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So, first day back at uni, and I have to wait till later to go in, because I need to wait for some tickets to arrive for a Tangerine Dream concert at the end of this week. Other than that, it's really quiet... eBay stuff is trickling in, have my Commodore 64, my Night Moves (with a second one arriving soon, d'oh!), and a V:TM book, one of 4 I ordered, and am pondering a fifth one at the moment. I also got Vangers, and am waiting for Hexplore and Enemy Infestation to arrive, along with Enterprise (Original) plans and a few more C64 games... I may have to consider staying in till 10:30am each day for the next few days now, to ensure arrival of stuff, go figure. Uni bus is due to depart in the next half hour, I think... kinda forgotten at this point, heh... actually, it's in an hour. Either way, I think another nap is in order now, need to attempt to fix my sleeping patterns, as well as send some bread back because the best before date is the same day I bought it, go figure. I also am gonna be visiting another UKCBer after uni, if I actually get around to going in on time!

Either way, I need to go and sort out a few things, namely my bread, renaming of tags and uni stuff, or I'm screwed, really. I'm also looking at using my LJ as my main page for my new website, which is now hosted on a UK server, meaning speedy uploads! I do of course need to get some actual proper content up, but as of now, the following sites are uploaded, albeit unchanged save for minor link updates: (Scott's website) (my website)

The others need either uploading, transferring or an actual site being made! Either way, over the next few months I'll be kept busy!

Some quizzes:

You Are the Super Ego

While some people may think first and act later... you often don't act at all.

You rather be safe than sorry, and you take ethics pretty seriously.

Like everyone, you have some pretty crazy desires. But unlike everyone, you restrain yourself.

You have high standards for your own behavior. And you happily exceed them.

You Are Agnostic

God? Religion? Maybe... you're just not sure.
You're still figuring out your spiritual path... or figuring out you really don't care.
You believe that no one really can know the true story about religion or God.
So you might as well relax a little. You'll go crazy trying make sense of it all.
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Well, I got banned from UKCB yesterday, which about the only new thing I can say.  I'll explain more later... no doubt it'll turn into a rant, especially given the subject.  Suffice to say, the entire thing has been dubbed the "Pervgate Affair".

Anyway, game time, heh.
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So, I've been thinking... about a lot.  But more on that a little later on.  I've yet to transfer all of my old easyjournal entries to here, which I need to do soon, so I can back them up.  Also, I ended up staying awake for 30 hours, which was fun... ended up sleeping for about 20 hours.  I've practically given up on the coursework and am gonna focus on my Programming, whcih I have a week to do, and can actually work on.  My friend came close enough to when I finished the entry, and we got nothing done save for printing a plain English version of the requirements, because we were plagued with problems from the start... he had a lot to do, and email thing was slow.  And to make matters worse, it was raining on our parade, literally.  We ended up getting into a debate about rain, then rainclouds moving and gravity and how even when you're standing still you travel because the Earth moves, etc.  Either way, we agreed to disagree on that.  I left him at Mudchute because he had to scarper off before the DLR person got him... I texted "Lucky bastard!" to him after the train set off.  Me, on the other hand had other plans... I was off to Bank, then off to Morden to meet someone.

Her friend got there first, mind... was hoping to surprise her but alas, Saturday wasn't a good day for me.  It did pick up, mind.  We went to an Indian place (which they both paid for - I pay for the next time) and chatted which was cool.  I also called up another person who I knew that lived nearby, and was gonna meet her, but she was out with her friend, which was cool.  I was blushing when talking to her as well, which my friend told her when I gave her the phone.  She responded "aww"... and my friend continued to make me blush more, lol.  Anyway, after I left (because the girl was with her friend), I ended up going down the wrong road in New Eltham, oops.  I somewhat quickly realised this and turned around and scarpered back home.

Anyway, moving swiftly on, I remembered my days back in Roman Legion, which were both good and bad in equal measure.  For starters, it was cool to be part of a story, but it meant quite a few nights, and I can't ever forget that time I narrowly escaped being found out as a spy... especially talking to the Emperor within the game... that was quite hairy!  So yeah, there were good moments, but that particular momrnt did get me in trouble with my mum for being up late :|

Anyway, I'm gonna go to Asda at some point (remember this is a backlog) to look at the condensed milk, as evaporated wasn't what I thought it was... which sucks.  It kinda means that I won't be able to indulge my condensed milk craving with it.  Anyway, I think I'll go out tomorrow and get Company of Heroes so I can sell off my old copy of Dawn of War.  I also need to get back into playing WoW, which I stopped playing for weeks.  Also need to sort out Second Life as well at some point.  I was also talking on the phone with a UKCBer yesterday, and we talked for hours... wonder how that effected my phone bill!  It was cool talking to her though :)
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You Are 48% Perfectionist

No one would call you a perfectionist, but you definitely have a side of you that strives to be perfect.
Try to see your mistakes as learning experiences, and don't be so hard on yourself when you screw up!

Sounds about right. Anyhow, one more day till Edinburgh, and I haven't even packed yet! I also need to drop over to UEL, as well as get a travelcard for tomorrow. Plus, I need to call the Book Club, as they are hounding me for cash, yay. Anyway, this weekend is set to be a good time, though I'm left wondering how I'll be able to pay for stuff, if my money doesn't come in today... it may go to the evil over(draft)lords again, which is why I need extra money in the first place! I really need to get a job, as I'm obviously crap with money... of course, it'll help in the new year that I know where my local pound shop is, so in the New Year, I'll be a better shopper, and thus can save money. This, of course is taking longer than I expected it to, as well as what I want. Oh well, at least I have a 2007 diary, and by the grace of god (I've wanted to say that! - still lower case 'g', except in sentences though), I'll be using it! I think I might make it a resolution I'm keeping, so it'll need to be in an easy to find place...

Anyway, the Edinburgh trip is the third last one I'll be making this year... other two are my Xmas trip to Ireland, and a residential investigation. This is beyond standard travel plans, such as Travelcard stuff... well, most of it. Only time it's really remarkable is if it's with someone. And speaking of someone, that girl I mentioned in a previous entry is coming back here at some point, perhaps even 2 weeks from today! *looks around* I suppose I'd better get my stuff cleaned up for starters! I should prolly pack as well, thinking about it... why not do an all in one job? I am painfully aware, however of the fact that I may or may not need towels... though I may wait a while before deciding that. I hadf a nice bit of luck though, found a 2 pound coin in a reciept, which along with another recipt has 34 quid worth of stuff on it... wonder how much of that I actually need :|

So anyway, I'll prolly not be updating my journal on Saturday, Sunday and most of Monday, most likely Tuesday, as I'll be knackered till then. Either way, I hope to have pictures (and preferably not any scratches!) from the trip to show. Though admittedly, if I do get scratches, I'll get a picture, heh.

Anyway, that's all for now.

I leave you with this gem though, from UKCB:

[pr3d4t0r6sic6] a/s/l people i from Iraq i must find my new wife so i can make relations inside you

As I said before... brilliant!

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