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So yeah, I'm getting bad at updating this, lol.  8 days without an update now, heh.  Anyway, for nte most part, I forgot everything that happened between Tuesday and Thursday, except for the fact I found out that Nisa were having a special on shower gel for a quid, which is good.  Friday was much more interesting, especially with Drunk Friday.  I found out that someone stole my 2 pear Kopparbergs, so had to go to Wetherspoons and got more, although it turned out to be the best thing ever to do because  I got talking to a guy, and he informed me about a possible job opportunity at a computer shop in Eltham, which was cool.  After that, i headed home and drank my Kopparbergs and generally got tipsy and had a laugh on Drunk Friday, giving my flatmate one, though I shouldn't have, heh.

Anyway. I'm fed up having my food nicked, so I decided that I'm going to move most, if not all my food into my room, and talk to my cousin about putting cat food into my cupboard, with note saying that I've decided to start eating it because it won't get stolen then!  This is a variation of my cousin offering to buy me dog food and doing a similar thing, although I think cat food is better because then I can donate it to the local cat shelter when I'm done with it.  Anyway, today I'm going to go and do stuff, like go and sort out UEL, do some more shopping, do some laundry and other bits and bobs that I need to get done.

I'm gonna have an "early night", given I usually go to bed at about 7-8am at the moment... will finish off that outstanding entry later.
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So yeah, a fair bit has happened in the past while... I went to counselling which got off to a good start.  We talked about everything under the sun, pretty much, including the paranormal, and I'm happy to say I'm gald the ball is rolling now, and I'll think it'll go pretty well, although as I've done it before, it'll be easier to properly get into it.  Anyway, not really a hell of a lot to say, although I'm moving flats on Monday, to Aragon Court.  If I'm lucky, I may ahve the same room I'll be residing in, so I won't have to move, though is that a lot to ask, I have to wonder.  Also, my flatmate and I will be doing the kitchen later on today (which I had to leave in a hurry because of the bad smell of one of the unwashed pans - which nearly made me sick!), if not this week plus I'm eating all the food I have so there's less to bring over when I move.  Its raining over here at present, although it seems to be on and off, but it's nothing compared to the flooding up north to be honest.  I've got something funny to share later, but in the interests of keeping the flow, I'm in the process of organising things a bit better... I'm taking the slimline cases from magzine cover discs and I'm shoving them into a CD wallet, so I can downsize the footprints of what my games take up... I'm trying to put 2 games from the same label together where possible, though this may end up taking a bit to fully sort... although things are coming along quite nicely.  It's probably just as well I'm starting now as it may take me a few days to get all this stuff sorted.  Other than that, I intend to go to the camera person tomorrow to get stuff sorted out, so I can get that loose end tied. 

On Monday, aftter I've moved... or rather Tuesday after counselling, I intend to nip over to the shop to do some replacement of foodage, and maybe looking at ways to lessen my load.  I'm thinking of selling off my monitor for starters and getting an LCD one, which I think would help muchly...

Other than that, I have this funny thing to show:

[00:02:13] <Spoofy> FSRadio: what do you think about God?
[00:02:17] <FSRadio> Spoofy: Cats are very intelligent, independent and yet very loving and friendly.
[00:02:27] <Spoofy> FSRadio: I asked about God, not cats.
[00:02:31] <FSRadio> Spoofy: Oh yeah, we were talking about God not cats.
[00:02:35] <Stormkeeper> lol
[00:04:05] <Stormkeeper> FSRadio: What do you think about dogs?
[00:04:09] <FSRadio> Stormkeeper: Cats are very intelligent, independent and yet very loving and friendly.
[00:04:18] <Spoofy> FSRadio: Stormkeeper asked about Dogs!
[00:04:45] <Stormkeeper> Okay, so not only does FSRadio think cats are dogs, it's dyslexic too... brilliant.
[00:05:00] <Stormkeeper> FSRadio: What do you think about cats?
[00:05:07] <FSRadio> Stormkeeper: Cats are very intelligent, independent and yet very loving and friendly.
[00:05:15] <Stormkeeper> FSRadio: What do you think about birds?
[00:05:18] <FSRadio> Stormkeeper: Cats are very intelligent, independent and yet very loving and friendly.
[00:05:25] <Stormkeeper> FSRadio: What do you think about sex?
[00:05:29] <FSRadio> Stormkeeper: No. Are you gay?.
[00:05:37] <Stormkeeper> FSRadio: No, I'm not :|
[00:05:41] <FSRadio> Stormkeeper: | FSRadio: I heard you are. You're sure about that?
[00:05:49] <Spoofy> what?
[00:05:50] <Stormkeeper> Cheeky fucker!
[00:06:08] <Stormkeeper> FSRadio: No, I'm bloody-well not gay :|
[00:06:14] <FSRadio> Stormkeeper: | FSRadio: Really? Me either.
[00:06:21] <Spoofy> haha
[00:06:23] <Stormkeeper> FSRadio: But you said I was gay!
[00:06:29] <FSRadio> Stormkeeper: Don't put words in my mouth.
[00:06:35] <Stormkeeper> ...
[00:06:49] <Spoofy> lol

So yeah, I got called 'gay' by a piece of software and then it denied doing it... cheeky fucker!

But that's it for now...
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...the fact that I can carry on a random conversation about nothing:

<KyaraNAK> stupid naked fudge monkeys!
<Storm-KsH> Mmm... fudge
<KyaraNAK> why isn't she sleeping
<Thrawn> how would a fudge monkey be naked?
<KyaraNAK> it just IS
<Thrawn> is it supposed to be otherwise?
<Thrawn> I guess it depends on the fashion culture of fudge monkeys, whether it is socially unacceptable for the fudge monkey to be naked in the first place or not
<Storm-KsH> True

And there you have it... fudge monkeys.
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and won. ^_^

After half a fucking hour! At least I know how to open a Fray Bentos type tin now... >_>

Mmm.... pie.


D/i/v/i\d\e\d says:
Soo, I shall have pie.
Comfort me... says:
Mmmm - Eat that pie good ^.~
D/i/v/i\d\e\d says:
I shall evascerate* it and devour its entrails with ardant** fervor!
Comfort me... tilts head.
Comfort me... says:
I swear - You use big words just to confuse me, hahah.
D/i/v/i\d\e\d says:
I don't even know what it really means... it just sounds cool


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