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I was roused from my sleep yesterday morning by the doorbell (after having a few bizarre dreams I barely remember, though I have to admit I seem to remember them a little more these days) by the dude charging up the meter for the flat, and again, it looks like no one is here.  Anyway, I have a lot of work to do, in order to get myself ready for Prime Time.  First things first though, internet will need to be restored, by the very thing I dismissed earlier; my mobile... and with good reason.  I'm on the cusp of the coverage area, so everything is slow or doesn't work, which sucks.  It's about the only thing I can do while I wake up and dry off from my shower, mind.  After this, I'll need to brush my teeth and head to residential to check stuff.  Amazing what a night's sleep makes you realise.  The unfortunate part is that I could have done this last night if I recalled, but no matter, it's done now.  Next is checking Residential and mail stuff.  My mobile internet isn't bad, for the record, just that I'm out of coverage, so it performs bad.  Anyway, lack of internets gives me time to get much-needed stuff done, like getting rid of crap from my room.  However, I'm gonna work on this till about 11:30, seeing as I have a fair bit to say about the past couple days, although I'll prolly update this entry later to expand it to cover the last entry, once I have worked out what dates I'm covering, but either way, the trip home was pretty good, although going towards Dun Laoghaire, I had a couple of mishaps.

First of all, after I got to Connolly Station, with 4 minutes to spare on my suggested schedule (this will be important later on), I missed my train, and I was on the platform and all!  The reason for this however was I forgot which direction I was supposed to be going.  This may sound silly now, bit both Bray and Howth have beaches and are along the coast, albeit in opposite directions.  However, I caught a train going direct to Dun Laoghaire, but because I was so stressed, I got off at Blackrock, which is 2-3 stops away!  Luckily for me, there was a DART going to Greystones in the next few minutes, or I'd have been screwed!  Anyway, I made it to Dun Laoghaire port in a reasonable amount of time, and check-in was grand, though it was a bit empty (and a bit scary) going to the ship, as I thought I had missed it!  Luckily for me, I had arrived in plenty of time (relatively speaking), so once I was on the ferry, I had nothing to worry about, so I hopped onto UKCB and FSIRC to check stuff, and on UKCB I had a friend of mine wondering what was wrong with me because I'd barely been on, response being my PC in Ireland was screwed, graphics card gave up the ghost on Thursday, though at least I got a few things done before that.  After all that, I sat around and did relatively little, until after the man sitting next to me went off.  A few minutes later, I got myself bruunch and headed back to my seat, where a few minutes later, the man opposite me returned (there was also a woman next to me reading, and earlier there was a Korean guy - I think - beside the man and opposite the woman, who was at a window seat) and then we started chatting, and he gave me some advice about having a positive attitude, and he mentioned about how he met his wife in Sussex (after I told him I was born there), in a place called Hailsham (if I recall), at a hospital party, which he found out about in Brighton.

Anyway, after finishing the story (which was a lovely one),  he shook my hand and left, then I started talking to the lady beside me.  Turns out it was her first time to Holyhead, and that she was from Enniskillen (sp?) in Northern Ireland.  Anyway, I had a chat with her for a bit, before she got her back off conveyer belt B, while mine arrived on A, go figure.  Anyhow, I got my bag and began to make it to the station, when I spotted a train straight to Euston from Holyhead, and decided to wait for that, as there was less faffing about, and as I found out, it'd save me about an hour getting home.  Admittedly though, once I got home, it wasn't all that good, to be honest.  As you know from the entry on the 21st, the place was practically abandoned, no washing was done, and someone stole the shelf from my room, and it was also completely dark... anyway, we all know what happened, so I'll just steam on, and mention that a lot of people have moved in on Saturday, including two girls, or a girl and a guy, not sure.  Either way, I didn't get up to much, and I just realised about that parcel too and what it was, was from eBay.  Saturday wasn't terribly active, and nor is Sunday, although I'll have a commissioning entry for my new spiritual, paranormal and dream journal, which has been created out of neccessity, although I can't explain for reasons here.

Moving onto Sunday though, I've started to organise my room some, and laundry has been put on the back burner till tomorrow now, considering I have no will to go out, although I may have to anyway for dinner.  And, if I can get myself out for about 8pm, I can do a single load of laundry, which is much-needed at this point!  Anyway, onto more trivial things now, and I've been scouring eBay for Planescape Torment and Star Trek Innerspace toys.  I also have plans to sell off Commandos, Unreal Tournament 2004, Die Hard 3 and Baldur's Gate II, once I find the manuals and CD and DVD for it, as they're all spare at the moment.  All I have for BG2 is the box and reference card, which is a start, but seriously isn't gonna make any money for me at the end of the day.

Anyway, today I'll have a few things to do, like laundry and shopping, and I also need to pop over to Uni to get stuff sorted... it never ends!  Either way, I hope this year, I don't have to worry about stolen food, and I never did get the money back from my former flatmate either.... and he had the cheek to ask me for my PS2 to borrow!  But yeah, with the new flatmates in, and as at least one is female, I don't walk around topless like I used to, and I imagine I can't pull off stuff I used to be able to in an all-male flat.  Either way, I need to organise my room some more, get stuff out of the way, and hope to god my parcel hasn't been shipped off to the USA, although it's possible that as I've been such a good resident, they may have kept it for me.  We'll see later on today though...
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So there's really not a lot for me to say... desktop is still fucked, even after my mate had a look at it... we're both figuring it's the graphics card is on its way out, seeing as the screen garbles up still, which is a pain in the arse.  I've been doing feck all this week, although it looks like I'll be heading home early... thinking of getting a guitar, case and tuner for 60 Euros from Lidl, which is 40 pounds, which I think is good value, and it means I've saved myself some money.  Computer-wise, I'm thinking of updating components for all 3 computers at the moment, though more on that when I get to London, which I am seriously thinking of leaving for on Thursday, after I charged up my iPod.  I never got my Irish mobile's charger back, although I plan to in December, along with going out drinking with Buttzy, and people from the paranormal group on Boards and someone in N. Ireland from UKCB, as well as an investigation.  That's my Xmas hols kinda sorted!

Anyway, when I get back to London, I plan to tidy my room, as well as getting myself into a fitness plan, and also I want to get a bike... guitar can wait till next year, I want to get myseolf and my room sorted out first, then the real stuff can begin.  More later, need to finish before the PC crashes...
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Okay, so I'm still on my mum's laptop, and I'm bringing an update... a proper one this time.  I never went to Northern Ireland because I woke up too late, and with the time I got up at, I'd have been there at 9pm at the latest.  Anyway, I wouldn't've had the money to go anyway, given I ran out after 2 drinks for Buttzy's birthday night.  He's off out tonight in Naas, given he couldn't afford Carlow as he was after spending 90 quid last night!  Sadly, I can't go out tonight, but I'm working on going out next week, and the same with Northern Ireland.  Nothing to report really, save for the fact I can spend an extra week in Ireland, as I'm not due in for re-induction till the 25th, though I plan on leaving on Friday or Saturday.  I also need to wrap up stuff here, though thankfully, my Irish bank accounts are resolved, so that's one less worry, especially as dealing with it now means that instead of E800+ over 2 years for paying back my credit card, it was a little over E400, which is good.

On the subject of sorting out my life, I decided a couple days ago to get myself fitter, and bring my stomach down, after seeing a program on some girl bringing down her weight and other stuff and living longer.... then tere was also What Not To Wear.  I also found out today that 39% of Irish people are overweight and 18% are clinically obese.  Anyway, when I get back to London, I have plans to improve myself for the new academic year.  Will detail more later, after CSI.
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Well, I don't believe it... I managed to get my PC to work!  The problem was space issues... which was totally bizarre!

Anyway, these past few days have been spent resting, and I never went on the investigation unfortunately because of lack of people, and the past few days have been quiet, which makes a nice change.  Anyway, tis mum's birthday tomorrow, and this week it's also my mate Buttzy's birthday, and I'll be going out for that.  Also plan on going out to Northern Ireland for one day, seeing as I promised someone I'd be in Naass over Xmas, but I wasn't.  Anyway, I'm going back on Saturday now to cater for this and this is the only trip I'll prolly be making.  I plan on seeing other people (excepting Buttzy) in December, although I could swing it so that I see Finny on Friday for a quick catchup... so maybe I can get this to work out after all... but we'll see.  I'll give him a call though.  Mum is away on the weekend, meaning I'll have to get myself up on Saturday, and be at Connolly for 9:30am >.>

Anyway, I'll need to start preparing for tomorrow (it is Wednesday!) later on...
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Okay, so I'm in Ireland now... will update properly when I get back, given this PC may or may not be able to take me tapping away repeatedly, although I'll try to get an entry typed up for between my last entry and tomorrow, as this PC is unstable, though I could always write...
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Okay then, I have some updates.  First of all, due to lack of money, I never went to the spiritualist church thingy in the end, and I decided to save my money for an emergency.  Weekend was practically wasted due to lack of money, but oh well.  Monday didsn't really hold much in the way of accomplishment either, although I did get 30 (out of 35) quid my flatmate owes me, which is a good start.  I also found somewhere to get my digital camera instantly, and for 100 quid plus locally as well, score :D  Linky here.  Tomorrow I'll be calling up the insurance people to see if I can get the monetary value of my old camera, minus the 25 quid excess (45) sent to me as a cheque, meaning I get my camera for 55 quid, with deductions.  I also need to get the ball rolling at UEL with regards to recovering my money, plus I need to go and get the camera, so tomorrow'll be much more active, so may be an early night for me *gasp!*  I also need to top up my Oyster card, although regarding travel, I'll have to be careful come Thursday as there's a Tube strike on, dammit. :|

So yeah, gonna be busy tomorrow for sure, heh.
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So yeah, it's been 12 days since I posted here, and surprisingly, all things considered, not a hell of a lot has happened, but a fair bit has, if that makes sense at all.  Anyway, I had so much fun getting a ticket, I ended up departing at 08:30 Friday (the 3rd) and arriving at about 18:00 in Dublin, where I went to Tallaght, and got picked up from outside The Square and had a chat with him along the way.  Was supposed to go out with him for some beers, but as soon as my head hit the pillow I was out like a light!  The following morning, I woke up at 830am, watched some TV, decided to go back to bed, then woke up at 11:30, and departed at 12:00, getting a lift from my mum's boyfriend to Tullamore town centre.  I made my way to the station, then got a taxi the rest of the way, seeing as I expected I'd have to work the second I got there.  After I got there, I got stiopped by the security people, where I said hi to Mark, the head security dude and got let in, where I then went to the kitchen to make it known that I had arrived, where I got to meet Megan for the first time, and she gave me a hug, although she didn't floor me like she said she would, although considering many people were in the kitchen, that would be awkward... one thing I forgot to mention is that I was informed by Colom that I was late for my shift, although it was a 10pm-4am shift!  He was just messing with me though, so it's all good.

And that's pretty much happened between the entry ahead of this one, and the one before it where this'll go in between.  Can't remember what else, but I figure it's enough now, isn't it?
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You guys must have thought I have ran off or something, lol

But no, I'm alive and (somewhat) well.  Just had to deal with a debt collection agency a few minutes ago, because a payment I made on my card never went through, go figure.  Anyway, it's all done now and I no longer have to worry, which is good.  Either way, I wished the book company accepted Solo (figures the debt collectors do!) - I could have paid it off ages ago, and without it being full price!  Anyway, I'm back home from the investigation over the weeend, and at present, I can't remember anything between my last... oh, it's coming back to me now, go figure.  Okay, what happened between those "missing days" was pretty much working on that report, which I did right before I was due to go, or rather I did it right up till 4am, slept in till 07:00 (about when I was due to leave!), then scrambled to get ready to go... luckily enough, after all that, I managed to get in only 20 minutes (1h 40m) shy of the 2 hour requirement, which wasn't bad!

Anyway, after that it was pretty much plain sailing, save for the fact I had to wait for a bus in the cold, and have a bus driver make me feel a little stupid (wanker!), called up my friend as well, he was happy to hear from me.  Got into Naas fairly late, met up with my mum and sister, after which we went to the Capri, then off to Superquinn (which reminds me, I'll need to buy some food tomorrow - too tired today) and then off to a place to find a wireless network card.  The shop I initially went to didn't seem to have them, so I went to the place across the road, which was closed for a few minutes break.  I met the principal of my old primary school, and had a quick chat with her, she's retired now which came as a bit of a surprise.  Seems that times are a-changing indeed!  Anyway, my mum told me they had a network card, which I bought... nearly forgot to bring it with me as well, till the chap at the counter said something!  At this point, I headed home, along the new bridge built, which is quite nifty, I have to say.  The place has really changed a fair bit!  My sister was convinced she'd have made it for the 17:45 bus, when it was 17:20, but both my mum and I said she wouldn't.  And you know what?  We were right!  Takes half an hour to get to town, and with all the getting ready... well, you get the idea.

Anyway, cue various actions including sisters getting ready, doting over two kittens, resting and other fun things.  Anyway, after my two darling little siters were gone, I pretty much chilled and stuff, before having an early night, though the idea was to take a nap for an hour, so I could do some PDP uploads, which I have yet to do... I must have been knackered though!  Got up at 07:00, and set up the wireless, but due to lack of mouse, it was hard to get stuff done, but I did do it.  Mostly stuck with the lappy, mind... which I'll eventually be getting one of myself.  Anyway, fast forward, and I got so fed up with the Eircom router being so crap, I went to PC World with mum and got a new one, because it was better.  Anyhow, it took me 45 minutes to get the password to connect to the internet (which I later found online), seeing as the guy wasn't Irish or English... it was crazy.  I just wanted the password to get on, and he goes on about the router!  The router was fine.  Admittedly, I finally connected the router to the internet, but then the laptop wouldn't connect... there was an issue on the router itself, but it's fixed now, so it's all good.  Anyway, this was all after the investigation I went on, photos of which will be up soon.  I picked up on a few things as well, which was cool.

Anyway, fast forwarding through everything, I had to rush to the bus stop to catch my bus.  I couldn't get the airport one, so had to get the normal one, with a change at O'Connell Street.  Managed to make it in on time too, which was grand.  Anyway, I joined the wrong queue, so had to go to the back of the other one, because yu now have to pay for priority access.  I remember reading about how Michael O'Leary views himself as Roblin Hood, though a politician considered him to be more like Al Capone.  I dunno which one to agree with, really.  I mean, in fairness, he did bring low fare airlines to the masses, but at the same time, he's charging us an arm and a leg for it, as well as giving people as little money as poss, as well as hiring foreigners coz they'll work for peanuts.  That's just scrping the surface.  Unfortunately though, I can't afford anyone else.

But enough of that mini-rant.  Fast forward to getting back into London, as really, there was nothing out of the ordinary getting back to there, even the bus from Stratford to Lewisham (108) was uneventful, or relatively so, was talking to a guy who works for the Underground.  Anyway, after waiting a while for the N21 to come along I hopped on and began the relatively short trek home.... only it wasn't working like that (does it ever?)!  I pretty much blinked and missed my stop, meaning I had to walk over a mile back to my flat, yay.  I got back in the end, but not without learning that Blackfen is in Kent first, though I wish I could do it at a more leisurely pace, but ah well.  I eventually got home though, but not without feeling knackered, and that was the same time I got the debt collector's letter, which is sorted now.

Which brings me right up to now, of which I've done nothing at all, never went into class today either!  I'm resting my poor legs, in the hope I can make it in tomorrow, though it figures that I missed my CCS stuf, but oh well, I'll catch up over the next while, as let's face it, March comes soon.  Either way, I need to rest up, knuckle down and organise everything!

And that's pretty much that.  Oh yeah, the report got put in, with 5 minutes to spare, had 50 pages in the report, compared to the rest, who had about 1/3 or 1/4 of that!  At least we showed that we put some work in, despite our team going from 6 to 4!  Either way, I hope we pass, as the less I have to resit, the better.

Edit: I almost forgot, a friend of mine texted me to say she was in Blackheath, though I got the text some 12 hours later, which made me have a "dammit!" moment in the car.  Interestingly enough, she's been thinking about studying at Greenwich, as she's asked me about what it's like there.  She's looking at doing Forensic Science (my mum and I think it's cool), which she mentioned in an earlier text.  She'll be writing to me as well, seeing as she can't get online so much these days, so I need to start remembering how to write letters, and if she's reading this, be it now or at some point... now you know that my letter writing skills are crap, but I'll give it a shot all the same.

Lastly, I forgot to mention I'm able to hear ultrasonic sounds, as I heard my mum's bug repellant thingy which was interesting.  Apparantly though, Aspies can hear into ultrasonic sound ranges, so I'm not very surprised...
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Here's a funny little rant about booking a flight.

Okay, I'm booking a flight to Ireland to participate in an investigation at the end of this month. Anyway , I went to SkyScanner to check out flight prices.  Anyway, I was quoted a price of £47.92, which is fair enough.  Anyway, I went to Ryanair's site, checked the prices, saw that they were doing £4.99 flights, which was cool, I thought.  Anyway, the total then came up to £39.88 with my two flights... thought I saved about 7 quid, then I had to add baggage, which I forgot about.  That added 7 quid to my flight, well fuck.  But it doesn't stop there.  Additionally, I had to pay out for a 2.50 card charge as well.

Which now means my flight cost a grand total of... £48.28.

Well, fuck.


Coincidentally, freaky film here:
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Moving preparations are going quite decently at present. I've made a reservation for a storage place, which I ppersonally went down to examine. The first one was a little on the small side, pretty much the size of a walk-in wardrobe! Long story short, I picked one that was much more spacious. I also have all the packing materials as well, which I got at half price, apart from bubble wrap and a marker, which I got separately. Geting there by bus was a trek and a half, though thankfully some ncie people on the bus pointed me in the right direction, still was a bugger crossing three main roads though! Anyway, I had to get a taxi back because I'd have never gotten the stuff back home by bus!

A hell of a lot of rambling! )

All I can do is wait, and cross that bridge when I come to it, much like everything else at the moment!

I also need to remember to book my flight over to London for a few days to do my interview for the Specials... but I need to get myself fit for them too; I ordered a CD which should help me with luck. Of course, sometime this week, doing my laundry wouldn't be a bad idea either!I need to remember to use up all the tokens as well!

Edit: I decided to put it under a cut, seeing as it took up an entire page.  Now why can't I do that when I write a story?

Edit 2: I get to write more, yay! Firefox is out now, yay! I had more to write about than I said, yay! I need to stop yaying.... booo!
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Okay, perhaps I have been online more than I thought I'd be, but I'm still not really online... I ran out of credit today, which is fun, so I have to buy more. Investigation is today, so it's a bit of a mad rush to sort things out... I'm not going to be staying till Monday because I have stuff to sort out here, before I go back. And that is that, they say. If you want to know about the investigation, I'll post up a report on the IP site sometime soon.

Watch this space.
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So yeah, here I am in Ireland, yay. After today, I shall have no access to the net from home, resorting to net cafes only. That said, I guess it's better than wrestling with dial-up and a shoddy keyboard, which I think I'd better replace. I'm knackered though, so I'm going to leave it here for now. That said, Dublin for me tomorrow! Then I'm staying at home on Friday, only to go out on Saturday and coming back here on Monday, which is a bank holiday.... then I bugger off back home on Wednesday, and when I get home, I have to work my arse off, yay.

Anyway, I'm off to bed.
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I get to spend a few hours in Dublin as I missed the last bus back home.

Fun fun.

I did meet a few great people though :)

It's a kick in the stones when you find out there was a bus at about 3:25am. I now have to wait till 6:38am...
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Well, I ended up going to The Square yet again, and opposed to the Village Green place, though it wasn't that bad. Somewhat unfortunately, that guy who pissed me off once too many times had to come along, though for once I didn't get into an argument with him. Anyway, Dublin City tomorrow, then the airport on Friday. Then I also get to go to Heathrow on Saturday to meet up with someone before she goes to Germany... I swear, I have done too much fucking travelling this week! I'm lucky enough to still have money, ythough I shudder to think about how much I've shelled out the past 3 weeks... Anyway, I really, really need a job and that's going on the top priority list when I get back home. Luckily for me, I have internet at home, so I can do a fair bit of journal updating, and well as story writing now too, which has cheered me up.

I'm coming to the realisation that because I didn't have enough time to "bond" with this house, I've effectively become a stranger in a familiar place, that being the family home, however twisted that sounds. Truth be told, I feel most comfortable being in England now and I don't think I could ever live in Ireland again sadly, seeing as I wasn't able to get used to the house because of lack of time. Of course, being relegated to the couch doesn't help either.

At the end of the day though, for the majority of this week, and indeed the past week, I have travelled or will be travelling around places, which is pretty nuts. Galway is certainly off the cards for now.

Also, randomness for the day; I <3 sushi.... :D

And yeah, I need to get some sleep, as I gotta head into town (before Dublin) to get a few things sorted, so g'night!


Aug. 9th, 2005 02:58 am
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Well, nothing new to say really, asides from the fact I went to Blanchardstown Shopping Centre in Dublin and mooched around the shops and had some food at Burger King. I did also find out that Naas has a Smyths Toy Superstore now as wello, which is cool. I bet Naas'll have changed again when I come over next year. I have plans to go to Dublin tomorrow, er today to meet up with a mate I haven't seen in a while.

Also, I found out that at the castle I went to not to long ago, whenever I'm around, it relaxes the spirits, because I'm an "easy-going and loving spirit" as someone put it, which was pretty surprising for me to hear to be honest... But still, it's nice. :)
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I think I'm gonna have to give up on Galway this week, seeing as I have neither the time or money to go there now. I may end up visiting Dublin for the day, though that said, I may as well save that for Thursday, as I'll be there in the evening anyway. I'll definately have to check out that new bookshop in town, mind. It looks a lot like Borders, in that it it has a cafe as well as the actual bookshop. It's a sobering thought though that if Dublin was the size of London, I'd be living in Dublin now. Actually, around 1/3 of the country would be Dublin if it was anything like the area of London.

I have the most interesting thoughts sometimes. Anyway, for today, I'm off to a mates house though I have to call him first. I need to remember to check as well if any UK car insurers cover Ireland though that said, since Ireland is a holiday location, I shouldn't need to worry though. I do need a provisional licence before taking lessons, mind. I also need to learn how to use the clutch, brake and acellerator properly, but for now I'll have to stay content with the buses and trains. It's not like I will have to travel that far anyway, just Goodmayes and Barking. Ilford needs the bus though...

So, for the time being, the people within Greater London can rest easy as I won't be doing any driving apart from GTA and the odd racing game :P
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By the time you lot read this, I'll either be in bed, or just heading to the airport if I'm not there already. I'm gonna try to get online, but I'm not promising a thing... And to anyone who wants them, hugs until I'm back online to harass you :P

London will rock! ^_^

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