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So yeah, it's been 12 days since I posted here, and surprisingly, all things considered, not a hell of a lot has happened, but a fair bit has, if that makes sense at all.  Anyway, I had so much fun getting a ticket, I ended up departing at 08:30 Friday (the 3rd) and arriving at about 18:00 in Dublin, where I went to Tallaght, and got picked up from outside The Square and had a chat with him along the way.  Was supposed to go out with him for some beers, but as soon as my head hit the pillow I was out like a light!  The following morning, I woke up at 830am, watched some TV, decided to go back to bed, then woke up at 11:30, and departed at 12:00, getting a lift from my mum's boyfriend to Tullamore town centre.  I made my way to the station, then got a taxi the rest of the way, seeing as I expected I'd have to work the second I got there.  After I got there, I got stiopped by the security people, where I said hi to Mark, the head security dude and got let in, where I then went to the kitchen to make it known that I had arrived, where I got to meet Megan for the first time, and she gave me a hug, although she didn't floor me like she said she would, although considering many people were in the kitchen, that would be awkward... one thing I forgot to mention is that I was informed by Colom that I was late for my shift, although it was a 10pm-4am shift!  He was just messing with me though, so it's all good.

And that's pretty much happened between the entry ahead of this one, and the one before it where this'll go in between.  Can't remember what else, but I figure it's enough now, isn't it?
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Taught A Xmas Lesson

All I can say is that I knew this would come from the USA, just by looking at the title... only in America. :| On one level, it seems like a good punishment, but overall, I think it was excessive myself, especially with the court appearance! I dunno if his being diagnosed with ADD can account for anything.

What Is Perfect Woman?

Nurse from Sheffield, huh? i prefer my women to be quite a bit bohemian, actually.

'Space? I'm Loving It!'

Sounds pretty cool... never knew you could have the internet in space!

No Goodwill On The Trains

I think I'm kinda lucky that I just missed this by a matter of hours. I'd prolly be leaving in the afternoon, as opposed to 6am, but I'd imagine there'd be a big rush when I actually get around to leaving... suffice to say I'm glad I don't drive!

Cat Washed To Death

That woman was extremely cruel to that cat... what did it ever do to her? :|

Men Make 'Smalls' Talk

Something tells me this'll be very much appriciated by many guys! Now, I wonder if this is being done in either Eltham or Bexleyheath...

Office Xmas Party Shame

All I can say is... what do you expect? Do these figures really surprise you at the end of the day?


Anyway, Operation: Cleanup has commenced. First of all, I'm planning on having a shave, with a haircut to follow tomorrow. Secondly, I'm doing the dishes, as my flatmate (who is the only one left here besides me) cleaned up the kitchen, and did a damn good job too! At some point, I have my room and laundry to do, before my "visitor" comes over on Friday, as well as my mum on Saturday. Either way, this week'll be pretty hectic for me, methinks. After that, I'd better check my list and stuff, have shopping, extenuation paperwork, the haircut and at some point, i have to have a haircut, brilliant.

Either way, I guess this Christmas will definately be a good one, seeing as I'm having it in England, and get to see my family as well, though sisters are at stepdads, hence why mum is coming over here, and we're going to Brighton, with a preliminary stay at Dartford before doing shopping, etc. Either way, it'll be full steam ahead, seeing as I have extenuation to handle as well. And thanfully, I feel much better now too.

Oh yeah, when is my doctor's appointment? :| Oh, it's tomorrow, so definately need an early start! Anyway, that;s enough for now. Look out for a new site design today though.
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You Are 48% Perfectionist

No one would call you a perfectionist, but you definitely have a side of you that strives to be perfect.
Try to see your mistakes as learning experiences, and don't be so hard on yourself when you screw up!

Sounds about right. Anyhow, one more day till Edinburgh, and I haven't even packed yet! I also need to drop over to UEL, as well as get a travelcard for tomorrow. Plus, I need to call the Book Club, as they are hounding me for cash, yay. Anyway, this weekend is set to be a good time, though I'm left wondering how I'll be able to pay for stuff, if my money doesn't come in today... it may go to the evil over(draft)lords again, which is why I need extra money in the first place! I really need to get a job, as I'm obviously crap with money... of course, it'll help in the new year that I know where my local pound shop is, so in the New Year, I'll be a better shopper, and thus can save money. This, of course is taking longer than I expected it to, as well as what I want. Oh well, at least I have a 2007 diary, and by the grace of god (I've wanted to say that! - still lower case 'g', except in sentences though), I'll be using it! I think I might make it a resolution I'm keeping, so it'll need to be in an easy to find place...

Anyway, the Edinburgh trip is the third last one I'll be making this year... other two are my Xmas trip to Ireland, and a residential investigation. This is beyond standard travel plans, such as Travelcard stuff... well, most of it. Only time it's really remarkable is if it's with someone. And speaking of someone, that girl I mentioned in a previous entry is coming back here at some point, perhaps even 2 weeks from today! *looks around* I suppose I'd better get my stuff cleaned up for starters! I should prolly pack as well, thinking about it... why not do an all in one job? I am painfully aware, however of the fact that I may or may not need towels... though I may wait a while before deciding that. I hadf a nice bit of luck though, found a 2 pound coin in a reciept, which along with another recipt has 34 quid worth of stuff on it... wonder how much of that I actually need :|

So anyway, I'll prolly not be updating my journal on Saturday, Sunday and most of Monday, most likely Tuesday, as I'll be knackered till then. Either way, I hope to have pictures (and preferably not any scratches!) from the trip to show. Though admittedly, if I do get scratches, I'll get a picture, heh.

Anyway, that's all for now.

I leave you with this gem though, from UKCB:

[pr3d4t0r6sic6] a/s/l people i from Iraq i must find my new wife so i can make relations inside you

As I said before... brilliant!
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I'm just remembering stuff about what my nan and aunt do on the phone... well, it's not so much what is said, per say, but... oh, lemme explain.

Essentially, whenever my nan and aunt are on the phone, they're usually watching the same thing on TV. Anyway, my nan goes "did you see that?" on the phone sometimes though usually, it isn't a problem. Of course, funny things are bound to happen when the TV isn't on the same channel, or on at all!

"Did you see that?"
"See what?"
"On the television."
Insert following lines here...

Well, you get the idea, right?

Anyway, final session of mentoring today, and for once, I may get in on time... wow!
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Is it sad that I found the fact that it took me 15 months before I heard the word "guv'ner" spoken in East London amusing, even besides the fact it was said to me?

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