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So yeah, I've been slacking off for about a week now with teh postage.  Not really much to say, save for the fact that on last Thursday, I did my shopping in Bexleyheath, finally started shopping in Iceland and other places.  How typical of me that I got loads of games yet again!  I also drank a lot of drinks that day as it was hot!  There was also a continental market which was pretty cool, but asides from that, there was fuck all to say until about Sunday, where I went to the Hot Fuzztival along with two TBers, although officially, I've taken one person out of the TB bracket and put them in the personal friend bracket, although I don't forget how I met them.  Anyway, I got to see Hard Boiled, The Last Boy Scout, Point Break and Hot Fuzz with Director & Cast Commentary!  Hard Boiled was quite good, starred Chow Yun-Fat in an Asian (Oriental if you're English) film, which is set in Hong Kong, and it's quite a violent one, yet has quite a few funny moments too!  Then we had The Last Boy Scout, which I actually have been aching to see, and I'm actually glad I did see it, as it was a good film.  Point Break was quite a good film too, except I had a few "huh?" moments at the subtle gay jokes. 

The film was, as the Hot Fuzz director very homoerotic, and essentially put Brokeback Mountain in the shade.  And lastly we Had Hot Fuzz, although we couldn't actually watch it because the movie was turned down and the cast were talking over it!  That's not to say the commentary wasn't bad, but I was expecting to see the movie too, so now I'll need to get it.  There were plenty of jokes made about Star Wars and Lord of the Rings which did make me laugh, and another plus is that I got a free copy of Shaun of the Dead, and a signed (by Edgar Wright) DVD cover of Hot Fuzz.  Was well chuffed with that because I was actually going to buy a copy of Shaun of the Dead.  Coincidentally, I now have to by Hot Fuzz as the DVD cover is hidden behind the Shaun of the Dead DVD cover.

I helped out another person on my way back from the Hot Fuzztival, gave him about 6-7 quid to help with his electricity and stuff.  He seemed like the good sort, so i felt that I should help him out.  He was a nice guy, 6 weeks out of jail and he wants to go on the straight and narrow, which I think is admirable.  I had a chat with him about stuff too, which was nice as well, he shook my hand when he had to leave and said when he makes his millions (to approxmate), he'd pay me back...  although I don't see this happening, and I don't really mind if he doesn't, but it was a nice gesture all the same.  Again, it gives you that nice fuzzy feeling inside. 

Anyway, I went to see Virginia today, but I thought I lost my phone for a time, but I'm glad I found it now... although unfortunately, the issue of my camera LCD being fucked from when I walked into something on the bus, in conjunction with my sound being fucked for a bit, and me thinking I lost my phone really put me over the edge.  I went to the insuranc eplace on campus to enquire about making a claim, and was chatting to the girl there for a good 30 minutes or so, which was pretty cool.  Anyway, I went though the motions of making a claim and such, to pre-empt stuff.  They said they'd call me back, which they did, although I missed it, but the cordless phone I use now has an answerphone on it, which is damn handy.  I ended up being late because I was chatting to people in a pub, no alcohol though as I had no ID, bah.

Anyway, I managed to find my phone now, although the camera is still fucked.  If the cost of repair is 25 quid or under, I may as well just pay for it myself, minus the claim, because excess is 25 quid...

I'm gonna get Hot Fuzz tomorrow now... and I saw Shaun of the Dead this morning, was damn funny... I imagine Hot Fuzz is more of the same XD
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Bah... this is a hell of a time for this to happen. I have a severe case of writer's block and apathy to boot. My head is too all over the place to do my individual CW for PM2, plus I really can't be bothered with it any more at this point... I feel completely fed up with having to do something they pretty much had to tack on at short notice! I only found out what to do yesterday as well, heh. Two of my classmates contacted the lecturer on Thursday asking for clarification on what to do, and I went to the lecturer myself on Friday, and suffice to say, both were pretty much fruitless, so now I'm stuck here pretty much, not wanting to do the work and I have till 2pm to submit it!

Bah, this is so depressing... I also don't want to go outside today either. It's pretty much gauranteed I'm going to fail this module now, and the funny thing is... the brink of failure/needing to submit is no longer motivation to do anything, which leads me to believe I'm suffering from a severe case of burnout... :/ This uni sucks, this course sucks... and even I suck a little bit for not realising this sooner. I can only hope that my enquiries at the University of Greenwich (when I have the money to go over there!) prove to be fruitful because I've reached the end of my tether with this course... I can't take any more of it. This course is becoming a struggle I'm starting to lose, and there's not much I really can do now, except find somewhere else...

It kind of gets more depressing the more I think about it, considering that in my first year I was like "OMG, I'm at uni, this is sooooo cool!" Who'd have thought that because of this university, I've become more bitter, cynical and sardonic (cheers to the person who gave me this trio of terms, it suits things so well (F)) as a result of attending here. Sure, the first semester had the above reaction... hell, I even enjoyed my second semester, perhaps maybe less so however. The first semester of the second year started off alright, then after that, it was a downward spiral. Fast forward to now, and I have become disillusioned, the rose-tinted spectacles are off, and all I see is hues of dark grey; a majority of lecturers who seem to not care, which is then transferred onto the students, and the entire place becomes a hotbed of negativity, of which I'm right on top of.

The funny thing is, the best part of the uni is the support staff and the Residential Services. Apart from a handful of lecturers (which I could literally count on my hand), this place stinks and it makes, and has made me lose the will to work on countless occasions. It's ironic that at this time of enlightenment and happiness I should slump back to square one with the drop of a pin. Now granted, I'm suffering one of my downer periods, but I'm as sure as hell that this uni and course contributed to it. Someone on my course described it as a joke, which I'm inclined to agree with. The worrying thing is as well is that we're supposed to be "dumbed down" towards the start of our third year, which is not good.

Either way, I need to get out of here... before I seriously consider dropping out of this uni. The other problem is now that I have no idea where I'll go if I did that. Hmm, funny that when I realise one thing, and see the bigger pictures, a hell of a load of other factors come into play. Either way, I need to take affirmative action. Maybe not today, but some time this week. At this point in time though, I'm just writing off PM2 and doing the resit... because quite frankly, I can't muster up the strength to go do it, and that saddens me even further...


May. 8th, 2006 03:38 pm
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I've got some good news and some bad news.

Bad news is that I cannot withdraw from VED. This just means that I shan't be submitting any work for it, and will be retaking the module next year, fair enough like. I'll have 3D Modelling learnt so I can take a fair whack at VED with the proper knowledge.

The good news is that as I have passed Java overall, and got over 30% in my Java exam, I do not have to retake it now, which is good, meaning that I only have Design Methods to pass, which I should get 40% for definate for. I also seem to be doing really well with regards to my results, which is good. As was mentioned before, I'm steadily increasing my results, which my programme leader was impressed with, and I was happy about.

Anyway, if I keep up a decent standard of work, then there's no reason why I couldn't get at least a 2:1, which is good. I was also praised for my "pragmatic approach" towards all of this, so that's another thing to be happy about, plus if I get good grades on the other 5 modules, then I don't need to worry about VED. This means that all I have to be worried about now is PM2 and the TCA for MM HW, then at the end of this month, I just have Design Methods, and nothing more for the summer, except for the Java, Director and Flash I'm going to be learning to help me with Games Programming, and VED. Lastly, Second Life will start to be used to help keep my modelling and coding skills sharp, seeing as the scripting language is like Java, though I'll be starting with the scripting first, then moving onto modelling later on.

I have it all worked out now, and for the most part, it's all for the better, even if this course is a bit of a shambles over all (as was discussed with MM HW in class!), I can make the most of my time here, and finally rise above it, like a phoenix from the ashes... it's all a matter of prespective really.

I also feel like making a new tag, with regards to happy things, plus the fact that I feel like watching some Ren & Stimpy ^_^
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My internet is down at the moment, so I'm resorting to using the computers in uni. However, all is not lost. I seem to at least be on AIM, so if anyoe wants to talk to me, I'm KennettGE, GHTHotshot or more recently, SNw StormKeeper, though I'm prolly eventually going to ditch the last oe for something different...

MSN is currently out of the question, as is any web access from home, which sucks, heh.

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