Feb. 9th, 2007

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Well, I went to the Chevy Chase in Stratford for a pint yesterday, though I didn't drink much of it as it didn't taste right.  There were tons of Irish PCGE students there, which was quite cool (some of them were hot as well!).  Met a guy from Ballymore which was pretty cool also... barely ever meet someone from up around my way over there, with the exception of Dublin.  Anyway, I headed back to Billy's for a chat about stuff and today I'm helping him with a website.  Anyway, the reason why the post is titled as such is that I was taking a bus back from Stratford (the 108) to Lewisham and this guy about my age hopped on and wanted to sit in the seat beside me which I thought was odd, and I wanted to move but hecalled me back, so against my better judgement, I stayed but I was as nervous as hell being beside him.  We started talking about Stratford and how it was a rough area (a fact I know all too well, especially as of this morning!) and all that.  He was saying about how he had a knife and I was going "erp!" in my head.  

Then there were the silences, god... he was looking at me all the time which necessitated me to look back at him, which scared him I think, which is prolly just as well.  He was also asking me if I smoked ganja, and I told him I didn't and he asked me what's wrong with it, to which I replied nothing.  He later on asks me the time, and I take out my phone (oops) and check it and tell him what time it is (was 5 minutes off), then he started saying about how he liked the material of my coat, which I thought was odd.  I ignored the fact he was touching my forearm, as I really couldn't be arsed to make a scene out of it.  Anyway, he asks me about what's in my right pocket and I said it was my wallet (silly me).  He then grabs my jacket and says for me to keep quiet or he'd stab me (charming).  I then flatly asked him (while inside bricking it) if he'd rob a person with a disability.  He was immediately apoligetic and he didn't know (that's because I don't generally tell people, I informed him).  Anyway, he shook my hand and he left and was apoligetic and stuff like that.  

I watched him very carefully till he got off the bus, then decided to move up to the front of the bus, where it was safer!  Anyway, for a long while after that, I was very paranoid and vulnurable-feeling, even had my fists balled up somewhat and when I was at a bus stop, I was constantly moving, never staying still.  I could have sworn that if someone tapped me on the shoulder, I'd have easily hit them just because they touched me.  Either way, on my last stop, I double-timed it to my room, and then locked the door after me, something that I never did before, as I can trust my flatmates, but I didn't want anyone getting in... and even then for a while after, I was unnerved.  It took me about 15 minutes to get to sleep as well.

I'm just lucky that I wasn't seriously injured or anything like that... either way, I'm going to report the guy, in case he does it again.

Asides from that, it's quite non-eventful here, was having a meeting with a classmate of mine, but he isn't here and I waited a while now, so after this entry is typed, I'm off to Stratford.  I'm not gonna stay too late this time around, which is understandable.

Anyway, I'll write more if I have anything else to say.
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Well, I started my East London stuff today... went to UEL, but need to go back to sort out Residential.  I need to talk to Greenwich about getting my refund from UEL regarding tuition fees, so that's gonna get sorted Monday.  I'm keeping the money with the Chinese Medicine people, and am taking the acupuncture sessions to their Bromley branch.  I took an acupuncture and massage session, which was quite nice indeed.  Anyway, I got myself a few things from Gamestation for 30p (I had 10.69 store credit, hehe), namely a 2 for 1 deal... got Patlabour (Anime) and FEAR (PC game), as well as some WoW trading cards.  I also used part of the money I had left to buy myself brunch, so that's it now till my overdraft transfers, which I hate using because I'm gonna get hounded for it now by my bank... :/

Oh well, at least I'm alive...

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