May. 4th, 2007

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Well, I did that meeting with Kate and suffice to say, I have a lot of thinking to do now, especially as she thinks I won't pass this year.  Additionally, she thinks that my problems aren't academic, which I agree with.  As of this moment, I uploaded all my PDP stuff except for 3 files, which I intend to do today, Bexleyheath can wait till later.  Anyway, today I got my Oyster card, which is pretty damn cool, means I can now save money, wehay!  Additionally, I got Hexplore and the TA pack thing which is good.  I moved Hexplore to my 2 slot DVD case, which Vangers was in, as it was only 1 DVD, then moved my new TA CDs to where my old TA CDs were, also using the x2 CD case for Core Contingency and Battle Tactics, which is handy, though I have a spare Core Contingency which I may sell on eBay... or may not.  Either way, I want to have some study done, as well as have all those files uploaded before Sunday, and ideally tomorrow.

Really haven't much else to say, save for the fact I'm looking forward to using my Oyster card for the first time... it does mean I'm savng more money now...

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