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Y'know, it's rather telling when you look at your friends list and out of 100 entries, only 2 actual friends have updated with the majority being from the Independent's news feed.  Go back about 200 and a third person has added their thoughts.  It makes me think that over the past 5 months, and most likely longer I've missed out on a lot of happenings on here.  I should probably look back before December and see what else I missed out on in updating on my blog.  Twitter has kinda spoiled my journal vibe in a sense, partly because I can instantly update my status and also because it's only 140 characters.  This kind of ruins things a bit as I end up not updating here, but I'm gonna try to change that now.  This would be my second post this year of at least four that I plan to make over the next 2-3 days.  The third one will be shortest of all out of the three updates because I'm just going halfway through May and don't need to do much in the way of restrospectiveness.  As I think about the past year, I realise that I got very little done that I planned to and upon seeing my friend Scott's writing from about 4 years ago, it makes me think about the story we were going to write.  He most likely won't see this, but if he does, I'll show you the story when I see you next and maybe I can either write a continuation of that one or we can write a new version that takes place 2 years in the future with that story idea as a basis?

Anyway, I'm gonna start with March and by the looks of it I think it'll be a pretty short month.  I'm not sure about April though as of yet.  I'll use the May entry to properly reminisce about things and talk about the future though.

Well, this would now be my first proper start in my new place.  Internet was sorted, but as I needed to get a new number (due to the contract ending in the middle of the month), I had to sort it again.  Using the USB dongle cost me a bomb but I paid it without issue.  Thankfully, the money I got from my last place as a deposit was sufficient to cover my rent, so that was one worry out of my way.  Of course, moving always puts ones finances down the shitter.  Not surprisingly really.  My finances are something I'm still sorting out to this day, although to be fair it is only 2.5 months ago now.  In terms of events, Twitter has exceeded 10 billion tweets and it's just coming up to 14 billion; on the 6th of March it was said that it would take 197 days to reach 20 billion, which is roughly on track, given today it's working on 93 days till 20 billion.  It's crazy as to how much has happened even in the 5 months I've not posted.  I'm going to start writing this in a more present context as well in order to aid consistancey, hence my style of posting is changing a bit.  Anyway, I started to have issues with the house as it wasn't quite what I wanted, but at the same time it has advantages over my last place, the major ones being that it costs less per month, is warmer and easier to heat up and lastly the gas and electricity costs less!  This place is essentially a stepping stone while I locate a better place, and I have an aim of doing that within a year, or hopefully within a year but I guess we have to see.

March 1...2...! )

And we neatly slip into April.  My mum actually arrived on the 31st and just before then I got myself a new bed, so I can move it about so it's a good thing to have.  I also setup a Blockbuster membership too, so fun times.  We assembled the bed not too long after she arrived which was descrbed as "bonding", which I'd agree with.  I don't get to see my mu much so any opportunity is good.  As for the reason why she was here, it was the Tangerine Dream concert which was the 40th anniversary of their first album and 35th anniversary of their playing in the Royal Albert Hall.  Before I start though, we also visited the Science Museum which was awesome although I've yet to visit again.  It was a good night, though I was wrecked right till an hour and a half before the end.  I'm beginning to realise that TD's music is perfect for meditating, relaxing etc, especially as I felt refreshed after I woke up.  One of the highlights was from one of the audience members saying stuff which I can't remember, but he ended with "I shall... not speak... again!"  The house gave him a round of applause as well as laughing so it put everyone in good humour.  Only thing though is the fact that the seats wer uncomfortable, and I think Edgar Froese (main TD member) knew it.  It was also pointed out to me that a lot of TD's fans are geeks, but when I think about it, it was unsurprising as I had read a lot of people listen to them while coding.  As foir getting home, that was a bit harder... it took us a while to get anyway and we missed the last train back to my nearest station too which was gutting.  We did catch the last train but there were issues and it was packed up like tuna in a tin, not helped by the fact the police were called in!

More cowbell! Erm, I mean April... yeah. )

And that's pretty much the end of March and April, or at least the worthy bits.  Next we have May coming up and a proper update till now.  After this, I'm getting ready to go out!
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God, it's been ages since I've written in here, hasn't it?  Anyway, given I've attempted to write an update a few minutes before and screwed up a little, this intro will be a bit short, so I'm just going to get to the point with everything before diving in.  Anyway, I'm doing it on a month by month basis, apart from December and January which have a lot of overlap so it is pointless to divide them.  Anyway, I'll add any additional notes in brackets and italics seeing as given I'm on a restrospective, I'll have info to add when stuff actually happened (or didn't), so you have an idea of where to look if you want to read about a particular month,  Anyway, without further ado, I'll begin.

December & January
Well, given I initially talked about my dental problems, I may as well go and mention I had an x-ray and a little cleanup at the dentists and I was told that they needed to come out and it'd be 4 weeks before I got contacted regarding the surgery (it actually took a bit longer but did happen).  I ended up relying on painkillers for a good few days before the gum pain stopped as well; it was caused by a bit of debris caught between my gum and the tooth and inflamed it!  That was a load of fun to deal with.  I normally don't take painkillers so they retain their effectiveness (meaning I have to be in real agony before taking them) so having to rely on them got to me quite a bit.  I was also attempting to normalise my blogging ( patterns at this point but pretty much failed not long after.  I guess trying to schedule my blogging patterns is like trying to stop the wind by standing in front of it; in other words you can't schedule creativity.  I am at least trying to blog twice a month, if nothing else.  I'll most likely distribute this to another blog, on the basis that it's a nice summary of the past few months, and it's something to write for it too.  And while the stuff here is a bit personal, it isn't too personal, given I've been sharing a lot of it on Twitter anyway! I was also sorting out my PC and upgraded my laptop over this time, although the desktop's hard drive is rather screwed and needs to be repartitioned and I'll have to see what I can save from it as well... if that's at all possible.  I dunno how it happened, but one partition got corrupted but that's a post for another time.

More Dec-Jan ) 

After the disaster that was January, I was looking forward to the start of the new year properly; I always start my new year this month because I use January to tie up last year's business.  It kinda works well, but can only get more efficient as time goes on!  I started to get into Star Trek Online at this point and pretty much gave up on C&C4 and played this and Guild Wars.  STO was quite enjoyable and still is, although due to my imparative move, I didn't get back into it until 3 months after.  I was a little frustrated with the ground combat but overall I like the game.  My major annoyance with te game has to be the spammers though... they never let up!  I was also starting to pack up everything slowly but surely at this point, given I was due to move on the 19th and as part of that plan, I was trying to empty my cupboards.  And on the tech front, I started to use Google Buzz, which is tied into my Twitter; Facebook also changed their layout and honestly, I prefer it as it's much easier to use.  Not everyone did like it however, at least judging by my friend's comments.  And then we have the 14th of Feb... Valentines Day, or to some Singles Awareness Day.  It's not my thing, but meh I had bigger fish to fry.  I got to see Assemblage 23 live!  I also got to see some other acts and learn about Revolution by Night and Tenek and got a free CD off another band, System FX I believe.  Coolest thing about Tenek was that one of the gs was from The Nine, whose song My Fallacy I loved, so it's great to get back into my past.  Assembage 23 was awesome and I loved every second of it.  I'll post up a photo of the lead singer Tom Shear later on when I upload it to my Flickr, but those of you who have access for my Facebook can see it in one of my more recent photo albums.

More February! )
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Okay, as many of you know, today is my last day in Ireland, which has finally arrived! Now, while I don't hate the place, I do feel that 7 weeks here was far too long. Overall, in those 7 weeks, I've accomplished a variety of things:

The good
The you know what 3 weeks ago.
The getting into university.
Got some of my deposit from the house back.
Got a 22 quid book for 1.50.
Secured a place at halls in Eltham.
Got a haircut and shaved, so feel pretty decent
All packed and ready to go
Got to do an investigation
Got to do a music festival, and volunteered

The Bad
None of that since.
Got so drunk, I was very sick :/
Ran out of money, causing me to miss my flight and unable to move the last of my stuff
Nearly got stranded in East London
The remainder of the deposit isn't around yet
Have to bring a suitcase with me
Kinda got beaten up by someone who may or may not had a knife on him, who said he'd "fucking kill me", though I was alright the following day.
The "phone business".

The ugly
Missed flights twice, thus having to shell out over 200 quid in total to get back home
Slept in for one of the flights, and set off my cousin's house alarm

Overall, it hasn't been a bad 7 weeks, but at the same time, it was way too much time to spend in Ireland. Either way though, I'm set for a new start, though the internet there shall be down for about a week. I think I might have to activate my new XP install via the phone, though the PC needs a new (smaller) hard drive first, for the operating system. I really don't want to have to reinstall everything if XP decides to go tits up...

Either way, I'm looking forward to seeing how Unreal Tournament 2004 looks on the new PC. May sound geeky, but there's a lot of eye candy in the game...

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