Jun. 4th, 2007

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So yeah, I'm just testing this out. I'm also posting this way to let you
know I'm still alive (obviously) and I'll be eventually posting again on LJ
whenever they fix this, so for the time being, I've been using
GreatestJournal, although I'm now wondering if I should use this method to
post, although there's no guarantees it'll work just yet, and I'm in the
process of finding the tags, but if you wanna keep up to date and read my
random (some say interesting) musings - though god knows why, I'm over at
http://stormkeeper.greatestjournal.com, which means I can keep stuff pretty
much like LJ, which is damn handy, as it means I don't have to scramble
about remembering the tags or my mood, etc as it's all right there.

But yeah, i really need a shower now, and do that stuff I mentioned on GJ.
Fingers crossed that this'll work.

On the plus side, at least autosave works here on gmail too!

If I could work out tags, I'd be in business... fingers crossed, and much
love... mwah! XD

Okay, I really need to be going outside now... to the shower, then
McDonalds, then the charity shops, then Bexleyheath... then
infinity............................. and beyond!

Not really, just Central London, but hey, it's more excitement than I've had
in the past while. Coincidentally, no backlogged posts will be made on here
till the LJ issues are fixed, although they may make an appearance on GJ, as
will the EasyJournal entries. hopefully they're all just text-only, which
simplifies the transfer process, and I really need to consider redoing all
my tags as well.

But yeah, I must go now (how the fuck can I write such random crap?)... and
coincidentally, by the time I get outside, the uni shop may be open, so I
may not need a McDonalds, which is healthier to be honest... all that shit
that goes in there, but I digress... I need to get myself ready.

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