Jul. 13th, 2007

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Well, this is fun... I'm up at 6am this morning, and fully plan to go back to bed, seeing as I had a drink of water and there's no point in staying up any longer.  I've made a few tweaks to the FSIRC site, which should hopefully make things a little easier to handle, but yeah, bed for another couple hours...
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Okay, another plus... I don't have the fire alarm blasting through my ears this time round!

Okay, perha....ps I spoke too soon, but at least it seems to be faster gotten rid of and doesn't quite fuck my ears up.  Thank god for small miracles.  Anyway, another nap before getting up, going to the Accommodation Office, shop then Bexleyheath to finally do shopping...

Hmm... they seem to be doing it one section at a time, heh.
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Why does it have to be so fucking hot in my room? :|

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