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Well, I don't believe it... I managed to get my PC to work!  The problem was space issues... which was totally bizarre!

Anyway, these past few days have been spent resting, and I never went on the investigation unfortunately because of lack of people, and the past few days have been quiet, which makes a nice change.  Anyway, tis mum's birthday tomorrow, and this week it's also my mate Buttzy's birthday, and I'll be going out for that.  Also plan on going out to Northern Ireland for one day, seeing as I promised someone I'd be in Naass over Xmas, but I wasn't.  Anyway, I'm going back on Saturday now to cater for this and this is the only trip I'll prolly be making.  I plan on seeing other people (excepting Buttzy) in December, although I could swing it so that I see Finny on Friday for a quick catchup... so maybe I can get this to work out after all... but we'll see.  I'll give him a call though.  Mum is away on the weekend, meaning I'll have to get myself up on Saturday, and be at Connolly for 9:30am >.>

Anyway, I'll need to start preparing for tomorrow (it is Wednesday!) later on...
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Been 4 days since I've written stuff now, go figure.  Today is Monday, the last day I have to do stuff for PDP, although I'm pleasantly surprised to find that I only have 3 bits of work to upload, means less of a drag.  I could prolly get one done in about a few minutes, with another in about half an hour, but I need to do up a CV for the last of them, which I haven't got, or maybe I do... dunno.  Also need to do a covering letter, which should be easy enough... or so I hope.  Moving on, I've now seen Alien and Alien Resurrection (fully) so I think I've seen all of them, although I only saw the Director's Cut of Alien, and the Special Edition of Resurrection, and I'm looking at the SE of Aliens atm, as I only seen the original, so here's hoping I'll see some new stuff.  Anyway, I finally got my laundry done, and mum and sisters are back in Ireland too, I got to show them around Greenwich, where we spent 5 hours, surprisingly!  Although that said, I love Greenwich, and there is plenty to do there, so it's not too surprising.  We were gonna go to Westminster but on the day we were gonna do that (Friday), I was told that they wanted to go to Tower instead (doh!), which we did do, nice trip as well, but sadly the Tower of London closed, so we went back home; me to Eltham, them to Brighton.

Other than that, I've been up to fuck-all, tomorrow I'm gonna sort my laundry drying-wise, and finish off my shopping, and top up my oyster, but for now, I'm gonna do my PDP stuff, then later I'll finally finish that entry off >.>
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Well, here I am, albeit in a very laggy state.  I figured that today I should post, lag or not, given I will end up forgetting what I'm going to post.  Anyway, on Saturday... Saturday?  Sorry, Friday!  So, on Friday I went out to Eltham, seeing as I had some time to spare, given I missed my metting at 12pm, so I mooched around town (and in a few shops) for a bit (and got a "free" bus trip, although not really, given I had to buy a 1-4 travelpass), and managed to find a copy of Total Annihilation (TA) for 50p in a Scope shop!  Which was a bragain, until I realised one of the CDs from TA was missing, but at least I got the Core Contingancy, which goes for 26 quid on eBay, so it's not all bad.  I can get Battle Tactics and the original TA from eBay cheap enough, which is good.  The CDs are in good condition too, which is great.  Anyway, why do I want such an old game?  Well, to tell you the truth, playing Supreme Commander had me hankering for the good old days of TA, as although SupC (SC is taken by StarCraft) is a really good game (and was done by the same person), it doesn't have some features of it, which I missed.  Although that said, there are many similar features.

Anyway, moving swiftly on... I ended up being in Greenwich Uni. for about 13:45, so I decided to go to the labs, and prat about on eBay for a bit.  In the process, I found out that my password expired and needed to be changed, hence why I couldn't log in... damn Windows.  Anyway, I changed it now, so everything is back to normal, which is good.  I got talking to a guy behind me who had the same name as me and was working on a game, so we got to chatting about games and old systems.  After that, I went to see Virginia (Uni Disability Advisor), and we chatted for a bit abour stuff and my academic stuff... she was dreading hearing about the fact I was behind by 3 courseworks!  Thankfully, I'm still under EC for one, kinda hope I have enough time to submit it as well!  Anyway, we ended up having a chat about everything under the sun as usual, found out that Spooks was being filmed on campus, which was cool, although I didn't see much.  In case you didn't know, the University is used as a place for filming sometimes.  Anyway, moving swiftly on, I had to meet up with my mum... I was first gonna meet her at Stratford, at the DLR platform, but then I realised I should be getting her to go to the Jubilee Line platform to save her a trip, and then I realised I should get her to meet me at Canning Town, to save me going back on myself.

Anyway, we got to East India, and eventually found the hotel, which was pretty nice for a Travelodge... anyway, we went to Tottenham Court Road station and got there in plenty of time.  We had a bit of trouble finding the Astoria, though it was no trouble to find the Dominion at all, though the Astoria is kind of opposite in a sense.  Anyway, we took the subway (underground walkway) and went out the other exit and queued up, after being told we needed to go in through another door.  At one point, it seemed like I was the youngest attending, but later that ceased to be the case.  Either way, we got searched as we went in, for cameras I think, although strangely enough, lots of people brought their cameras, so I was gutted that I didn't bring mine... although I did take a few vids and pics on my phone which I may upload later.  Anyway, TD started a few minutes late, and I agree with my mum... they're the same live as they are on CD, although the only difference here is that TD get more of the money compared to CDs, as we all know the publishers and the MAFIAA/BPI get a lot of the money from CDs.  But hey, she's happy, and I'm in there for "best son ever", and she enjoyed it muchly.  Personally speaking though, between getting tired (standing for a while doesn't agree with me atm :|) and not being as interested in the new stuff overall, (although the guy singing was good, as were some of the songs) I seemed a bit uninterested, although I wasn't.

I did enjoy the older stuff more, although I thought a few things, or my mum did and I agreed (may be a few repeats):

  • Tangerine Dream is much better listening to sitting back, eyes closed and relaxed.

  • You cannot dance to them, despite what those two mad wans thought.

  • However, you can't help but tap your feet to some of their more upbeat songs.

  • They're the same live as they are on CD, though whether this is a good or bad thing is a matter of opinion.

  • They seem to have a large male following, seriously.  When mum pointed it out, I started to notice how few females there were!

  • Those that listen to TD are generally much more intelligent and open-minded on average.

  • When they did House of the Rising Sun, it was pretty damn cool.

  • You can feel the vibrations of the music while it was playing.

  • TD aren't as original as they once were, which may be why their new stuff didn't interest me so much.  I can only hope they do a Mike Oldfield and go back to the classic stuff, rather than doing a Jean Michel Jarre and trying to be modern.

  • The crowd much preferred the classic stuff compared to the new stuff.

  • And lastly, my mum got the impression that the Astoria was a place for gay people to go, and of course, this isn't the first time I've been involved in that sort of realisation - Manchester anyone?  I wouldn't mind checking the place out one night, mind... even if I'm not gay.

Anyway, it finished at about 21:30, and we nipped into Virgin to mooch around, where mum got 3 TD CDs she hadn't got (I'll rip them later, hehe), and I found out that I could have gotten some games for £10 cheaper in Virgin, rather than going to GAME, heh... live and learn.  Anyway, after that, we went looking for some grub.  Eventually found a place in Canary Wharf, after walking to there from Westferry, and having a mooch around - nice place Docklands is.  Anyway,  we went into the station because I couldn't find away into the shopping complex bit.  I spotted a Burger King upstairs (Canary Wharf has a shopping centre bit) and me being the quick thinking person I am used the DLR stopped at the platform to cross... not once, but twice, and with my amused and bemused mother in tow!  It certainly beats taking the long way round where I could have gotten lost!  Either way, I spent nearly 9 quid on a 3 Pepper Angus meal and Bacon Double Cheeseburger which was dinner, then after that I went to relieve myself, as you do of course, and I have to say, the toilets were a bit of an anti-climax.  Sure, you're prolly wondering what the fuck I am doing talking about toilets, but really, you'd be thinking the same as me if you walk up this fairly impressive-looking corridor only to find the toilets are dingy/manky yokes, and also a bit on the small side!

Anyway, enough about the bogs... after heading back to mum's Travelodge, and chilling for a bit, and reading the papers, I go to get the DLR, which I missed (schedule-wise) because I went up to the wrong place!  Luckily though, one was due a few minutes after.  Anyway, after determining where the stop I wanted was, I catch the 15 to Monument, and miss a bus going my way... hell, I even saw it depart, which was a pain, but I'm not about to risk my health for a sodding bus!  Anyway, I was able to breathe easy after getting on the good old N21, although there was a ruckus downstairs (only on the Night Bus!) which I was glad not to be anywhere near!  After all that though, I got in at 02:30, woke up at 09:30, found my internet was laggy as fuck, so played SupC for a bit and went back to bed, getting up at 19:30-odd, oops.  Either way, at least I got a decent sleep.  Saturday was a bit of a blur, mind.  All i remember was trying some baklawa which my flatmate Mohammad brought back from Birmingham, and then I gamed some more, till about 03:30, after which I go to bed and get back up at 06:55... and I've been up ever since, trying to deal with my myspace, Facebook and Tagged, and all are added now.  I also need to do my laundry at some point, though I have plenty of time for that, although no Asda trip for me as I haven't the money.  I did have a quasi-fryup though... I had fun microwaving rashers and cooking sausages in the oven, as well as nuking baked beans and having a few glasses of milk and OJ... I do think that's the "healthiest" breakfast I've had in a while, what with 2 intakes of fruit, some carbohydrates, lots of calcium, and a fair bit of protein, and for once, I'm actually not all that hungry either, although I may have a sausage and bacon thingy  later on... nice to know I can microwave bacon, as that cuts a fair bit of fat out, apart from on the rind, but ah well.

Anyway, I'm about to start on a PHP project, doing a website for a simming org I'm a part of, although I'm after checking for exams, and on the 8th of May, I have an exam in Systems Building, which earns an "Oh bollocks!" from me, then abut a week later, I have two more exams... fucking brilliant.  Then, to top it all off, I have those fucking resits to worry about! *sigh*  I have no idea how I'm going to cope with things at this rate, and this damnable lag isn't helping matters because I can't do a thing till it's sorted!

Coincidentally, I may wait till Monday to post this, if it doesn't work out :|
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You guys must have thought I have ran off or something, lol

But no, I'm alive and (somewhat) well.  Just had to deal with a debt collection agency a few minutes ago, because a payment I made on my card never went through, go figure.  Anyway, it's all done now and I no longer have to worry, which is good.  Either way, I wished the book company accepted Solo (figures the debt collectors do!) - I could have paid it off ages ago, and without it being full price!  Anyway, I'm back home from the investigation over the weeend, and at present, I can't remember anything between my last... oh, it's coming back to me now, go figure.  Okay, what happened between those "missing days" was pretty much working on that report, which I did right before I was due to go, or rather I did it right up till 4am, slept in till 07:00 (about when I was due to leave!), then scrambled to get ready to go... luckily enough, after all that, I managed to get in only 20 minutes (1h 40m) shy of the 2 hour requirement, which wasn't bad!

Anyway, after that it was pretty much plain sailing, save for the fact I had to wait for a bus in the cold, and have a bus driver make me feel a little stupid (wanker!), called up my friend as well, he was happy to hear from me.  Got into Naas fairly late, met up with my mum and sister, after which we went to the Capri, then off to Superquinn (which reminds me, I'll need to buy some food tomorrow - too tired today) and then off to a place to find a wireless network card.  The shop I initially went to didn't seem to have them, so I went to the place across the road, which was closed for a few minutes break.  I met the principal of my old primary school, and had a quick chat with her, she's retired now which came as a bit of a surprise.  Seems that times are a-changing indeed!  Anyway, my mum told me they had a network card, which I bought... nearly forgot to bring it with me as well, till the chap at the counter said something!  At this point, I headed home, along the new bridge built, which is quite nifty, I have to say.  The place has really changed a fair bit!  My sister was convinced she'd have made it for the 17:45 bus, when it was 17:20, but both my mum and I said she wouldn't.  And you know what?  We were right!  Takes half an hour to get to town, and with all the getting ready... well, you get the idea.

Anyway, cue various actions including sisters getting ready, doting over two kittens, resting and other fun things.  Anyway, after my two darling little siters were gone, I pretty much chilled and stuff, before having an early night, though the idea was to take a nap for an hour, so I could do some PDP uploads, which I have yet to do... I must have been knackered though!  Got up at 07:00, and set up the wireless, but due to lack of mouse, it was hard to get stuff done, but I did do it.  Mostly stuck with the lappy, mind... which I'll eventually be getting one of myself.  Anyway, fast forward, and I got so fed up with the Eircom router being so crap, I went to PC World with mum and got a new one, because it was better.  Anyhow, it took me 45 minutes to get the password to connect to the internet (which I later found online), seeing as the guy wasn't Irish or English... it was crazy.  I just wanted the password to get on, and he goes on about the router!  The router was fine.  Admittedly, I finally connected the router to the internet, but then the laptop wouldn't connect... there was an issue on the router itself, but it's fixed now, so it's all good.  Anyway, this was all after the investigation I went on, photos of which will be up soon.  I picked up on a few things as well, which was cool.

Anyway, fast forwarding through everything, I had to rush to the bus stop to catch my bus.  I couldn't get the airport one, so had to get the normal one, with a change at O'Connell Street.  Managed to make it in on time too, which was grand.  Anyway, I joined the wrong queue, so had to go to the back of the other one, because yu now have to pay for priority access.  I remember reading about how Michael O'Leary views himself as Roblin Hood, though a politician considered him to be more like Al Capone.  I dunno which one to agree with, really.  I mean, in fairness, he did bring low fare airlines to the masses, but at the same time, he's charging us an arm and a leg for it, as well as giving people as little money as poss, as well as hiring foreigners coz they'll work for peanuts.  That's just scrping the surface.  Unfortunately though, I can't afford anyone else.

But enough of that mini-rant.  Fast forward to getting back into London, as really, there was nothing out of the ordinary getting back to there, even the bus from Stratford to Lewisham (108) was uneventful, or relatively so, was talking to a guy who works for the Underground.  Anyway, after waiting a while for the N21 to come along I hopped on and began the relatively short trek home.... only it wasn't working like that (does it ever?)!  I pretty much blinked and missed my stop, meaning I had to walk over a mile back to my flat, yay.  I got back in the end, but not without learning that Blackfen is in Kent first, though I wish I could do it at a more leisurely pace, but ah well.  I eventually got home though, but not without feeling knackered, and that was the same time I got the debt collector's letter, which is sorted now.

Which brings me right up to now, of which I've done nothing at all, never went into class today either!  I'm resting my poor legs, in the hope I can make it in tomorrow, though it figures that I missed my CCS stuf, but oh well, I'll catch up over the next while, as let's face it, March comes soon.  Either way, I need to rest up, knuckle down and organise everything!

And that's pretty much that.  Oh yeah, the report got put in, with 5 minutes to spare, had 50 pages in the report, compared to the rest, who had about 1/3 or 1/4 of that!  At least we showed that we put some work in, despite our team going from 6 to 4!  Either way, I hope we pass, as the less I have to resit, the better.

Edit: I almost forgot, a friend of mine texted me to say she was in Blackheath, though I got the text some 12 hours later, which made me have a "dammit!" moment in the car.  Interestingly enough, she's been thinking about studying at Greenwich, as she's asked me about what it's like there.  She's looking at doing Forensic Science (my mum and I think it's cool), which she mentioned in an earlier text.  She'll be writing to me as well, seeing as she can't get online so much these days, so I need to start remembering how to write letters, and if she's reading this, be it now or at some point... now you know that my letter writing skills are crap, but I'll give it a shot all the same.

Lastly, I forgot to mention I'm able to hear ultrasonic sounds, as I heard my mum's bug repellant thingy which was interesting.  Apparantly though, Aspies can hear into ultrasonic sound ranges, so I'm not very surprised...
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So, it's been nearly a week since I posted last. Exactly one week till my mum gets here, and one day since my last coursework deadline passed. Unfornately, I missed the extenuation meeting by about 30 minutes, and the guy at the desk literally shut down as I reached him, dammit! Anyway, come Monday I'll be submitting extenuation, like I planned it in the first place! I knew for a fact that I'd not make it in on Friday, given it was about 10 past 2 when I caught the bus, which got me there for 3, fine an hour and a half till the deadline. Then I had to go to the doctor's, then get back home, and organise the paperwork... left so damn late in the end, and was so stressed and rushed, that I didn't get there till 5! Ergh, at least I tried.

Anyway, I'm gonna be semi-vegetating all day today, organising my room a bit more, organising my shopping, and other stuff, before doing my coursework for Games Dev. I'll attempt the coursework for CompCommSys, but I think I may need to consider the fact that without the labs from the past while, I'm screwed and will have to retake in August. Considering it states 25 hours for a student up to date... now, granted I'm not 100% up to date, due to sickness, and skewed up organisation, I do know a fairt bit already, so while I may be up to date on some accounts, on others I'm a little behind. I am pretty sure I can catch up, mind.

Anyway, really not much else to say though, apart from the fact that from the 23rd till the 27th, I won;t be at home as I'll be in Dartford, then Brighton for Christmas, yay. Well, on the 23rd, or on the 22nd, I'll be showing my mum (who is coming over for Xmas) around my campus, and then we'll be hitting Bexleyheath and Greenwich to mooch around before heading out to Brighton, meaning I need to start on my laundry from tomorrow and have something ready for Friday, joy.

One thing I have to say is that I'm much, much happier where I live now, compared to where I Was before, but I think it's prolly because I like the university a lot more for startes, plus Greenwich has a nice vibe about it too, as does here... the lecturers actually care about what they're teaching, which helps me a lot!
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Moving preparations are going quite decently at present. I've made a reservation for a storage place, which I ppersonally went down to examine. The first one was a little on the small side, pretty much the size of a walk-in wardrobe! Long story short, I picked one that was much more spacious. I also have all the packing materials as well, which I got at half price, apart from bubble wrap and a marker, which I got separately. Geting there by bus was a trek and a half, though thankfully some ncie people on the bus pointed me in the right direction, still was a bugger crossing three main roads though! Anyway, I had to get a taxi back because I'd have never gotten the stuff back home by bus!

A hell of a lot of rambling! )

All I can do is wait, and cross that bridge when I come to it, much like everything else at the moment!

I also need to remember to book my flight over to London for a few days to do my interview for the Specials... but I need to get myself fit for them too; I ordered a CD which should help me with luck. Of course, sometime this week, doing my laundry wouldn't be a bad idea either!I need to remember to use up all the tokens as well!

Edit: I decided to put it under a cut, seeing as it took up an entire page.  Now why can't I do that when I write a story?

Edit 2: I get to write more, yay! Firefox is out now, yay! I had more to write about than I said, yay! I need to stop yaying.... booo!
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Well, I've accomplished something today, and that's doing my washing up of cutlery and stuff, woohoo. Also, I went to visit my nan in hospital a couple of days ago. She was happy to see me, and I was happy to see her :)

Not really much else to say, barring I missed out on two meetings today and yesterday and my delivery of Pools of Radience 2 hasn't arrived yet, damnit.

I'm so bad with time... lol

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