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So it's raining, lovely... now, if it would start cooling off in here I'd be happy! In other news, I had to strip down to my briefs because it was so hot... I was actually sweating profusely under my tshirt and jeans, which felt weird - like I took a shower in my clothes or something! Anyway, I got a letter from the Met today, asking me to send pics of my tattoos by email, which I'll eventually get around to doing. Other than that I'm really just relishing the fact it's raining... I know I like rain and all, but I love this one particularly, as it drops the temperatures here. :D

Asides from that, I'm hoping that people will quit stealing my bread! I also need to do shopping, and sign those papers for residential, before it is too late, heh. I'm going to take a nap first though... I couldn't sleep a lot last night because of the sweltering heat and the fact that the alarms went off 4 times this morning. Got to speak to three (mostly two) girls at the 4th alarm, and I went to the party of one of them...

I wonder how many are bemoaning the fact it is raining? If anything, they should be grateful for some rain and cool weater after 4 weeks of sun! Damn global warming!
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Well, today has been a scorcher of a day at 22c! I've felt very sick as a result too! Even now it's about 20c :/

I had my final of 5 acupuncture sessions, before signing up for another 5 (plus 2 free, yay!). This one started off fine, but towards the end, I ended up feeling a lot of severe uncomfortableness with some pain, so I started getting very anxious, which wasn't good, heh. I got some green tea today as well... got 6 for a quid (1 free). Have to do some shopping at some point today as well, bah! Lastly, I'm gonna try not to go into my overdraft this time, as I have to cough up 75 pounds for the privelage!

Other than that, I have rakes of CW to do, and I'm baking... go summer!
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Your Aries Drinking Style

Impulsive Aries people like to party and sometimes don't know when to call it a night.
Your competitive streak makes you prone to closing time shot contests.
You're a sloppy, fun drunk, and you get mighty flirty after a couple tipples.

Getting you drunk is a good way for people to get what they want out of you, should other methods fail.
You can become bellicose when blotto, but you will assume that whatever happened should be forgiven (if not forgotten) by sunrise.
You can be counted on to do the same for others -- so long as they haven't gone and done anything really horrible to you last night (ahem, sneaky Gemini!)
Your Signature Cocktails
Aries, born under the hot-stuff planet Mars, is the ruler of spicy food and red things -- and for balance, astrologers recommend they eat tomatoes, onions, olives and greens. That's right, Aries, you were born under the sign of the bloody Mary. Aries also rules grapefruit, and they've been known to kick back a salty dog and a sea breeze or two. For extreme hotcha, try a concoction with cinnamon liqueur in it.
Your Celebrity Drinking Buddies
Conan O'Brien, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Sarah Jessica Parker, David Letterman, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Garner, Jack Black, and Hugh Hefner.

amn, that's pretty accurate! Anyway, I've got to go pick up my 20 quid deposit on the PSP I reserved ages ago, as I need the money, then I'll go do the hospital thing, but not before I amend my Project Managment coursework. I'll also need to pick up a book as well, for academic referencing as just websites doesn't cut it. Anyway, for the first time in a while, it's rained... Every other day has been damn hot, and I hate the heat! I'm coming to the realisation I shouldn't sleep in so much, in that instead of trying to sleep through the "heatwave", I should let it wak me up, as it seems to get me up at decent times, well, decent in the early, but reasonably so sense.

I'm still feeling very sweaty, mind.
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Yes, I'm still alive, but I'm still bereft of internet access (sanity isn't around either, but that's a given thing considering this is me and I have no internet access). Anyway, I'm starting to settle into our new house, which is pretty much up the road, and not that far from Essex, which is still considered to be London... Hell, even Romford, which is further out is London! Yeah, anyway... I found an internet cafe that does 50p/hr which means I'll prolly be coming here every so often till we have internet access at home. Also, I'm getting my stitch out soon, which is a good thing.

Anyway, I have a blood test (read 12) tomorrow, and I have to stop eating an hour from now, so I can have a certain blood state tested. I'm not really looking forward to it, as I have begun to HATE needles with avengence... They are starting to scare the shit out of me again. =/ I've gotten over heights somewhat, and my confidence issues too, but needles still scare me! They're completely different to getting tattoos, I'm beginning to notice. Single needles hurt like fuck!

Anyway, now I'm somewhat settled, I'll be getting the new Storm Rain site layout sorted, and I'll hopefully be learning PHP soon, so I can do some good stuff. Anyway, that's really about it, asides from watching Hudson Hawk, Monster Man and playing Rugby on the PS2, oh and having a barbeque. It's also fucking hot here, and was 32C, at least yesterday or the day before and it's still hot now!

That's really about it... Now I'm playing catchup everywhere. Oh, and updating my address, of course.

Edit 22:04: Perhaps I'll wait a couple of days for the addressing issue.

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