Apr. 18th, 2007

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Well, I finally got the Tangerine Dream tickets from lastminute.com, and I got a callback from them to be sure, which was nice.  My mum commented they were really last-minute!  I also got my second copy of Night Moves (which I don't really need), which came with a second copy of Midnight Resistance, though it's the second copy of Night Moves I have, meaning I have two copies of that and a 3rd copy of Midnight Resistance! I suppose if the tape ever wears down, I do have backups.  I did also get my Enterprise plans as well, and I'm due for some more eBay stuff today, though thankfully the tickets arrived today, as my mum is coming this Friday! I'll also need to go to uni today and rectfy everything, as well as check for mail, which reminds me I need to check my email too, heh.

I stumbled upon this, and like the guy said, this shouldn't be funny but it is: http://www.askugg.com/2007/03/17/husband-to-wife-on-national-radio-show-i-cheat-on-you-because-american-women-use-the-mouth-you-dont-know-how-to-use-the-mouth/

"25% of the time you're on the periodical anyway." Say what? LOL! The guy on the radio is pissing himself at the convo, and I can't blame him to be honest. It did end a little abruptly the first time, but upon listening to it a second time, it seems less abrupt. Ask Ugg is quite interesting, mind... read most of it, and it's convinced me that marriage isn't such a hot idea, een considering the fact that marriage was going to be something I would consider at 30, but given I've lived through two divorces (not mine!), I should be quite wise to how damaging marriage can be when it doesn't work out. I mean, not only does it seemingly costs a bomb at the start of it, it costs a nuke during the divorce proceedings. I mean it costs more at the end of a marriage, then like a nuke, the effects of it are far-reaching and you feel the effects as time goes on, given you have to pay child maintenance, in addition to the fact that you lose half of what you own.  It's absolute madness.

In fairness though, I'm not against paying child support, provided the child is mine and not someone elses (poor bastard), but yeah, marriage is a bad idea because it ruins both sides financially.  I have no idea how this turned into a rant about marriage, but it did.  People should be used to my changing topics at a flick of a switch at this point, if they actually know me, or read my journal in some detail, but I'm now gonna switch to the fact that I got 10 lines from someone on MSN saying the same thing, a link which I highly suspected to be a virus.  I decided to research the url on Google and lo and behold, 2 links came up, one of which was on here.  Go figure.  The other one was a domain listing, which wasn't all that useful.  No doubt within the next 2 days or so, those links will be increased, especially as I'm going to mention it; hotandcute.net (why didn't I register that domain name dammit!) with the accompanying line "is that you on this photo" is obviously a virus designed to trick gullable people into clicking on it, to which code is then downloaded to your PC, and then installed.  It then ends up sending the same link to people on your contact list.  If you happen to read this, and get the link after reading this, then please please please don't click on it!

I know you've been told this a million times, and likewise this virus isn't new, but seriously, besides this entry and here (it's in Dutch), these are the only two places that I know of that have reported this particular link.  I'm going to do some research into similar viruses to see if I can help people remove it, although I'm not sure if I can, depending on the sort of virus it is... as unless it's similar to those other types of viruses.  I'm not sure if up to date virus protection along with Firefox and NoScript will prevent download/execution of the virus, but I'm really not about to test the theory out!  I have this PC working perfectly stable (for Windows!), and don't wish to get the PC infected, although I'd imagine that having the above would help somewhat.  Either way, it can't hurt to Google "Panda ActiveScan" to get a second opinion, although as far as I know, it doesn't remove viruses... but at least you actually know if you have something!  Everyone should really protect their PC with Anti-Virus software (Like AntiVir), an up to date internet browser with popup and script protection (IE might have it, but I know Firefox definately does, when you download NoScript), as well as a firewall (you're own your own here) and anti-spyware software (Spybot Search And Destroy is fairly good, especially when used with AdAware).  It goes a hell of a long way to making your system much more secure.

Granted, it doesn't protect against everything, but at least you won't have to pay someone like me (be it cold hard cash or in pints) to fix your computer!  It's taken me 4 hours in total to remove spyware from a mate's PC, so really I'd rather miss out on some money/pints than spend 4 hours banging my head against a keyboard getting rid of spyware.  I mean, high computer literacy does pay (and get you paid), but at the same time, so does being computer illiterate, or rather you pay people like me, haha!  More often than not though, I provide local support for free, although I could really charge for my services, especially considering something like PC protection is quite often overlooked... I do notice that only my computer literate mates (of a similar level to me I might add) protect their PCs in any way, shape or form.  I've even had to secure my mother's laptop as well as that of my mates (in addition to fixing their hardware problems, which took hours! - speaking of which, I should drop over to them this week) for nothing... although you can hardly ask for payment off your mum, and with regards to your mates, it is a good excuse to catch up with them...

It really is amazing how I can ramble on.  It does make me wonder what happened with C64s if they got viruses on them, and then eventually phones will have viruses... so much fun, eh? :|

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