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I think I'm gonna have to give up on Galway this week, seeing as I have neither the time or money to go there now. I may end up visiting Dublin for the day, though that said, I may as well save that for Thursday, as I'll be there in the evening anyway. I'll definately have to check out that new bookshop in town, mind. It looks a lot like Borders, in that it it has a cafe as well as the actual bookshop. It's a sobering thought though that if Dublin was the size of London, I'd be living in Dublin now. Actually, around 1/3 of the country would be Dublin if it was anything like the area of London.

I have the most interesting thoughts sometimes. Anyway, for today, I'm off to a mates house though I have to call him first. I need to remember to check as well if any UK car insurers cover Ireland though that said, since Ireland is a holiday location, I shouldn't need to worry though. I do need a provisional licence before taking lessons, mind. I also need to learn how to use the clutch, brake and acellerator properly, but for now I'll have to stay content with the buses and trains. It's not like I will have to travel that far anyway, just Goodmayes and Barking. Ilford needs the bus though...

So, for the time being, the people within Greater London can rest easy as I won't be doing any driving apart from GTA and the odd racing game :P
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Well, today is a quite day for me, though I may end up heading to Galway this week, though it's somewhat unlikely, but then again, who knows? Anyway, I intend to apply for a provisional licence and get about 2-3 driving lessions, so I can learn how to move the car properly, seeing as my clutch/accelerator work needs well, working on. I seem to be pushing too lightly on the accelerator before I release the clutch, which is stalling the car. At least I have a idea of how to do night driving, and now, to some extent, reversing. Need to remember to look behind me, mind.
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Well, not much to say, except tomorrow is my last day at the castle. I had some fun learning how to drive a tractor, as well as a jeep and car, though my clutchwork needs some brushing up on first. I found it relatively easy, considering the fact I've never driven anything outside of an arcade racing game or the likes of GTA!

That said, I need to learn to look in the mirrors reversing-wise.

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