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Well, I don't believe it... I managed to get my PC to work!  The problem was space issues... which was totally bizarre!

Anyway, these past few days have been spent resting, and I never went on the investigation unfortunately because of lack of people, and the past few days have been quiet, which makes a nice change.  Anyway, tis mum's birthday tomorrow, and this week it's also my mate Buttzy's birthday, and I'll be going out for that.  Also plan on going out to Northern Ireland for one day, seeing as I promised someone I'd be in Naass over Xmas, but I wasn't.  Anyway, I'm going back on Saturday now to cater for this and this is the only trip I'll prolly be making.  I plan on seeing other people (excepting Buttzy) in December, although I could swing it so that I see Finny on Friday for a quick catchup... so maybe I can get this to work out after all... but we'll see.  I'll give him a call though.  Mum is away on the weekend, meaning I'll have to get myself up on Saturday, and be at Connolly for 9:30am >.>

Anyway, I'll need to start preparing for tomorrow (it is Wednesday!) later on...
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Okay, as many of you know, today is my last day in Ireland, which has finally arrived! Now, while I don't hate the place, I do feel that 7 weeks here was far too long. Overall, in those 7 weeks, I've accomplished a variety of things:

The good
The you know what 3 weeks ago.
The getting into university.
Got some of my deposit from the house back.
Got a 22 quid book for 1.50.
Secured a place at halls in Eltham.
Got a haircut and shaved, so feel pretty decent
All packed and ready to go
Got to do an investigation
Got to do a music festival, and volunteered

The Bad
None of that since.
Got so drunk, I was very sick :/
Ran out of money, causing me to miss my flight and unable to move the last of my stuff
Nearly got stranded in East London
The remainder of the deposit isn't around yet
Have to bring a suitcase with me
Kinda got beaten up by someone who may or may not had a knife on him, who said he'd "fucking kill me", though I was alright the following day.
The "phone business".

The ugly
Missed flights twice, thus having to shell out over 200 quid in total to get back home
Slept in for one of the flights, and set off my cousin's house alarm

Overall, it hasn't been a bad 7 weeks, but at the same time, it was way too much time to spend in Ireland. Either way though, I'm set for a new start, though the internet there shall be down for about a week. I think I might have to activate my new XP install via the phone, though the PC needs a new (smaller) hard drive first, for the operating system. I really don't want to have to reinstall everything if XP decides to go tits up...

Either way, I'm looking forward to seeing how Unreal Tournament 2004 looks on the new PC. May sound geeky, but there's a lot of eye candy in the game...
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Moving preparations are going quite decently at present. I've made a reservation for a storage place, which I ppersonally went down to examine. The first one was a little on the small side, pretty much the size of a walk-in wardrobe! Long story short, I picked one that was much more spacious. I also have all the packing materials as well, which I got at half price, apart from bubble wrap and a marker, which I got separately. Geting there by bus was a trek and a half, though thankfully some ncie people on the bus pointed me in the right direction, still was a bugger crossing three main roads though! Anyway, I had to get a taxi back because I'd have never gotten the stuff back home by bus!

A hell of a lot of rambling! )

All I can do is wait, and cross that bridge when I come to it, much like everything else at the moment!

I also need to remember to book my flight over to London for a few days to do my interview for the Specials... but I need to get myself fit for them too; I ordered a CD which should help me with luck. Of course, sometime this week, doing my laundry wouldn't be a bad idea either!I need to remember to use up all the tokens as well!

Edit: I decided to put it under a cut, seeing as it took up an entire page.  Now why can't I do that when I write a story?

Edit 2: I get to write more, yay! Firefox is out now, yay! I had more to write about than I said, yay! I need to stop yaying.... booo!
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Well, yesterday was fucking hot... I was roasting outside, as well as on the bus!

Anyway, I get my new PC today, so yay! Also, I'll need to drop over to my programme leader's office to drop off my Greenwich application form. I'm also heading over to Greenwich again today, as well as doing mentoring, and on time for once! I may have a fryup today just because I haven't had one in ages.
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Didn't get up to much today, though finally went to the computer Fair over at Stratford, where I priced a few components, got a transflash card for my phone, then left. Despite me being a geek and stuff, I really couldn't spend a lot of time there, seeing as there are too many people, and all I'd really do is come for computer components, then bugger off anyway! I did get a good deal, and got a decent offer from one of the stalls, and get to keep that if I go visit the guy, so I can go straight to his shop, which is pretty cool. I shan't bore you with the specs, but suffice to say, I can get a decent PC for less then 800 quid, which is nifty.

Anyway, I've got the remainder of my shopping done as well, which is always a good thing, so now all I need to do is do my laundry, tidy up some more, and I'm sorted. Gonna have to go to the doctors tomorrow to talk to him about my depression, which reminds me... I need to go to get my acupuncture done this week, been putting it off a lot. I also need to pester my programme leader as well, because I want off this ship, seeing as I performed abysmally in this semester, go figure. After that, I'm gonna have to go full steam ahead with the application form. Now, the funny thing is that I'm alright when doing it, but getting started is the problem. I really do need to get my arse in gear because this is the final week for stuff, and frankly, I've not been able to get a hold of my programme leader when I tried, so I may have to go up to him in the morning to try to pester him then.

Either way though, I think that I need to get some laundry done, and play about with my transflash card on my phone... and start to ask around about storage. Oh, and I need to get my deposit back... I also need to remember to check my mail for the refund on the items I bought... I kind of put myself into the overdraft again ordering stuff :/

Anyway, that's really all I have to update with, save for the fact that my headache has lifted, somewhat... oh, and lychee and dandelion and burdock flavour drinks are nice, though the lychee was a tad on the tart side.
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Gotta go to Greenwich again today. Either way though, I'm very resolved about what I'm going to do; I am not doing any resits, espcially Design Methods because what is the point in doing so, if I've been accepted on another BSc. course? Either way, this week, I need to talk to the programme leader about it, albeit tomorrow. Hopefully I'll get my PC back today, with a "new", possibly temporary power supply unit.

Things aren't going too badly at the moment, but there is nothing totally outstanding to mention at the moment. I prolly should get to Greenwich soon though...

And now, a quiz thing:

You Are 56% Gentleman

Generally you act like a gentleman, but sometimes you're careless with your manners.
Most people know that you're trying your best - and that's usually good enough.

Hmm... some of those I couldn't say completely to... I am slightly better mannered than that, and in fairness, I do try my best. I am surprised though that it didn't mention door opening or the chair thing though...
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Seems like it's not as bad as I thought it would be; just the power supply is gone, so in theory, I could be back up this week, with luck. I'm not gonna be here most of this weekend however because I have an induction at the gym (yes, I finally started to join!) and after that, I'm heading out to Dorchester to investigate a haunted place (Sky must be jealous of me now!) in Bradford (getting a lift from Dorchester to Bradford). I'm still going ahead with the new PC idea though, as I have a graphics card that didn't work with my PC, plus I bought a new keyboard, plus I have to replace a lot of components anyway, so new is best.

I'm in the process of unpacking, though I need to start on some laundry today for I'll not have any other time to do it before the weekend. Either way things are starting to pick up, and I'm definately going to be taking advantage of the gym, now that I am taking postive steps towards things. Gym closes on the 28th of July, so after the 24th, I'm on pay as you go, and after that point, I'll be working in my fitness regeime that my friend Eldon gave me. Hopefully by that point, I'll be fitter overall, and shall be able to tone myself up, and make myself fit enough for the Specials... or if I don't get in this time, I'll make myself fitter overall and try again later.

Lastly, I may or may not be getting a summer job, which would involve me travelling around the country which is pretty cool if I do get it. I have to wait and see though...

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