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I was roused from my sleep yesterday morning by the doorbell (after having a few bizarre dreams I barely remember, though I have to admit I seem to remember them a little more these days) by the dude charging up the meter for the flat, and again, it looks like no one is here.  Anyway, I have a lot of work to do, in order to get myself ready for Prime Time.  First things first though, internet will need to be restored, by the very thing I dismissed earlier; my mobile... and with good reason.  I'm on the cusp of the coverage area, so everything is slow or doesn't work, which sucks.  It's about the only thing I can do while I wake up and dry off from my shower, mind.  After this, I'll need to brush my teeth and head to residential to check stuff.  Amazing what a night's sleep makes you realise.  The unfortunate part is that I could have done this last night if I recalled, but no matter, it's done now.  Next is checking Residential and mail stuff.  My mobile internet isn't bad, for the record, just that I'm out of coverage, so it performs bad.  Anyway, lack of internets gives me time to get much-needed stuff done, like getting rid of crap from my room.  However, I'm gonna work on this till about 11:30, seeing as I have a fair bit to say about the past couple days, although I'll prolly update this entry later to expand it to cover the last entry, once I have worked out what dates I'm covering, but either way, the trip home was pretty good, although going towards Dun Laoghaire, I had a couple of mishaps.

First of all, after I got to Connolly Station, with 4 minutes to spare on my suggested schedule (this will be important later on), I missed my train, and I was on the platform and all!  The reason for this however was I forgot which direction I was supposed to be going.  This may sound silly now, bit both Bray and Howth have beaches and are along the coast, albeit in opposite directions.  However, I caught a train going direct to Dun Laoghaire, but because I was so stressed, I got off at Blackrock, which is 2-3 stops away!  Luckily for me, there was a DART going to Greystones in the next few minutes, or I'd have been screwed!  Anyway, I made it to Dun Laoghaire port in a reasonable amount of time, and check-in was grand, though it was a bit empty (and a bit scary) going to the ship, as I thought I had missed it!  Luckily for me, I had arrived in plenty of time (relatively speaking), so once I was on the ferry, I had nothing to worry about, so I hopped onto UKCB and FSIRC to check stuff, and on UKCB I had a friend of mine wondering what was wrong with me because I'd barely been on, response being my PC in Ireland was screwed, graphics card gave up the ghost on Thursday, though at least I got a few things done before that.  After all that, I sat around and did relatively little, until after the man sitting next to me went off.  A few minutes later, I got myself bruunch and headed back to my seat, where a few minutes later, the man opposite me returned (there was also a woman next to me reading, and earlier there was a Korean guy - I think - beside the man and opposite the woman, who was at a window seat) and then we started chatting, and he gave me some advice about having a positive attitude, and he mentioned about how he met his wife in Sussex (after I told him I was born there), in a place called Hailsham (if I recall), at a hospital party, which he found out about in Brighton.

Anyway, after finishing the story (which was a lovely one),  he shook my hand and left, then I started talking to the lady beside me.  Turns out it was her first time to Holyhead, and that she was from Enniskillen (sp?) in Northern Ireland.  Anyway, I had a chat with her for a bit, before she got her back off conveyer belt B, while mine arrived on A, go figure.  Anyhow, I got my bag and began to make it to the station, when I spotted a train straight to Euston from Holyhead, and decided to wait for that, as there was less faffing about, and as I found out, it'd save me about an hour getting home.  Admittedly though, once I got home, it wasn't all that good, to be honest.  As you know from the entry on the 21st, the place was practically abandoned, no washing was done, and someone stole the shelf from my room, and it was also completely dark... anyway, we all know what happened, so I'll just steam on, and mention that a lot of people have moved in on Saturday, including two girls, or a girl and a guy, not sure.  Either way, I didn't get up to much, and I just realised about that parcel too and what it was, was from eBay.  Saturday wasn't terribly active, and nor is Sunday, although I'll have a commissioning entry for my new spiritual, paranormal and dream journal, which has been created out of neccessity, although I can't explain for reasons here.

Moving onto Sunday though, I've started to organise my room some, and laundry has been put on the back burner till tomorrow now, considering I have no will to go out, although I may have to anyway for dinner.  And, if I can get myself out for about 8pm, I can do a single load of laundry, which is much-needed at this point!  Anyway, onto more trivial things now, and I've been scouring eBay for Planescape Torment and Star Trek Innerspace toys.  I also have plans to sell off Commandos, Unreal Tournament 2004, Die Hard 3 and Baldur's Gate II, once I find the manuals and CD and DVD for it, as they're all spare at the moment.  All I have for BG2 is the box and reference card, which is a start, but seriously isn't gonna make any money for me at the end of the day.

Anyway, today I'll have a few things to do, like laundry and shopping, and I also need to pop over to Uni to get stuff sorted... it never ends!  Either way, I hope this year, I don't have to worry about stolen food, and I never did get the money back from my former flatmate either.... and he had the cheek to ask me for my PS2 to borrow!  But yeah, with the new flatmates in, and as at least one is female, I don't walk around topless like I used to, and I imagine I can't pull off stuff I used to be able to in an all-male flat.  Either way, I need to organise my room some more, get stuff out of the way, and hope to god my parcel hasn't been shipped off to the USA, although it's possible that as I've been such a good resident, they may have kept it for me.  We'll see later on today though...
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you are darkmagenta

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Your saturation level is very high - you are all about getting things done. The world may think you work too hard but you have a lot to show for it, and it keeps you going. You shouldn't be afraid to lead people, because if you're doing it, it'll be done right.

Your outlook on life can be bright or dark, depending on the situation. You are flexible and see things objectively.
the html color quiz

you are violet

Your dominant hues are red and blue. You're confident and like showing people new ideas. You play well with others and can be very influential if you want to be.

Your saturation level is lower than average - You don't stress out over things and don't understand people who do. Finishing projects may sometimes be a challenge, but you schedule time as you see fit and the important things all happen in the end, even if not everyone sees your grand master plan.

Your outlook on life is bright. You see good things in situations where others may not be able to, and it frustrates you to see them get down on everything.
the html color quiz

Interesting my colours are red and blue... I've been turning more towards blue lately for some reason or other. I'm not sure how accurate these are at the moment, although my dark outlook on life may be fairly accurate.  Anyway, 2-3 more days till I have to worry about the uni accommodation and where I'll go, although uni is still rough for me.  Yet again, I've not gone in.  And the worrying thing is that I promised my mum that I'd be going in till the end of uni, and this is the last week! T_T   Dammit all!  I wish I knew what was wrong with me.  I mean at UEL in my first year, I had relatively few problems, save for getting the work in on time, and in fairness, I never knew that each campus had a different submission deadline, I mean fuck that!  Then there was Design Methods, which I hated with a passion!  Of course then there was Chris, who constantly undermined me while I was there, or at least in my first year.  I was pretty alright after the first semester (B Yr. 1), then I was still okay after semester A (Sem. B starter), but when I got into semester B of year 2, I started to lose faith in UEL.  Some people (particularly those who went to UEL, and one person in particular comes to mind - yes you!) will perhaps wonder how I had so much faith in UEL, perhaps, but it really is quite simple.

It was obviously the excitement of going to a university, and the newness of it all, though admittedly I had an edge of cynicism as well, to keep me from going crazy... I mean, there was quote a few good things about UEL, but at the same time, it started going downhill as well, there were some outrageous things going on there!  Of course, now I'm out of there, I'm happier, but I still am flopping about like a fish out of water and I dunno why.  I mean, the first semester was fine, but then in the second semester, and second term, it got worse, I started feeling very anti-social for some reason, and now as of the end of term 3, I've hardly been to any classes.  It's funny.  And also, I'm in between a rock and a hard place; I know I'm capable of doing this degree, I mean at the stage I am now, I can set up a PC and install Windows on it, and get it hooked up to the internet, install hardware, and generally maintain PCs, and I'm also able to do websites to some degree, as well as knowing how to work Photoshop, and Dreamweaver.  I also have extensive knowledge on PC security; removing spyware and bolstering the PC's security, as well as firewall configuation, etc.

Oh, i just dunno at the moment.  Either way, my plans for today are to do the laundry, get food, and do shopping.  I also purchased the full set of Total Annihilation, Core Contngency and Battle Tactice, which is my last eBay splurge for a a while, although I'm considering looking at using eBay and Amazon for purchasing certain things, such as books or games,because it works out cheaper.  Additionally, I need to start compiling a grocery list as well as price comparisons, so when I do my shopping in future, I allocate an entire day for it, and go to the cheapest places and can thus save money.  Regarding shopping for games... I won't stop going to Game, but I won't do it as often either, unless they're cheaper than online shopping.  I'm going to kerb my impulsive spending, so I can start saving more money for important stuff, and don't drain things.  To this end, I'm also going to start looking at cooking my own food instead of having ready-made so often, specifically with regards to burgers, as for less than the price of one burger, I can get myself 12 baps and 8 burgers.  Ketchup and cheese are generally bought anyway, albeit real cheese, and not the processed crap.  I'm also going to look at trying to get more veg in my diet too, already I'm getting myself into buying juice again, which I intend to keep doing, and also buying mixed leaf which will help with my 5 a day.  I figure also I should look at trimming down my tummy a little too, seeing as it sticks out a little too much!

I do wonder if I'll actually start doing this, although I have a feeling I'm making a start, given that with my rice pudding, I'm looking at having raisins/sultanas mixed in.

Either way, I need to start a few re-evaluations of things.
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Well, I finally got the Tangerine Dream tickets from, and I got a callback from them to be sure, which was nice.  My mum commented they were really last-minute!  I also got my second copy of Night Moves (which I don't really need), which came with a second copy of Midnight Resistance, though it's the second copy of Night Moves I have, meaning I have two copies of that and a 3rd copy of Midnight Resistance! I suppose if the tape ever wears down, I do have backups.  I did also get my Enterprise plans as well, and I'm due for some more eBay stuff today, though thankfully the tickets arrived today, as my mum is coming this Friday! I'll also need to go to uni today and rectfy everything, as well as check for mail, which reminds me I need to check my email too, heh.

I stumbled upon this, and like the guy said, this shouldn't be funny but it is:

"25% of the time you're on the periodical anyway." Say what? LOL! The guy on the radio is pissing himself at the convo, and I can't blame him to be honest. It did end a little abruptly the first time, but upon listening to it a second time, it seems less abrupt. Ask Ugg is quite interesting, mind... read most of it, and it's convinced me that marriage isn't such a hot idea, een considering the fact that marriage was going to be something I would consider at 30, but given I've lived through two divorces (not mine!), I should be quite wise to how damaging marriage can be when it doesn't work out. I mean, not only does it seemingly costs a bomb at the start of it, it costs a nuke during the divorce proceedings. I mean it costs more at the end of a marriage, then like a nuke, the effects of it are far-reaching and you feel the effects as time goes on, given you have to pay child maintenance, in addition to the fact that you lose half of what you own.  It's absolute madness.

In fairness though, I'm not against paying child support, provided the child is mine and not someone elses (poor bastard), but yeah, marriage is a bad idea because it ruins both sides financially.  I have no idea how this turned into a rant about marriage, but it did.  People should be used to my changing topics at a flick of a switch at this point, if they actually know me, or read my journal in some detail, but I'm now gonna switch to the fact that I got 10 lines from someone on MSN saying the same thing, a link which I highly suspected to be a virus.  I decided to research the url on Google and lo and behold, 2 links came up, one of which was on here.  Go figure.  The other one was a domain listing, which wasn't all that useful.  No doubt within the next 2 days or so, those links will be increased, especially as I'm going to mention it; (why didn't I register that domain name dammit!) with the accompanying line "is that you on this photo" is obviously a virus designed to trick gullable people into clicking on it, to which code is then downloaded to your PC, and then installed.  It then ends up sending the same link to people on your contact list.  If you happen to read this, and get the link after reading this, then please please please don't click on it!

I know you've been told this a million times, and likewise this virus isn't new, but seriously, besides this entry and here (it's in Dutch), these are the only two places that I know of that have reported this particular link.  I'm going to do some research into similar viruses to see if I can help people remove it, although I'm not sure if I can, depending on the sort of virus it is... as unless it's similar to those other types of viruses.  I'm not sure if up to date virus protection along with Firefox and NoScript will prevent download/execution of the virus, but I'm really not about to test the theory out!  I have this PC working perfectly stable (for Windows!), and don't wish to get the PC infected, although I'd imagine that having the above would help somewhat.  Either way, it can't hurt to Google "Panda ActiveScan" to get a second opinion, although as far as I know, it doesn't remove viruses... but at least you actually know if you have something!  Everyone should really protect their PC with Anti-Virus software (Like AntiVir), an up to date internet browser with popup and script protection (IE might have it, but I know Firefox definately does, when you download NoScript), as well as a firewall (you're own your own here) and anti-spyware software (Spybot Search And Destroy is fairly good, especially when used with AdAware).  It goes a hell of a long way to making your system much more secure.

Granted, it doesn't protect against everything, but at least you won't have to pay someone like me (be it cold hard cash or in pints) to fix your computer!  It's taken me 4 hours in total to remove spyware from a mate's PC, so really I'd rather miss out on some money/pints than spend 4 hours banging my head against a keyboard getting rid of spyware.  I mean, high computer literacy does pay (and get you paid), but at the same time, so does being computer illiterate, or rather you pay people like me, haha!  More often than not though, I provide local support for free, although I could really charge for my services, especially considering something like PC protection is quite often overlooked... I do notice that only my computer literate mates (of a similar level to me I might add) protect their PCs in any way, shape or form.  I've even had to secure my mother's laptop as well as that of my mates (in addition to fixing their hardware problems, which took hours! - speaking of which, I should drop over to them this week) for nothing... although you can hardly ask for payment off your mum, and with regards to your mates, it is a good excuse to catch up with them...

It really is amazing how I can ramble on.  It does make me wonder what happened with C64s if they got viruses on them, and then eventually phones will have viruses... so much fun, eh? :|
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I finally watch Blade Runner The Director's Cut, which just finised now... And while I right this, Vanghelis' Blade Runner Them plays in the background, which is a classic piece of music in its own way.  Anyhow, I knew quite a while before this film had finished that I'd be left wanting more, go figure.  Just as well I'm getting the box set soon when it comes out then.  I finally got around to getting my hair cut, and by god there was a lot of hair!  The hairdresser I went to even commented I looked like a new man with all that hair off!  Anyway, Saturday turned out to be a fairly decent day, considering I got to the pound shop and did my Asda shopping in time, although I had so much that I had to call a taxi, but oh well.  Either way, my upward curve has started, as I now have my Easter Holidays, although I have less than 48 hours to do my coursework, and although I'm sure I ca do it, I think it may be a bit hairy!  After that, I need to worry about my CCS coursework, but thankfully I've managed to pass Multimedia, although I have about 4 week to do CW3 as well, argh!

I was gonna wriite an entry for Friday and before, but I'll prolly just delete the filler entry (it's hidden) and just replace it here.  It will seem a bit random, but that's what happens when you write up one line topic summaries :P  Although, this said I'm writing this from a perespective of quite a while ago, so I guess current events will also be included, but it has to be done... anything to make it flow smoothly, though admittedly how many people actually read my ramblings?  Hard to say, but at the end of the day, not many - if at all - will understand them!

With all that out of the way, I now have to start coursework >_<

I wonder...

Feb. 3rd, 2007 03:18 pm
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at what point does experimenting in the kitchen deviate into "gross"?
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Here's a funny little rant about booking a flight.

Okay, I'm booking a flight to Ireland to participate in an investigation at the end of this month. Anyway , I went to SkyScanner to check out flight prices.  Anyway, I was quoted a price of £47.92, which is fair enough.  Anyway, I went to Ryanair's site, checked the prices, saw that they were doing £4.99 flights, which was cool, I thought.  Anyway, the total then came up to £39.88 with my two flights... thought I saved about 7 quid, then I had to add baggage, which I forgot about.  That added 7 quid to my flight, well fuck.  But it doesn't stop there.  Additionally, I had to pay out for a 2.50 card charge as well.

Which now means my flight cost a grand total of... £48.28.

Well, fuck.


Coincidentally, freaky film here:
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I decided to skip class today and work from home, so I can be more productive, as well as work on stuff due over the next couple of days. I think I had a case of the Monday morning blues, kinda... seeing as I really didn't feel like going anywhere so early today, but that may have been to the fact that I went to bed at about 2-3am, can't remember though. Either way, I'll attempt to do some programming work today, then do that thingy for Systems Building, before taking a break and doing some laundry, which I should have done earlier :|

There's times where I wish I could really just pause time, just so I can get myself sorted out...

I do want to do this course, but... I dunno, my motivation in general seems to be fluctuating at the moment, but thankfully it's not really academic-wise. Well, Systems Building has the potential to be a headache, but at least it's not UEL standards I'm dealing with, meaning I should settle myself over the next 2 months, or less. I think the early mornings are killing me a little, but sheer will to go in is what usually makes me attend classes.

In fairness though, I'm suffciently ahead to be able to do some of this at home, which is good. I'm more concerned about Systems Building, which is due in tomorrow. Games Des & Dev (formerly Multimedia Games Design & Development) will be handled this afternoon, a bit before I get the email for the stuff at 4pm. Programming will be a doddle, thankfully. On that front thouh, I may start putting what I learnt in Java to a program I want to make, such as a game, though at this stage, I can't even make a dice rilling script, lol. Oh well, at least I can make something, especially as I have code that allows database interaction, which I intend to use in a couple of weeks. Should prolly consider doing Worldscape in mIRC script, then work on how to port it to Java, that'll keep my Java skills sharp.

So to summarise to myself:

Java: Slightly ahead, need refresh
GDD: Ahead, need refresh
SB: Variable
Comp Sys: very ahead, need refresh

I think I'll go make myself some breakfast now...
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Never Date a Taurus

Stubborn, materialistic, and even a little greedy - you don't fit into a the strictly crafted inner world of a Taurus.
You definitely need more excitement than a Taurus offers. After all, even expensive dinners get boring after a while!

Instead try dating: Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius, or Aries

Heh figures, it has me pegged down as an Aries, or maybe a Leo.

Your Dominant Intelligence is Linguistic Intelligence

You are excellent with words and language. You explain yourself well.
An elegant speaker, you can converse well with anyone on the fly.
You are also good at remembering information and convicing someone of your point of view.
A master of creative phrasing and unique words, you enjoy expanding your vocabulary.

You would make a fantastic poet, journalist, writer, teacher, lawyer, politician, or translator.

Not like I didn't know this before, nice to know it's confirmed now though. Anyway, I'd like to talk a bit about my halls of residence and stuff, one because I can, two because I want to, and three, it's something nice to look back on.

First of all, I'm pretty much on the border of Southeast London and Kent, yet somehow I manage to live almost straight down south from where I used to live! Coincidentally, I'm still in zone 4 which is a good thing as I won't have to suffer through buying a 1-6 travelcard which costs 12 quid for the day, though in fairness it's usually the bus anyway. Anyhow, I'm not far from a place called Bexleyheath which really reminds me of Ilford, and probably about the same distance from here to there as it is from Barking to Il... okay, it's twice as long but hey, it's cheap to get to and from, especially by taxi, in case I buy too much shopping again like I did before (oops), but at least I can cook my own food now!

Anyway, 2 weeks here and I'm already off to a good start. I'm in a flat with 3 cool guys (first letter only); A., who is French, next door to me and usually always smokes weed. He also seems to drink lots of vodka (ergh) as well, but hey it's all good. He's a 3rd year, so after this, he's going bac to franc to finish off his degree. Then we have M. who is from Jordan who is doing a Masters in some degree which I can't reember at the moment. This is his first time to England, so he has a fair bit to learn still, but he's a cool guy. We (A and I) recently had a chat with him about religion, geography and stuff like that. It's great to be able to do stuff like that. Lastly, we have the fourth guy in our group, B who is from somewhere in Bristol. He also smokes weed as well, which leads me to believe it's a student thing to do. Naturally, I've indulged in a bit of the old smokey smokey the odd time when I've been offered, though not when I've had a cold, not a good idea.

Heading out of our flat, And down the path to the Dome, above the Village Shop and to the left we have the first friend made here, or rather the flat he lives in. His name is U, and he is from Pakistan. He lives with a guy from Dubai (bt is Indian) called A (yes, another one), and a Chinese guy (from hong Kong) called K (he has a pretty normal name as well, and not Chinese). And lastly, they live with a guy from Iraq, whose name I've forgotten. So far, that's the group. I have met an Irish crowd not far from me, but I've not heard a thing from them since I met them last time, oh well.

Anyhow, I'm off to East London tomorrow with U and M, to get some Halal meat, though I might show them my old haunts as well. I should remember to do laundry too...

That's that anyway, really have nothing else to say at present, save for the fact that I'm still settling in and aren't quite myself yet...
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Moving preparations are going quite decently at present. I've made a reservation for a storage place, which I ppersonally went down to examine. The first one was a little on the small side, pretty much the size of a walk-in wardrobe! Long story short, I picked one that was much more spacious. I also have all the packing materials as well, which I got at half price, apart from bubble wrap and a marker, which I got separately. Geting there by bus was a trek and a half, though thankfully some ncie people on the bus pointed me in the right direction, still was a bugger crossing three main roads though! Anyway, I had to get a taxi back because I'd have never gotten the stuff back home by bus!

A hell of a lot of rambling! )

All I can do is wait, and cross that bridge when I come to it, much like everything else at the moment!

I also need to remember to book my flight over to London for a few days to do my interview for the Specials... but I need to get myself fit for them too; I ordered a CD which should help me with luck. Of course, sometime this week, doing my laundry wouldn't be a bad idea either!I need to remember to use up all the tokens as well!

Edit: I decided to put it under a cut, seeing as it took up an entire page.  Now why can't I do that when I write a story?

Edit 2: I get to write more, yay! Firefox is out now, yay! I had more to write about than I said, yay! I need to stop yaying.... booo!
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So today was pretty much a slack day for me, before I steam ahead with stuff over the next couple of weeks, as I've really gotta start doing stuff over the next couple of weeks before I leave for Ireland on the 3rd of August, where I'm heading almost directly to Charleville Castle, to work at the Castlepolooza music festival, then I'll stay for a couple of extra days to help out before heading home. Anyway, as I may or may not have said already, I have informed my programme leader at UEL that I am moving to Greenwich. I need to drop the form by his office this week for a reference, though it may be awkward to do, will have to see if I can drop it under his dore, where hopefully he can do it.

Anyway, my list at the moment seems to be (note this is from now till S:

Email Castlepolooza people
Final email of the above before going
Book flight to Dublin
Book return flight to London
Get reference for Greenwich
Get app form sent out
Do Nimitz website
Do Storm Rain websites
Do Stormservers website
Develop a fitness regieme
Go to the gym in Ireland
Do podcast before I go
Get PC components
Organise storage
Do Specials Day One
Learn meditation and spiritual stuff
Do Castlepolooza
Organise investigation at Charleville Castle
Attend Ross Castle invest.

And that is for starters! I am sure I'll have other things to do before I go, and no doubt this list'll be added to in time. Anyway, I'm going to Brighton again next weekend, and might go to Cambridge during the week. Either way, I've got a lot to do before I go, though some of this can wait till I've gone to Ireland. My internet activity may be restricted, but I'll always be in contact in some form or another... always am, considering I have multiple contact points, lol

Anyway, I had issues with my phone for the past couple of weeks, in that I couldn't access Three Services or MMS messages. After turning my phone on and off however, I've fixed it now, so that is one worry off my mind, yay. I was thinking of adding to this post, but I might do so later with a new post.

Either way, that's enough rambling for now...
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I'm fucking pissed off at wankers constantly stealing my food, heh... I hate having to subsidise some complete stranger, heh. I'm gonna take stronger protection measures next time...

I really need a shower...
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As I was walking back home from the bus (which I was told ended for the summer), it suddenly hit me... I'm experiencing the end of two eras. The first one is my studentship at UEL, and the second one is UEL moving away from Barking. In some ways it's saddening, but such is life I suppose. With all endings though, new beginnings always occur, and hopefully, my new beginning shall be better than what things are like currently. I've yet to put a close to one or two things, mind.

I'll write about my day after I've had a nap... I wanted to get my musings down before I forgot.
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Bah, I slept from 13:15 till 22:30... I'm so ashamed at this :/ I ended up spending a hell of a lot of time on SL as well, though I did win a competition which wasn't too bad. Anyway, I'm going to sleep at about 1:00 to get up at about 5:00/6:00 and then I'm gonna do a mass-clean of here, which is needed!

Anyway... university is crap. I figure that I set myself these last-minute tasks for myself to actually provide me with some excitement, which usually peaks, then goes. Sure, there are good elements of the course, but they're usually modules that have been taught for years, like CompSys and Software Development... and they also have good lecturers*, in addition to good, solid lecture content. I'm seriously thinking about transferring to Greenwich or South Bank at this point in time, because I think I'd get a better degree!

Anyway, that's enough ranting... I'm gonna have to do PM2 at some point today too, heh.

*Edit: When I say good lecturers, I don't necessarily mean that the others are bad people. The funny thing is, that quite a few of the lecturers in the uni are really good people that you'd go to the pub with, though they mightn't quite be in the right job if they're lecturing, or have potential to do the job, though need more working on. I'll forget about the fact there are one or two bad lecturers as well, because that happens everywhere, right?


Some quizzes:

Your Brain is 60% Female, 40% Male

Your brain is a healthy mix of male and female
You are both sensitive and savvy
Rational and reasonable, you tend to keep level headed
But you also tend to wear your heart on your sleeve

More feminine than masculine? That can't be right!

Your Stress Level is: 48%

You are somewhat prone to stress, especially when life gets hard.
When things are good, you resist stressing over little problems.
But when things are difficult, you tend to freak out and find it hard to calm down.

This really should be higher, considering what the uni is putting me and my fellow students through!
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How can anyone find the women on this site attractive? I sure as hell don't. I find the idea of women starving themselves and looking like stick insects a huge turn-off. Any guy who thinks women that look like that really should be smacked uppside the head, and any girl/woman who thinks that is "normal" is sorely mistaken. I am afraid that I don't find that sort of thing attractive at all; I'd be afraid of breaking one of her bones, even if I gently shook her hand! There's relatively few things that get to me, and this most likely has to be one of them. I've spoken to a girl that had a killer body (excuse the phrase) yet still wanting to be thinner... I spoken to another girl (quite recently in fact - she showed me this link and is why I'm going into a rant in the first place), and she thinks she's fat. Now granted, I haven't seen what her body looks like, but I bet you that she isn't...

Cut for pictures and more ranting )

End rant...
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That if I stayed in Ireland, I'd have either finished off my programming course, or I'd have finished off that computer games course at Ballyfermot. I have no idea what I'd be doing now, however. Moat likely, I'd be working while I find myself a job or something. It's interesting to reminisce about what would have happened if I never moved to London... what I would have been doing instead, the fact that I'd be better off, but wouldn't have met some people, or made friends that I have now. It's funny also how you find out little things whilst rummaging though the attic. I have a little something I want to tell someone, but I haven't had any contact with them in a week or two now, so it'll just have to wait.

Anyway, I need to get some shopping done, and to finally start on my university stuff. I also want to write out something for Epiphany, as even if it doesn't go ahead, it'll be interesting writing about my life two years from now, as well as the previous two years. I think I need to take up writing again as well, and do some more reading. Next time I'm in Ireland, I'm taking all my Raymond E. Fiest books with me, and I'm going to try and get the ones I don't have. In the meantime, I really should consider starting on the 10 or so books I've got here, as well as finishing off the ones I've only partly read. I certainly could do with sitting here a little less in fairness, especially with coursework due on Monday.

Either way though, I'd better get the shopping done, before Some company goes and demands money from me... or worse, the bank! Oh well, such is life.

I really could do with a job though...
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I saw this new girl's toy on TV earlier, an advert for this My Scene (Barbie) stuff... called "My Scene Super Bling" or something like that. I was pretty horrified to be honest! I mean, that advert immediately made me think skanger, or if you're English, chav. I mean should this thing really be encouraged? I don't think so! Another thing I noticed is that a lot of dolls seem to be dressed up like sluts... I'm a concerned at girls under 16 dressing up like such... I mean girls shouldn't really be sexualised at that age... they're only children still! There's more than enough time for that when they reach 18... they can do what they want then, without having to worry about perverts and stuff... okay, perhaps they still would, but I'm talking about the ones that don't prey on children, heh.

Song I was playing felt like it lasted for 30 seconds and it lasted 2.5 minutes... that was wierd. Anyway, I'be been rummaging in the attic and found a lot of stuff, except for my walkie-talkies :/ I found my ultrasonic distance measurers, both of them, which is cool. I found all my PS/PS2 games as well, plus games I want, so overall, this week has been pretty good. Going to sell off some of the stuff in Dublin tomorrow, have to remember to bring the PC games to sell them in London, as I dunno if they accept them at Gamestop in Dublin. At least I know I'd be able to sell off a couple of PS2 games, as well as some DVDs perhaps... we'll have to see. I stumbled upon a few old journal entries circa 2001, which I'll have to remember to bring with me, don't need the diary thing it's attached to, so I'm dumping it.

I'll fill those in to here as well as the other entries and then I'll have a slightly more complete picture of my past, yay. Er, so anyway, I'm stopping here for now. I'll have more to write about either tomorrow, or on Wednesday, when I get home, so until then.

Note to self: Remember to get phone credit!

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