May. 27th, 2007

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So today is the day I'll be going to Asda to do my shopping, seeing as I'm up at 0421, heh.  This would be alright in itself, only Asda doesn't open up till 10am, meaning I have 4 hours at least before I can do anything.  Given I intend to take a shower today (and surprisingly it hasn't been humid today), and it takes me an hour to dry off, which is a good way of spending a few hours.  I also could do with a shave.  On the subject of that, I was also considering shaving other areas too, in the interests of better personal hygene and the damnable heat :|   Anyway, I seem to be suffering a case of burnout, which sucks... it explains a lot of why I've become either indifferent to stuff, or unable to properly react in situations, which is really not fun at all, but given the situation, I've gotta weather it because there's only a handful of people able to deal with it, at least this aspect.  I need a break to be honest, as I've not had a proper break or anything.

Anyway, I'm gonna bet getting into a couple of games development competitions as a designer/programmer with a couple of mates, or rather just one this year, and that is the Intel one, and I'll be doing the MS one next year.  Anyway, I'm rummaging through stuff in order to find my games ideas and redo them ad design documents which I'll then burn to CD again, and date them as well.

It's now 0800 and I forgot about this entry, whoops.  I'm gonna leave it here for now and have a shower a bit later, dry off then go to Bexleyheath to get stuff...

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