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So, I finally get the opportunity to write about the past week, now that I'm somewhat sober.  Granted, I haven't been drinking the whole week, but the days after have been used to recover bbefore I went drinking again.  I drank on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, which is the most I've drank in a week, even if I were usually going out!  Anyway, I eventually made it to Castle Palooza with a friend of mine, albeit late and pretty much ready to work.  We had some food before we started though once again I always seem to miss the chipper that was closer to us.  It's become a fixture each time I go to Tullamore, but I guess it's still something to smile at,  Anyway, the event itself went good, finally found out what happened at Castle Palooza 2007, regarding that lad nearly beating the shit out of me.  Suffice to say that he didn't have a knife on him, as it was confiscated which was lucky for me; he used it on the head of security's tent though, which is why it got confiscated.  Of course, by the end of the event, quite a few people on site tend to know my name, which I give to appear more personable, instead of "that security bloke".

Other than that however, there isn't a lot to say about the event. After the event got more interesting though.  There's a volunteer party that happens the following Monday after the weekend of Castle Palooza, where all the volunteers and staff get taken out to an Indian/Thai restaurant as a thank you for helping out, then we go down to the pub for some alcohol.  Before all that though, my friend and I had to get some clean clothes, which was a mission!  We got the stuff, and got changed, but I got the wrong size jeans and the belt was too big for me. *sigh*  Even worse was that we got lost and ended up  in a place called Clonming... I mean Clonminch.  Whenever I see that name, I always think something different, yes I'm awful.  We made it in the end, though between the new shoes I was breaking-in and the fact I was on my feet for the past couple of days at that point.  We did make it in the end though, and had a good time.  My friend showed the videos of his "mischief", which were a big hit with those that saw them.  And yes, I was his accomplice for a few of them :P

After that, we went to a pub, then got drunk and continued the party at the castle.  My friend and I retired early, due to issues that I cannot reveal in this entry, as it's too public.  One interesting thing I will mention though is that I lost my crystal after an investigation I did in Essex, and despite looking everywhere, I could not find it.  But when moving from my tend to the volunteer bedroom in the castle, I found the crystal with its bag.  I knew it was mne because of the bag colour, and also it was missing the ring bit at the top.  I was rather surprised it happened, but I took this to mean that I'm supposed to carry a crystal with me.  Either way, it was an interesting weekend that went on.  The rest of the week consisted of drinking and resting.  I ended up meeting another wolf (therian) on UKCB while I was chatting.  It's funny how I sense other therians, to be honest; I've sensed at least 11 to date and introduced them to my website,  Anyhow, there's not a huge amount to write in this entry, so I'll close it by saying that on Sunday I'll be sorting out a few things here, then on Monday I'm heading back home and sorting more stuff out.  Eventually, I'll be in Holland too so I need to arrange that trip.  So much to do, and so little time!
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I'm getting hassled by a couple of other people too now, which are that guy's friends - great. Why can't people stop giving me grief? I'm getting very tired of it now. Coincidentally, my legs are sore, lol

Oh well, I'm off to the 2nd burlesque show now...

Note to self: |
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Castle Polooza day 2... barely started, but it'll be good. All a matter of time now. I just hope things'll improve this time around on the socialising front... I don't want a repeat of yesterday. Either way, the place is pretty mellowed out, though at this event, it's a given, which is good. Less hassle for us security people...
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Castle Polooza went pretty well today, event-wise. Of course, I had some eejit* pretend to be gay and hit on me, which really pissed me off (because he wrapped his armaround me, and chased me - with and without his pants down!), so I hid away to calm down. I'm on my final shift of the day, taking in walkie talkies and waiting for a taxi call. This shift isn't an official one, mind but hey, gotta make up for sitting on my arse for 5 hours!

Coincidentally, 8am start today, and working for 12 hours. Maybe this time I'll enjoy myself and not have an asshole on my case... all I drank today was JD & Coke and Smirnoff Citrus Twist w/ OJ, was quite nice, and pretty drinkable, barely tasted the vodka. Methinks I may be able to drink Smirnoff vodka, and nothing else....

Either way though, I intend to enjoy myself tomorrow, as opposed to my experiences last night. Hopefully I'll get to see The Spikes (got to meet one of the band members, cool bloke!) and Republic of Loose, who are apparantly quite good. The Spikes opened for them Friday night, and the band member said that they get everyone dancing, so I can't wait to hear them!

Anyway, that's all for now. Two days down, three to go!

*Edit: As of a few days ago, we've reconciled our differences, so I'm changing this word. I'll have an update between my last entry and the 11th of August sometime soon.


Aug. 9th, 2005 02:58 am
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Well, nothing new to say really, asides from the fact I went to Blanchardstown Shopping Centre in Dublin and mooched around the shops and had some food at Burger King. I did also find out that Naas has a Smyths Toy Superstore now as wello, which is cool. I bet Naas'll have changed again when I come over next year. I have plans to go to Dublin tomorrow, er today to meet up with a mate I haven't seen in a while.

Also, I found out that at the castle I went to not to long ago, whenever I'm around, it relaxes the spirits, because I'm an "easy-going and loving spirit" as someone put it, which was pretty surprising for me to hear to be honest... But still, it's nice. :)

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