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Went into class today which is good... first step to recovery, score!  Hopefully, I'll be able to go in tomorrow, or that's the plan.  Docs on Thursday, along with CCS stuff on Friday.

Anyway, besides that, I regged a load of domains and renewed (read reactivated because I forgot to renew!) some, which set me back 90 USD... ouch.  Anyway, they're to replace some domains I'm no longer using, and after the server switch, I'll be a few quid up, which is always good.  Hopefully by then, the sites will look more cohesive, and I'll hopefully be able to make back some of my costs... at least that is the plan.  I hope the ports are sorted though, or I'll have to go to uni and do it...
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Well, I feel quite productive today. I managed to finally sort out Google Adsense, worked out why I couldn't access my internet banking (wrong digits, doh! - however, managing money well, yay!) and I terminated my Special Constable application, due to the fact I didn't meet the criteria of living here for three years, oh well. On the plus side, this means that I can focus on getting fit enough to join, plus I'm gonna do CampusWatch instead, which may be more favourable for someone in my position anyway. I could always join the Specials after my degree anyway, so it's not a step back, if anything it's allowing me to get prepared for something I really want to do, which I never got the chance with for going to Greenwich Uni, sadly. Anyway, I may actually consider a stint in the proper police as an IT specialist, which is something I never actually considered before, but hey, it's something to work towards, unless I get a job in the meantime, though I dunno what I'll be doing about my year's work experience...

Either way, things are going well for me, just need to sort out laundry for today/tomorrow and I'm sorted. Oh, and a little shopping wouldn't hurt either...
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Your Sloth Quotient: 55%

You're definitely lazier than the average person, but you're able to live a somewhat normal life.
All your life needs is a little more effort and variety, and you might see that doing hard things is actually fun!

So, I'm dong a terrible job with doing things at the moment, although I did do some washing up and reorganising, so the entire day isn't wasted, though I feel rather erked that I haven't been organised enough to get my laundry done, which kinda sucks. Anyway, my cousin is coming over tomorrow, so I have to organise myself tonight, at least to a degree. Found a laundrette nearby but it's still a fair walking distance away, so at some point tomorrow I need to go find it, though what I might do is organise washing up a few days worth of clothes and send the rest to the laundrette, then from that I'll work out if it's more economical getting someone else to do it, as opposed to myself, because I remember last time I did it at a proper coin-operated laundrette, it took ages for my stuff to dry, and it was somewhat expensive as well, so we'll see.

Anyway, with that aside, I've been letting myself go a bit, if the above wasn't enough of an indicator! I need to get myself fairly organised because at the moment, I'm not very organised at all. Anyway, on Thursday I went to my friends' (4) house and had fun with them, catching up. I stayed there overnight, and watched parts of the German version of Taxi 1-3, and The Whole Ten Yards. Ended up not sleeping till about 07:30, and kinda felt a little crap before I got to sleep properly at about 08:00, though was woken up a couple of hours later by a BT engineer, checking for faults on the line. After all that business, I called up UEL, talked to them about things, then went over to Greenwich, caught up with someone there and attended the market, but not before getting a copy of Taxi 2, which I found out was French (albeit with English subs)!

After that, I went over to the market and had a proper mooch around, bought about 11 books as well, which was cool, though a burglar alarm went off a bit later on, due to a power cut. After that I wandered into a shop called Mr Humbug, which is one of those "old-style)" sweetshops, where you have the jars on shelves, and you go by weight, etc. Anyway, I chatted with the shop owner and a very nice lady about sweets, and all that. The place was in darkness because of the powercut, but later the power was restored to normal, as was the alarm, which was greeted by cheers from the crowds outside! I love Greenwich. A visit there never fails to cheer me up, as I feel I belong there, because it feels so bohemian. Eltham/Avery Hill is good as well :) Bexley and Welling are good places to visit too, so between them and a coupel of other places, I have most, if not all of my needs covered.

But I digress. Getting back on track now, I called my nan up after and was talking to her for a while about stuff, and arranged a meetup with her for about 2 weeks from now, and I'm really looking forward to it ^_^ After this, I went to go to the bathroom, then mooched around the site, left the place (and finished off my fudge that I had started on earlier!) and went to the bus stop, and got on. Figures though that it ended up being another horror bus story, as there were significant delays, especially at Eltham Station where the bus driver was getting his supervisor. He reassigned the bus to go to Avery Hill (which was good), though a lot of other people had to go to another bus. One person was so pissed off he was shouting at the driver, then at the spervisor, and threatened him with assault!

After all that, we went on our way, and that pretty much ended my day. Because of my delay, i had no way in hell of visiting the doctor to apoligise for being late, but I'll apoligise at the earliest convenience.

And that, as they say is that... now I need to clean stuff up a bit more, and watch Taxi 2.
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Well, I met Raymond Fiest today ^_^

He signed my book, and I have a photo of myself and him too, plus we had a chat and he shook my hand. That was one of the best days ever. :)

I also met up with my friend Finny again... I'm meeting up with him tomorrow too.

Edit: Just looked at the picture, and it's somewhat blurry... I really need to learn to operate the camera properly :|

Oh well, at least I had the pleasure of meeting my favourite author ^_^

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