Jul. 31st, 2007

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So finally I can book my trip to Ireland, yay!  I found my passport, mobile phone and other useful things.  Now, tomorrow, I need to go and do a little shopping... need to get a rain jacket for use on holidays, as well as two lots of shower gel, one for here and one for the trip.... better safe than sorry.  Anyway, I recently saw an article on lockpicking, which has me interested, so at some point I'm going to learn how to do it as I think it's cool.  It's perfectly legal as well, it's the intent (like many things) that is the issue.  Moving swiftly on, I now have an interest in the Sony Cybershot cameras, one in particular, although at the moment, I can't remember the model number, so I'm kind of unable to... oh, wait a sec... found the catalogue.  The camera is a DSC-S650, though I notice there's a DSC-S700 out now as well, heh.  These offer ISO 1000 capability for the same price of the other cameras I was looking at, so I need to think about what camera I really want.  I can easily handle the fact I need a memory stick, as my reader accepts them.  But it's just as well I'm waiting till next week to order the camera, as I need to think about it... especially as there's a DSC-S800 as well, dammit.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I can get out of doing PDP if I fill in 4-6 exercises by the 20th of August, meaning I won't have to repeat the module, so yay for that!  Will need to look at them first, mind.  Other than that, I need to get myself organised for Thursday.  Irish mobile's charged up and ready to go, need to organise the PDA now...

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