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Before I post my most up to date entry, along with finishing off that other entry from my last Ireland trip, I'm just mentioning I've set up a proper spiritual and dream journal which will deal with these topics in more detail, keeping in mind that I'm going to start up a new paranormal community while shutting down the old one... I also will be transferring my old Nikolas Rashino(v) entries to my spiritual journal and closing that one off, perhaps reserving it for Vampire: The Masquerade fan fiction or any other fiction for thatmatter, although I'd be better off using my FictionPress and FanFiction accounts for that, same username by the way.

Anyway, that's it for now.  Either way, it's time to close some old chapters and start some new.  The old entries will be transferred to the newer journals, while I reduce the amount of accounts I need to manage, to the extent that my former lyrics journal will be closed down, right after I add all the entries from it.  After that, my old entries from that journal will be moved over, so I can close that down as well and consolidate everything into one place for my personal ramblings, of course I'll need to finish off today's entry, and the entry from my last Ireland trip as well first, and after that I'll be transcribing my written entries to this journal, along with my 2001 work experience diary entries, which will be taggeed under "work experience 2001", and I get ever closer to chroniclling (sp?) my life, woohoo.

Sadly, I'll never be able to recover my first proper entry from 1998, or whenever... though I recall it being about my Xmas presents of that year.  All the same though, the fact I have any journal entries from pre-2003 is good at all, although admittedly, there's no entries to complement the 2002 one I started in uJournal, or maybe there is, not sure yet...

Either way, I have much stuff to do!
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Okay first of all I slept in till 7pm and missed counselling at 12pm, oops.  Not only that, people who I haven't seen in ages (someone from UKCB - couple months, someone from Uni - same period and someone I haven't seen in years!) all messaged me while I was asleep!  Was raining too, typical.  Anyway, I got in contact with my Uni friend and we discussed academic matters and how we're retaking the year, and we'll pass because we're so hardcore!  Anyway, I'm currently talking to the person I haven't seen in years, we're playing catch-up at the moment.  I just found out she's working a paper round, but gets the equivelent of about 500 Pounds Sterling a month, for 2 hours a day (4am-6am), 7 days a week, 365 days a year, which is not too shabby at all.  On the myspace side, someone is after contacting me asking if I was me, well sorta.  She was asking if I went under my surname, which I no longer go under as of 10 years ago.  Anyway, I messaged her back explaining I reverted to my proper name and gave a short history of when I moved to London and that I lived in Naas up till then.

I'll need to organise myself so I can do shopping tomorrow but I need to find paper ASAP.
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I can't believe it's been about 4 days since I last wrote an entry, but then I realised that not all that much is going on.  Either way, I never got my coursework in for Monday because I couldn't logon to my student intranet, and it was out of hours, so no one could help me.  Yet oddly, Monday was the best day I've had in months.  Can hardly believe that it's Thursday now though.  Have to go later on today to sort out my uni stuff, and it seems that noise disruption thing may have been a mistake, which is good... one less worry.  And on the subject of university, I've been seriously considering that break, though someone asked me if I would go back?  Well, see I would like to, but who knows what'll happen?  On the subject of education and moving on and such, I found out that my old college Roslyn Park now do a Programming & Games Design course, only thing is though that asides from the Games DEsign module, it's exactly the same as what I did there!  Oh well, at least it's a step in the right direction.

Coincidentally, I joined up with the ffshrinwe IRC channel, and a really funny link was posted here.  Back on track to more current things, it's now 2 & 3 days left.  I got a birthday card from my aunt, uncle and cousins, as well as my 3V card thingy... first proper post in ages!

Anyway, I'm gonna either play a bit of C&C Tiberiam Wars (Demo), or go to bed as nothing else is happening at the moment.

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