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But at least it's dealt with now... some obnoxious bitch thought it'd be a great idea to bait me and accuse me of abusing kids.... what nerve!

Anyway, it's been dealt with, so I can get on with my wretched life, only in this case I don't need to worry about a pylon :P

And now, in 30-60 minutes, I'm off to bed, in the hope that I'll actualy get up on time!
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Just when I thought I could cheer up, I find out that my FTP port is blocked, meaning I can't access my stuff from my universities server, which just plain sucks. It kinda means I have to use my USB pen to upload stuff. I'm lodging a complaint first chance I get... this semester kinda depends on FTP for my coursework, let alone the fact I need it for my websites. :|

So yeah, today turned out to be a little worse than I thought :S


Jan. 8th, 2007 04:01 pm
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Well, first day back at uni and I haven't been in... great. Yet again, my sleeping patterns have fucked me up and I'm not happy about it. So much so, I'm more emotionally volatile than usual, so if I snap back, you know why and I apoligise. And yes, I'm in the beating myself up phase to some degree, or rather I'm telling myself off a little too much. Yes, I know I need to do something about it, but with messed up sleep patterns it's kinda hard. I'm gonna give going to uni tomorrow a fair whack. Coincidentally, perhaps I should kiss extenuation goodbye because I haven't been able to get in, woohoo. I just hope I can put them in tomorrow. And why do I get the distinct impression the January Blues started late for me?

Oh well, shit happens, right?

So yeah...

Jan. 6th, 2007 12:54 am
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I am beginning to think I suck just a tad. I didn't go out today either. I seem to want to be fairly reclusive at the moment, which is a pain. I just hope that I can submit my extenuation paperwork on Monday. Thnkfully though, as I can submit stuff online, I've saved myself about an hour per coursework, which is good. Anyway, all that aside, I need to start getting stuff organised, namely my laundry for starters, and my shopping secondly. I've done a few little things over the past 3 weeks (excepting submitting my coursework unfinished - no pics! - and starting on it 2 hours before the deadline :|), such as organising my room, and washing dishes, so my hermitness hasn't been wasted. I've also wored a little on my webby stuff, and started reading again. Hopefully, all this will become more coherant and fluid as time goes on, so I actually am better organised, and doing large chunks at a time, rather than being bitty with it all. At the same time though, I'm somewhat content with how I've been. I have to do shopping and laundry, and get a haircut over the next couple of days, so I'm ready for uni.

On other fronts, that woman that I was, ah... "with" has gotten herself a kinda boyfriend. No idea who he is yet, but it seems that I know him. Unfortunately for them both though, they're quite far away from each other. She thinks things'll go well between them, which is great, meaning that I guess the "progression check" after two years is gonna be redundant, hehe. I know it may be a bit premature me saying that, given they haven't met and all, but I'm fairly sure things will go well for them, udging by stuff. Sometimes you ust connect with people online and such, be it romantic, friends, or other ways, it does happen. Anyway, this doesn't change a thing for me at the end of the day - we weren't actually doing anything past those two weeks, so there's really no change between what was going on before (excluding my online antics :P). Anyway, it's time to move forward, and I have lots of (strangely accomplishable) things I'm gonna be doing.

I'm deciding to have some organised for February, and some before my 24th birthday. Either way, for the next while, I'm keeping to my self-dubbed "free agent" status for the time being, most likely while I'm at university, as me having a relationship of any sort is detrimental to my plans, which I'll be listing below. Anyway, by the start of my 24th birthday, I should hopefully have accomplished a fair but by then, and also have somehow worked a way around my university coursework. But on with the show:


Have a basic site structure for Stormhaven up, along with integrated chat a stats minisite and quotes database minisite, implementing the same things for FriendlyIRC. (February)
Start reading again more regularly (helps with items marked with a *)
Have better structured sleeping patterns
Be better organised financially
Go out drinking more
Eat better, instead of once a day... go for 3 times a day, and eat healthier to some degree as well, like the resolution says.
Schedule my days
*Get a start (or better) on my fitness plan, and maybe joining the gym
*Get a start (or better) on my spiritual/psychic plan, this includes taking Yoga and/or meditation
*Become a better paranormal investigator
*Start writing again, be it stories or game design documents
*Learn how to cook
Keep room organised
Work in a laundry rota and do the same for shopping and dishes

I'm gonna tackle these one at a time, rather than all together, but some may overlap, such as the reading for starters. Either way, if I can get most of these done before I'm 24, I'll be doing well! I may actually write an organiser thing now actually, thinking about it... so I'm gonna end it here, and work on that stuff, and at least flling out my diaries, so I use them! Theres another, actually. So yeah, I'll update when I have made some good progress.

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