Jun. 20th, 2007

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Well, I just called up someone who is going to look at my camera for me, so hopefully I'll be able to get a quote in order to get it repaired, so I'll be heading into West London at some point.  I also need to go to UEL to get money sorted out, as well as the accommodation office to recover my student card, sign a contract and explain the fire extinguisher discharge, so I'll be having a wonderful day out it, seems... I might have to put off buying stuff till next week though, although I do have a Southern Style chicken wrap which'll do for brekkie, yum!

After that I'll need a shower... need to keep in mind too that on Friday I'm again going to Central for BIT2007, and I'm also having a guest over which is cool.  That's really about it at the moment... need to check my bank balance though. >.>

I may need to break into my laundry fund in order to sustain myself for the next couple of weeks, will need to budget methinks... I have 30 quid, well 25 quid from that to last me a couple weeks, and I think I can do it, although I risk going overdrawn by 50 quid.  Anyway, I'll need to get going in a bit...

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