Apr. 3rd, 2007

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Okay, so yet again I was late in getting to Bexleyheath... though the bus was late in getting there, which is the story with most of the buses; the one that's at the time you expected it to be at is the right bus, but the wrong direction!  Anyway, I was literally 10 seconds late in getting there, which left me gutted!  Oh well, there is always today, which I'm gonna get up early for.  But, even though I missed GAME, I'm not one to waste a trip, so it was off to Burger King for my brunch of an XL Bacon Double Cheeseburger (well, I was hungry, and I ain't into fast food so much) and a 3 pepper Angus, whichwas nice.  I also ended up buying 4 Easter eggs from Iceland, thus spending 6 quid... well, 2 for £3 quid was almost as good as a quid per Easter egg, although a friend of mine told me that Tescos now offer 3 Easter Eggs for £3... so i may have to check that out... I want 10 more Easter eggs so I can make an eggy triangle xD  It also makes up for the lack of Easterness over the past few years.

But besides that, I went shopping at Asda, and took advantage of the £1 Easter eggs, as you do... getting 2 more to make 6 :|  I also did some top-up shopping, such as trying out the twin cheeseburgers, which are slightly cheaper and getting 2 x 22 packs of Breakaway for £2, which is good, given a single pack is £1.98!  I also got some more instant mash, and condensed milk.  Also I got a Yoga & Meditation CD, which I hope to use later.  All this aside however, I found out that that residential issue was a mistake... THANK FUCK!  I've got my application pack which I'm gonna fill out soon, and send in... still have to fix that bloody toilet leak though!

Oh, and get my game... :|

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