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So yeah, a fair bit has happened in the past while... I went to counselling which got off to a good start.  We talked about everything under the sun, pretty much, including the paranormal, and I'm happy to say I'm gald the ball is rolling now, and I'll think it'll go pretty well, although as I've done it before, it'll be easier to properly get into it.  Anyway, not really a hell of a lot to say, although I'm moving flats on Monday, to Aragon Court.  If I'm lucky, I may ahve the same room I'll be residing in, so I won't have to move, though is that a lot to ask, I have to wonder.  Also, my flatmate and I will be doing the kitchen later on today (which I had to leave in a hurry because of the bad smell of one of the unwashed pans - which nearly made me sick!), if not this week plus I'm eating all the food I have so there's less to bring over when I move.  Its raining over here at present, although it seems to be on and off, but it's nothing compared to the flooding up north to be honest.  I've got something funny to share later, but in the interests of keeping the flow, I'm in the process of organising things a bit better... I'm taking the slimline cases from magzine cover discs and I'm shoving them into a CD wallet, so I can downsize the footprints of what my games take up... I'm trying to put 2 games from the same label together where possible, though this may end up taking a bit to fully sort... although things are coming along quite nicely.  It's probably just as well I'm starting now as it may take me a few days to get all this stuff sorted.  Other than that, I intend to go to the camera person tomorrow to get stuff sorted out, so I can get that loose end tied. 

On Monday, aftter I've moved... or rather Tuesday after counselling, I intend to nip over to the shop to do some replacement of foodage, and maybe looking at ways to lessen my load.  I'm thinking of selling off my monitor for starters and getting an LCD one, which I think would help muchly...

Other than that, I have this funny thing to show:

[00:02:13] <Spoofy> FSRadio: what do you think about God?
[00:02:17] <FSRadio> Spoofy: Cats are very intelligent, independent and yet very loving and friendly.
[00:02:27] <Spoofy> FSRadio: I asked about God, not cats.
[00:02:31] <FSRadio> Spoofy: Oh yeah, we were talking about God not cats.
[00:02:35] <Stormkeeper> lol
[00:04:05] <Stormkeeper> FSRadio: What do you think about dogs?
[00:04:09] <FSRadio> Stormkeeper: Cats are very intelligent, independent and yet very loving and friendly.
[00:04:18] <Spoofy> FSRadio: Stormkeeper asked about Dogs!
[00:04:45] <Stormkeeper> Okay, so not only does FSRadio think cats are dogs, it's dyslexic too... brilliant.
[00:05:00] <Stormkeeper> FSRadio: What do you think about cats?
[00:05:07] <FSRadio> Stormkeeper: Cats are very intelligent, independent and yet very loving and friendly.
[00:05:15] <Stormkeeper> FSRadio: What do you think about birds?
[00:05:18] <FSRadio> Stormkeeper: Cats are very intelligent, independent and yet very loving and friendly.
[00:05:25] <Stormkeeper> FSRadio: What do you think about sex?
[00:05:29] <FSRadio> Stormkeeper: No. Are you gay?.
[00:05:37] <Stormkeeper> FSRadio: No, I'm not :|
[00:05:41] <FSRadio> Stormkeeper: | FSRadio: I heard you are. You're sure about that?
[00:05:49] <Spoofy> what?
[00:05:50] <Stormkeeper> Cheeky fucker!
[00:06:08] <Stormkeeper> FSRadio: No, I'm bloody-well not gay :|
[00:06:14] <FSRadio> Stormkeeper: | FSRadio: Really? Me either.
[00:06:21] <Spoofy> haha
[00:06:23] <Stormkeeper> FSRadio: But you said I was gay!
[00:06:29] <FSRadio> Stormkeeper: Don't put words in my mouth.
[00:06:35] <Stormkeeper> ...
[00:06:49] <Spoofy> lol

So yeah, I got called 'gay' by a piece of software and then it denied doing it... cheeky fucker!

But that's it for now...
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Last day online from home today... weee! Moving guy is coming to pick my stuff up at 12:30 tomorrow, will have to eat everything I can here, and throwing out the stuff that'll be out of date when I get back.

Need to pack stuff too, yay.

So much fun. Will write some more later.

Coincidentally, I pigged out on 12 sausages and 12 slices of bread X_x


Jul. 31st, 2006 10:31 pm
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Seems like E3 is definately dead... kinda upset about it to be honest, never did get to go. Suppose I'll have to see what happens in time. Preparation for packing is going ahead tomorrow, as well as lunch with my friend. I'm gonna lie down a bit first, friend was right about that bloody burger taking a lot out of me!

after that, 'tis Second Life time. Coincidentally, if you haven't already been informed, I'm off to Ireland from the 3rd of August, though I'm going offline from the 2nd of August. After that, I won't be online much (if I will be at all!) for about a week. You can email me, or text me if you have my number, however I can't respond to anything till I'm back home (the Irish one).
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Moving preparations are going quite decently at present. I've made a reservation for a storage place, which I ppersonally went down to examine. The first one was a little on the small side, pretty much the size of a walk-in wardrobe! Long story short, I picked one that was much more spacious. I also have all the packing materials as well, which I got at half price, apart from bubble wrap and a marker, which I got separately. Geting there by bus was a trek and a half, though thankfully some ncie people on the bus pointed me in the right direction, still was a bugger crossing three main roads though! Anyway, I had to get a taxi back because I'd have never gotten the stuff back home by bus!

A hell of a lot of rambling! )

All I can do is wait, and cross that bridge when I come to it, much like everything else at the moment!

I also need to remember to book my flight over to London for a few days to do my interview for the Specials... but I need to get myself fit for them too; I ordered a CD which should help me with luck. Of course, sometime this week, doing my laundry wouldn't be a bad idea either!I need to remember to use up all the tokens as well!

Edit: I decided to put it under a cut, seeing as it took up an entire page.  Now why can't I do that when I write a story?

Edit 2: I get to write more, yay! Firefox is out now, yay! I had more to write about than I said, yay! I need to stop yaying.... booo!
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Today started off interestingly enough this morning... got a phonecall for someone from Galway looking for Residential Services and he stumbled upon my number. Not the first time it happened, but hey, if it happens again, I'll be more or less ready for them. Anyway, I had a chat with him about what he was doing (a Masters), and he asked me about what UEL was like, had to tell him that my course wasn't suiting my needs terribly well. Anyway, after all that, not a whole lot happened apart from the fact I rescheduled a meeting to tomorrow, where I'll fill in my form, then go and get a reference from my programme leader then send off the form. After that, I messed about online, then went to sleep, and I'm pretty much at this point now, planning for my podcast, and about to upload sample rates for my (soon to be) hosting company.

You Are A Hazelnut Tree

You're a charmer with a killer sense of humor.
You are very demanding, but you can also be very understanding.
No matter what, you always make a lasting impression - you're quite popular.
Passionate, you are an active fighter for social causes and politics.
In general, you are moody, honest, a perfectionist, and very sexual.

Jaysus, that's one of the most accurate so far!
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Seems like it's not as bad as I thought it would be; just the power supply is gone, so in theory, I could be back up this week, with luck. I'm not gonna be here most of this weekend however because I have an induction at the gym (yes, I finally started to join!) and after that, I'm heading out to Dorchester to investigate a haunted place (Sky must be jealous of me now!) in Bradford (getting a lift from Dorchester to Bradford). I'm still going ahead with the new PC idea though, as I have a graphics card that didn't work with my PC, plus I bought a new keyboard, plus I have to replace a lot of components anyway, so new is best.

I'm in the process of unpacking, though I need to start on some laundry today for I'll not have any other time to do it before the weekend. Either way things are starting to pick up, and I'm definately going to be taking advantage of the gym, now that I am taking postive steps towards things. Gym closes on the 28th of July, so after the 24th, I'm on pay as you go, and after that point, I'll be working in my fitness regeime that my friend Eldon gave me. Hopefully by that point, I'll be fitter overall, and shall be able to tone myself up, and make myself fit enough for the Specials... or if I don't get in this time, I'll make myself fitter overall and try again later.

Lastly, I may or may not be getting a summer job, which would involve me travelling around the country which is pretty cool if I do get it. I have to wait and see though...
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Okay, this is quite a small one, as I'm actually starting to forget evrything... :S

In other news, about 11-12 days till my move to Shepherd, though I need to sign papers first. I need to work out what to do soonish, because my decision to move means that I'll have to move out on the 19th of August. I don't think I'll be getting part of my 1275 or whatever it is from UEL, but oh well, guess this happens. I just hope they actually invest it wisely. I shall be getting my Residential and House deposits back, however. House shall be back this month. I also vow to myself that over the next few months, I shall start being more money-conscious than I used to be, even if I was actually doing this somewhat before, I need to do better. To that note, I've started seeing how long stuff lasts for on average with me, such as toilet roll, toothpaste, shower gel and juice, among other things. I expect it shall be quite informative. Also, I need to stop it with my impulse buying as well. Sure, I could buy junk to last me a month, but I'd have it gone in about a week at most! That isn't something I should do... I'm meant to be saving!

So anyway, that's that. I also read more of Parallel Worlds, which I started at the same time as Derek Acorah's ghost hunting book, which I finished now. I expect I'll be through with the other book in a few days, considering my average seems to be about 25 pahes per half hour, meaning after about 2 hours, I'd be through 100 pages, if not more. The book is only about 341 pages long, so quite a small book in my experience. I'm excluding the back of the book stuff like the index, advertising blurb, recommended reading and notes, which I may read. Either way, after about 4 hours combinded reading time, I'll have finished the entire book. After that, I plan to finish off Asimov's The Complete Robot, which I started back at Goodmayes, and was about 1/3-1/2 of the way through before I stopped reading it. I'm gonna start from scratch and recall from memory about what I've already red, and start from the story I'm most unfamiliar with. I may end up skipping a couple of stories after that, but hey, I want to finish this book. I've gotten back into reading in a big way, and I intend to ride on the (reading) ray* while I can.

And that is me done... oh well, there is the issue of the coursework, though I may ponder whether or not I should do that, which reminds me, I need to talk about grouping with someone for it... *sighs* It never ends, does it?

I could do with taking a shower, as it's still hot, sunny and 22 degrees here... it also stinks in here coz of the heat, not fun :S

*Gotta love referencing Tangerine Dream, hehe.
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Well, I'll be moving from here for good soon and then no internet for 2-3 weeks, but then again maybe it'll be sooner. Time will tell, however.

When I get settled down though, I'm so playing Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy 6 or Front Mission, though.
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I'm moving into my new house soon, within the next couple of days, and unfortunately, I'll have no home internet access for the next 2-3 weeks. I'm also exhausted at the moment, and somewhat regretting agreeing to the move, lol... But it saves me about 750 a year at least in bills, heh.
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By the time you lot read this, I'll either be in bed, or just heading to the airport if I'm not there already. I'm gonna try to get online, but I'm not promising a thing... And to anyone who wants them, hugs until I'm back online to harass you :P

London will rock! ^_^

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