guy with a wicked sense of humour, as does Steven, as demonstrated by the presentation they did there (of which I've forgotten the name of!). I came off having more respect for Ciarán, and much less for MH as a result of talking to both Steven and Ciarán. I also got a few books, one of which was by Ciarán with Billy Roberts, called "The Great Paranormal Clash" and it's a really good read. I'm going to have to read it again as while I took a lot of it in, I'll take more in on the second time round.

I have 2 other books to read as well: "Real Irish Ghost Stories" by Paul Fennell (who I'm embarressed about not remembering at first, though I didn't see him for ages and he looked different) and "Going Home" by Colm Keane. I had attended Colm's talk and found it really interesting, as he was talking about Near-death experiences and Out-of-body experiences, which made me think about many aspects of my past. I'll go into more detail about that another time. More recently though, I've been feeling kinda mehish for many days over the past while, for some reason or another. I'm still slowly in the process of getting my life in order, as I mentioned before, so thankfully I'm going forward, however slow it is. I have one more thing that I need to do to consider getting my pressing life business out of the way, then I'm gonna look at redoing some of my websites, so they're easier to manage. TdN is nearly ready to be upgraded, since vBulletin is in the Beta stages, so it can't be too long before it goes into the RC stage.

In the meantime, I think I'm gonna play some more Guild Wars and Imperium Galactica. I'm going to try to update this more often, because the longer I leave it, the more I forget to write about. At least I have my tweets to keep things going on with me somewhat up to date. It's not perfect, but sure, what is these days?
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It's been too long since I last updated... I keep on meaning to update, but lately I've been busy with trying to get back to university and going out more often than usual.  As you may have seen from my tweets, I got myself a Wii and a new TV, though the first one I bought broke.  The second one is doing pretty well, so it must have just been the once-off.  Regardless, I did purchase a 3 year guarantee, as it seemed to make sense.  My finances are starting to get properly sorted out, which takes a load off my mind.  University is being a pain right now, as I got failed off the programme, despite going through the correct procedure to have an interruption, or more than likely a deferral.  Unfortunately, there's no record of me doing so, despite me remembering stuff and obviously doing things properly, so I could actually come back!  This unfortunately means I'm going to have to spend a lot of time trying to get back my chance and also my money, or rather as much of it that I can get back.

I am looking at going to another college/university as a result now, and the one that presently takes my fancy is Qantm College as it lets me get a Diploma ina year, and a BSc. in 2.  Unfortunately for me, I can only study a Diploma or BSc. now, as my current qualification of a CertHE is classed as Level 4, and any other courses that interest me are either L2 or L3, so I'd be declined on the basis of being past what I can be taught.  As for getting back to my certificate standard, I worked out that if I retrain myself in Java and properly learn Flash, I'll be back up to what I got my CertHE for, given my games theory/design knowledge is solid; my hardware knowledge and graphics skills most likely meet the standard, seeing as Intro to GFX was just playing round with Photoshop and Illustrator anyway!  As for hardware, well... I can pretty much build a PC, plus maintain it and have a book and stuff, so I'm sure I'm fine for that.  My Project Management would be the main letdown, but I've not used it really so I would have forgotten most of it anyway.  Programming will be easy for me to pick up again, once I get myself through the basics, especially as I now have my stuff from UEL back, although my Java book has still not been returned... I must recover it soon.

Other than that, I got my laptop a Bluetooth dongle which I refer to as "nipple", seeing as it only sticks out a bit; it's seriously tiny!  I've hooled up my 3 main phones to it as well, and plan to hook up my Wiimote to it as well, to play around with the stuff that Johnny Chung Lee did and to see what I can do with it myself.  I also managed to score some of the glasses he recommended, although right now, I've misplaced them, doh!  I need to get 2 IR lights to replace the LEDs already in it though.  I'm just after looking at my G1, and it sent me a reminder about an event that I completely forgot about, go me.  Bit late to go now.  I do intend to go to one in January though, it's about adventure games development; it's called AdventureX.  I'll explain more about it closer to the date.  The G1 is a pretty nifty phone though, given it's linked to my main Google account, in addition to my Twitter.  I have a few site ideas that I vaguely alluded to on Stormkeeper dot Net, but I'll flesh them out over the coming months.  My main priority now however is to sort out Therians dot Net and Stormhaven Radio, which should be relatively simple affairs.

I've been out every day this week since last Thursday, which is rather weird for me.  I bought myself a 1-4 weekly travelcard, as I figured that I'd be out a lot this week and so far I've been right.  However, I'm more than likely staying on on Sunday, or I may go to the gym to finally start it, seeing as I signed up 2 months ago... only problem is that I imsplaced my membership card >.<

It's somewhere around here, I'm sure although I'm not sure of where  Next week, [ profile] rmadman will be coming to stay at mine for a couple of days.  I've actually been spending some time with him this week, namely Thursday and Friday.  I spent Saturday with a female friend of mine, and Sunday is going to be all mine... frankly, I need a day to myself!  One thing I did find interesting about the past month is the fact I've been going to bed quite early (2200-0100 usually), and getting up relatively early (0800-1100).  That said, this usually happens when Summer is ending, and Autumn is upon us.  I'm not looking forward to Winter on the basis that my house will be freezing and without fail, I get 2 bad colds which last 2 weeks each.  Last year they were together, excepting a 1-2 day break, which was not fun at all.  Luckily, this year I have a fair bit of credit for the gas accumulated, though I may just top up by another 30 quid just before Winter officially starts, so I have over 100, which I hope shall see me through till March, or whenever it warms up.  I'm gonna attempt to ration the heat better as well, which is a challenge in itself.

I also finally got a DSi, although it won't work with my passthrough card, so I'm naturally gonna keep my old DS, seeing as I can use it for homebrew stuff, as I want to develop some Wii and DS homebrew sometime, before putting it on WiiWare, although that'll be a year or so off.  Seeing as though I'm not expecting a lot of luck with Greenwich University, so I'm attempting Qantm College next year.  The best thing is that I can complete a BSc. in 2 years, or a DipHE in 1.  Because of my CertHE, I have to study for a Diploma or higher, so any courses I were to do now, would have to be higher than a CertHE.  I need to get my (Flash & Java) coding skills up to scratch in order to be back up to what I was at when I left UEL.  I'm still rather annoyed at the fact I got kicked off my programme, despite following proper procedure.  Of course, they wouldn't have any record of it, just to make life more difficult... shame really.  I was tanked up on meds, so at the time I couldn't do much about it... so now I have a mess to sort out regarding it.  I can't do anything now till the 12th of October though, which is about 2 weeks from now.  Other than that, I just have to take things as they come.  I really need to start doing up a CV though, oh and doing a bit of shopping.

I'll update more later.
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Last day in Ireland today, so I'm in the process of packing and getting ready.  At the rate I'm going now, I should be back home just before midnight.  I then get to plan for a trip to the Netherlands, yay!  Will update properly later, seeing as though interesting stuff always happens on my journeys over and back... which reminds me, I need to update my last post a bit more!
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Yet another update after so many weeks... I seem to have forgotten here almost!  To be fair though, I'm at least twittering which gets sent to here, so at least in a manner of speaking I'm still updating, although as for the 29th of June, it seems t have stopped for some reason, doh!  Anyway, I've kinda forgotten a lot of what happened the past few weeks, so I'll be typing it as I remember.  First of all, I've participated in my first paranormal investigation since May  although it has been many months since I did one, excepting those two.  This one was in the literal arse-end of Essex (near the Suffolk border), or as the station worker I spoke to put it, "The Wilderness".  I ended up having to wait nearly half an hour for a following train, due to the weather, and not knowing where exactly to go from the station a stop before!  No taxi came to the station after I arrived, so I waited for the train to come along.  I only ended up getting to the location because a kind local helped me out and gave me a lift, which I was grateful for.  Anyway, the event itself was pretty fun, even if it had to end early.  I got to meet some new people and make new friends.  Of course, it was raining pretty badly, so instead of getting a taxi to Colchester like I had planned, I ended up getting one all the way home at about 30 quid cheaper than what I was quoted for a taxi from a local firm here in Kent.

It was initially gonna be 114 quid (which I honestly didn't care about because it was wet and I was tired, so I'd have paid), but I managed to get it for 90 quid because I asked about the prices on the website.  Anyway, besides all that, I had a great time chatting to the driver about physics and learnt a bit, as well as rekindling my interest in it.  I want to try to get my maths up to a decent standard now, as well as learning basic physics, as they're still means to an end, which is to help me with programming or games design.  Asides from all that, I took my old digital camera apart... it used to work, but I don't think it does any more.  I'm not devastated per se, but it's not such a nice thing breaking something you knew worked, but hey, the internals were a bit difficult to sort out.  The other camera hopefully should be easier to sort out, but I did salvage an LCD screen which can be reused elsewhere, which is pretty cool.  Right now though, it's in bits on my desk... I may be able to salvage more components, but we'll have to see. 

I took my other camera apart and it looks a little hard to modify, so I'll need to see if I can adapt a tutorial, as I'm not willing to waste 35 quid >.>

I'll update some more later.
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I've gotten really bad at updating this lately, although I at least managed to get my blog off the ground, at long last!  I also managed to sort out a renewal of a podcast called the DiggerCast, which some of you may be aware of already.  I'm now back in London, and as you can see by the amount of tweets that have been summarised, I'm still very much alive; I just forget to post here every now and again.  Anyway, besides all that, things are slowly improving although I do have a few things to do.  A friend of mine will be coming over here soon, and I'll need to speak to her to find out what's going on with her.  There's about a week to go now until the Ghostbusters game will be released on the PS2 and PS3, along with ther movies themselves on Bluray, which should be exciting... I've been waiting for this game for months now!  I managed to get 2 games (Final Fantasy VII and Hexplore) working on my system, rwo games which are damn hard to get working on any system with Windows XP!  The solution?  Use Virtual PC 2004/2007 and install Windows 98 onto it.

The unfortunate thing about this and indeed any other methods that could be used to get said games working on an XP or Vista system are rather prohibitive to users that don't have the knowledge to pull such things off.  Essentially, what I'm trying to say is that they're too technical for many users.  The method I used requires the user to know how to install an operating system, whereas other methods require some patch installs, tweaking and installing of other stuff.  In terms of results, a Virtual Machine (VM) tends to get the best results.  The only catch is however, that the system is rather limited with its specs... at least the game runs though.  I wasn't totally sure it would, but I'm glad it did.

All I need to do now is get it playing decently. with a joypad.


May. 13th, 2009 12:52 pm
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So yeah, I decided to hang back a final day so I could make sure I brought everything listed back home.  Unfortunately, due to getting up over half an hour past 12pm, I'm unable to change my booking... which is a pain in the arse.  This essentially means I shelled out aboout 105 quid for one room... which I''mm nt happy about, but it does happen, sadly.

I supppose it's an excuse to stay here a bit longer to organise and take photos, although that's 55 quid I'll never see again :|
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As I wriite this, it's now my last day in Ireland till June. Trip went okay overall and Drogheda was fun, was nice to get into investigating again. I'm actually gonna be staying over in Chester for the night, and also during the day for a bit to explore, before heading off to Birmingham. Yes, there shall be photos involved! You mightn't get to see them for a while though >.>
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I noticed I haven't updated this in ages, so I figured I'd prolly update for the past 5 weeks!

Anyway, right now I'm in Ireland taking my first trip for 2 years, although I'll be going back around Wednesday as I've little to do after the weekend and also becaus eI lan on coming back in June, to participate in an investigation. I am doing well with my flat, but it needs cleaning up before I get an inspection of my flat on Monday the 18th. I have most of my clothes washed, between what I've done myself and send to the laundrette. I get to come home to dishes although I've done some already. I do also need to vaccum and put away the clothes I washed beforehand and also put my new table, parasol and chairs outside too.

I got myself a laptop a few days before I went to Ireland and along with the table set, I think I made some good purchasing decisions. I'm hoping to be able to use the table set to sit outdoors and enjoy the fresh air, and sometimes using my laptop. The laptop itself is pretty cool, if a bit big... it's a gaming laptop essentially, more powerful than my desktop, which is due for an upgrade eventually, but I won't be discussing that here.

I was supposed to start a course the day I've scheduled for the inspection which would have been changed, but there's no point now as the course isn't going on yet, due to funding issues. However, I'll be doing a few short courses in Customer Service, Conflict Resolution and other courses. The lappy and table set wasn't all I bought... I also got myself 200 quid's worth of CSI DVDs, Blackadder Complete and a Rowan Atkinson DVD.

While I'm over here though, I've plans to bring some of my stuff back. I'm bringing many of my games back over and also my MTG cards and Mechwarrior Dark Age models and stuff. I also plan to bring my Ghostbusters models over too, and a Warhammer LotR model I have, which I remember I have. This means I now have another LotR WH model to add to my collection, which is a good thing and saves me money, so I can't comnplain about that. I also saved some money by finding a copy of Gunman Chronicles and putting in the serial on Steam, which unlocked Half Life Platinum, which was something I planned to get anyway.

As I get only Euro prices at the moment, I estimate with what I got, I saved about 30 Euros which is nothing to sniff at as it means less stuff I have to pay for. And as it's Steam, it goes with me everywhere I go, without any weight! It's win-win! Anyway, other than that, not a lot has gone on up till today... I'm going out for a Chinese with my mum and her boyfriend in the next 40 mins, so I need to get ready in a bit, and tomorrow I'm going on an investigation for the first time in months! I have been invited to another outing that happens in June, but I haven't responded to that as I've been organising stuff to see if I can make it, which seems likely given I don't have a course to do now!

Some other things I need to get around to would be upload some photos on Flickr and sort out my websites... makes a change I'm organised for once!
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God, it's been weeks since I posted! I'm getting rather forgetful in my old age, aren't I? Heh, in approximately 10 minutes, I hit 26, or to be more exact, 2 hours and 7 minutes. Anyway, as anyone who was following me has no doubt noticed, I am indeed alive, as people on Twitter would no doubt know, although seeing as I get my tweets sent here too, there's at least some form of update to here, however small.

Anyway, I've been okay, having my ups and downs as per usual, and I've also been setting up some websites, or restoring them after the huge issue I had with my server being used in a BotNet, doh! I've updated Stormkeeper dot Net to be a blog, although it will also retain elements of my old site, such as the voice samples section, although I'll embed it within Wordpress this time, to make it cleaner overall, and less hassle as well. I have plans for my website Therians dot Net too, which I don't think I've mentioned on here yet. I also have been working on the new Stormhaven Radio website too, which is starting to take shape. I'll go into more detail with the websites in another post, as I really want to bring things as up to date as possible. It's gonna be a big update sooo....

Time to have a cut! )

Well, that's that, although surprisingly, I didn't have as much to say as I thought, damn my memory!
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Jaysus, so many tweets!  At least it means I use my LJ to keep somewhat up to date!  I'll post up some more complete entries later on.

Right so...

Jan. 1st, 2009 04:41 am
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First post of the year, though I have to backdate a post to tie up some loose ends regarding 2008, but for the most part things began on a good note.  I'm now talking to a lady friend of mine again, which was an immense relief, and I'm slowly starting to sort my flat out.  I finally got the network drive sorted, which is rather handy, though I have yet to sort out all the music on it, but I will eventually.  I also managed to buy a set of 2 phones, seeing as my plan to buy another phone like I have in my room failed miserably.  I had to go to Tesco to sort that out though, which is a fair distance from here.  And between Asda and Tescos, I spent a fair bit... at least I restocked my fridge though, and got some replacement clothes... including a shirt that I think will go well with my eyes.  No, I'm not gay, just erm... shut up!

Anyway, I'm hoping to have the flat sorted this year, along with financial stuff, though now I have to backlog events of the past 20 days, which won't be easy... it's kinda why this entry is kinda sparse, trying to not refer to anything from the past 3 weeks, excepting some stuff that won't be mentioned in said backdate.

But yeah, I'll have more to say over the coming days, or so I hope.

Watch this space.
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Yeah, I surprised even myself, but I need to go to the bank before I have to leave with the support worker (not my usual one, so no 'my') to go and sort out benefit stuff in Erith.  After that, I'll be seeing what else I can do, though I may pay a few friends on the other side of London a visit, even if it takes a couple of hours... it does get me out of the house.  I was down that way a couple of days ago, as I was going to pick up a lady friend from Heathrow, but she didn't end up showing, due to family issues, though she should be here within the next couple of days.  I was rather relieved that she didn't show up at Heathrow to be honest, as I was making myself very anxious, as I didn't know what plane she was catching, and I was also afraid I'd miss her!  I ended up getting sent an email about the time I was leaving which I only read when I reached Heathrow.  I could have read it sooner, I suppose, but then I wouldn't have gone alone to Wimbledon and explored the Common, and then went on the Tramlink for the first time.

It was quite cool, I had to admit... much cooler than the Luas in Dublin for some reason... it felt like I was on a proper train, almost... suppose it would be like being on the DLR, except a smaller vehicle and a driver.  I did manage to find a Forbidden Planet too, when passing through Croydon, so that warrents another visit, to indulge in my geekiness, albeit only browsing.  Still, it'll be nice to see what the Croydon Branch has compared to the Dublin Branch I've been to.  I'm departing for Ireland in about... 9 days, as I want to leave on the Saturday, so I can rest on Sunday, then start my week by, er... doing stuff.  Fuck knows what I'll do in Ireland though... I'm sure I'll think of something though the Xmas Tri-day should be a little more interesting.  Will get to see my nan and mum, as well as my sisters before.  As for NYE, I'll be in a nice tux and rining in the new year at Charleville Castle, as a steward.

Anyway, due to the fact I've very little in the way of savings, I may no longer be able to afford support, which sucks.  I might have to face facts in that regard, though I am searching out alternatives.  Frankly, it sucks.  I have plans to do part-buy, part-rent at some point, and I'm going through the motions at present, though it's taking so bloody long!  Either way, I need to budget more tightly and I do eventually want to move, seeing as it's a bitch to keep this place warm, and it's priced out of my range now, sadly.  Anyway, I have some pics I want to upload a bit later on, though I might have a quick GW session while I wait for the bank to open, seeing as I still need to form my guild.  What an exciting life I lead, huh?

I also need to start properly tagging my entries too, though I'm gonna wait till the new year.  I also need to transcribe my written entries as well, which will be so much fun.  I imagine that the 20th will be the last time I write an entry till the new year.. I'm thinking the 3rd, as that makes two whole weeks then.  I can go out for a drink with my mate Buttzy on the 27th, seeing as I'll only really be able to afford one night out on the tear.  I'm at least glad I can do IRC on my DS, and on my mobile.  I do need to get a flatscreen monitor though, for the other desktop, and eventually a lappy, so whenever I go to Ireland, I can do stuff properly, as while I love my DS, there's fuck-all I can do with it... at least I won't be freezing my arse off though, so thank fuck for small miracles :D  One thing I should also consider doing is getting another network enclosure for use at my Irish home, as my media backup, excepting the porn, which I doubt my mum will appriciate :P

Anyway, I'm gonna fix myself some grub, pop a pill and game :D
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Ahain just posting you to let you know I'm alive.  Unfortunately, due to some of the content of the update, I'm forced to make it friends-only.  I will say that I finally got my window fixed though, though my flat is still bloody cold!
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I'm still writing entries, though they're friends-only at the moment.  I hope to get a public one out there soon, with updates on all that I've been doing.
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Yes, I'm aware it has taken me over 3 weeks to update... sue me!

Anyway, the Leeds Festival has come and gone, nd unfortunately, I only managed to last one day, because of the torrential downpour and the cold I had to endure, with no break!  I also just found out that I'm not getting paid for the 12 hours, which sucks ass >.<  I'm not entirely confidant that I'll be reimbursed for my travel costs, 1/4 of which practically never got used :/  Anyway, I'm only just after sorting out my webserver, as it was down for 2 weeks, becuse it had issues that weren't easily fixed.  I'll be restoring my website soon, but not just yet, as I need to add a few new pages, such as a section for Guild Wars, which I started getting into 2 weeks ago, and the related "Another World" section, in other words means the likes of games, RPGs and the like, seprate from my normal writings, although I do plan to do some GW fanfic too, at some point.  As it stands, I have 3 characters t the moment:

Nikolai Shadowstorm, Ranger/Elementalist (L20+)
Fenix Avon, Assassin/Monk (L10)
Eiodilon Gray, Warrior (L4)

I also plan on having another Warrior, called Markus Blackwell, and a Necromancer, along with a few other characters although I'll mention them later, when I remember their names.  Asides from that, I'm rather happy to get everything up and running again, although, I'm pissed off that I have to restart my meds, as it's causing me a few minor issues, mainly with sleeping.  I'm also on medication for my nose too, which'll hopefully fix the problem I have with it.  I also need to do some more shopping, as I ran out of a few things, so w00t.  Spore and Guild Wars Complete will be out soon, and I can't wait... the Galactic edition looks rather fun... and I saw as well that Red Alert III is out soon too, dammit with all the good games coming out soon!

Not a lot else has happened, although I'm hoping to get the radio back up again soon, as well as all the websites I own.  I do need to sort out the domains, though.  So much to do, so little time.  Oh yes, almost forgot... I also topped up my GBA library, which was cool.  I got myself Metroid Zero, Metroid, Zelda 1 & 2 and Castlevania for 3 quid each.  I also got myself a few PS2 games; Fahrenheit, Bully and Tony Hawk's Project 8, to add to the other PS2 games I got (Kingdom Hearts II, FFXII, Ghosthunter, Grn Turismo 4 and Sega Classics), so I've been bolstering my game's library, w00t!
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Flat's finally getting more sorted, which I'm rather happy about.  Finally put my mirror up too, so less crap lying about.  I get to see the doctor tomorrow to enquire about counselling, seeing as I've a few issues I need to properly come to terms with.  I also found my mini-company diary entries, which I intend to put up on here, though I also need to remember to put my hand-written entries up here too, as it's a great way to keep them all in one place, and to see how far I've come.  In a few hours, it'll be another week before I start work again, which means I need to start doing some laundry tomorrow.  It's pretty cool being able to work again after so long, and I think it's gone a lot of the way to helping me feel better.

Anyway, there's not a lot else to say, so I'll stop here for now.
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Well, it's been almost a month since I posted!  Anyway, things are going fairly well at present.  For starters, I now have a job... although it's not a full-time one.  I'm working as a Security Officer around the country, which is cool. Did Portsmouth - Meet Your Navy (MYN) last weekend, and got to see some cool stuff, including the Red Arrows and got to make some new friends and meet people too :)  Asides from that, family came over for a few days and I got to go to the London Film & Comic Con (which is how I got to work at MYN).  I also got to meet Patrick Stewart (and attend a talk by him), Christopher Lloyd (first appearance at a comic con or the like - also got a pic of him in a DeLorean) and Udo Kier (who was Uri in Red Alert 2).  All in all, it was a good day, especially as I got autographs too - got Udo to sign my C&C First Decade manual, personalised and all ^.^

Was a good weekend, plus I got to meet someone from UKCB as well :D Anyway, I've decided to summarise everything up in this entry as I can't remember a lot at present.  My sunburn has healed, which is good.  I've also got electricity back, after 48 hours without it.  In that time, I got "aquainted with some old friends", via the medium of books, powered only by a wind-up torch... not like there was a lot else to do anyway.  I read Star Trek books in that time, and got through quite a few books, which was good.  At the moment, I have some issues regarding Paypal because someone tried to steal money out of my account, although it's thankfully fixed by now, which I'm happy about.  I decided to make sure that I relied a little less on electrcity, or making things more efficient, so I got myself a few bits and pieces, such as stick-up lightbulbs, which I need a few more of, among other things.  Also got myself a timer as well, so I can automatically cut things off, if I forget.  I also got myself a sandwich toaster.  Those stick-up lightbulbs are also 8 times cheaper in the pound shop than they are in  Woolworths, surprisingly!

Anyway, to finish off things, I'm working in Leeds at the end of this month, I finally got my freezer, the flat is looking great, and I'm getting help with putting stuff up... oh yeah, I finally have a proper toilet seat too!  One of my only regrets atm, is the fact that I haven't converted fully to rechargeable batteries, and I think for some things, I'll have to continue to rely on them.  Still, anything that helps reduce my dependence on electricity, or reduce its usage is a good thing, as it'll make my money last longer.  Either way, I need to start sorting out replacements for stuff, and buying new things too... namely food.  Also, I'm gonna be back on the Radio soon, although it may be a while, depends on if I can work out how to transmit, but in time we'll see...
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So yeah, it's been a couple weeks since I updated, and unfortunately for me, I've not updated in about 2-3 weeks. However, I have been doing quite a few things. First of all, I'm now getting support from Frank House, and the support worker assigned to me helped me send off my letter for DLA, by bringing it outside, as it had been lying in my flat for a week :| Additionally, she helped me by taking out bags of rubbish I had filled up - well at least I make sure I use them! I've been doing laundry as well, although my dishes have yet to be done. Anyway, I was gonna see the Doctor today, but I ended up feeling miserable, so I'm deciding to put it off till tomorrow, along with sending off another letter and picking up parcels from the Post Office bes ide Bexleyheath Rail Station.

Additionally, I intend to move my cardboard and paper downstairs, so it's ready for next week, and lastly, I need to both sort out my bank charges recovery and sort out the dishes. My NI number interview has been sorted, which is good, although I now have to wait 6-8 weeks for any correspondance. I've appealed the decision for my Incap. result, and now have to wait a while for that too. Other than that, I've been downloading many old games, and finally managed to locate a copy of Battlezone: The Red Odyssey!  In that time, I also managed to find Return Fire II, Diablo: Hellfire, C&C: Sole Survivor, Betrayal at Krondor and many others, all in ISO or downloadable format, so I'm well-chuffed.  Sadly though, if I knew the site I got them from existed sooner, I could have saved on getting Terra Nova, Vangers, Hexxplore and a couple of others, but hey, actual originals are good too!

Other than that, I've signed myself up to GameTrailers.Com, and I'm placing a gaming/games industry blog on there, in an attempt to earn Game Trailers Dollars, so I can buy stuff.  I'm not that far from making L1, although I need to make L5 vefore I can buy stuff, so I've got a long road ahead there.  Either way, I'll be keeping my gaming rants to elsewhere now, aren't you lucky? ;)  Anyway, I've also been appriciating a webby award-winning series called Drawn by Pain, which pretty much had me gripped for the entire day.  I did also watch Videogame Theater (sic) and Unforgotten Realms along with the latest episode of Zero Punctuation, all available on the Escapist Magazine.  All that might seem like a blatant string of promotions, but in fairness, I'm just pimping them out because I enjoyed them.  And imagine that, it was my critique on a video that set me off!

At this moment in time, I'm sat looking at a 13 part retrospactive on the Final Fantasy series.  I did see 3/6 for a similar feature on Star Wars too, but I should most likely finish the rest off for the same of completeness, and more GT$.

Anyway, I'm gonna stop here for now, so I can finish it all off, then make plans for later on today... I should remember to call the doctor too while I'm at it.

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