Jul. 12th, 2007

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Made yet another update to my website... the place where I posted my voice clips now has its own flash player to play files locally off the site, and I also added a couple more files including a podcast I did ages ago, so it's been renamed to "Voice Clips & Podcasts".  I'm quite happy at this because it means that people can play everythuing locally now, and integration with the site is literally a piece of cake.  Admittedly, I've done no more voice clips, especially while I've been doing the radio, but I might actually give making a pilot podcast with regards to Stormrain Paranormal at some point, but we'll see... radio shows are hard enough!

Either way, I think I injected a much-needed feature on my site, seeing as it's a pain to have to download files, then play them.  Next up is actually getting the old content put back into the site... whcih may take a bit, though what I may do first is get a DHTML menu to work with...

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