Aug. 29th, 2007

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So yeah, I'm getting bad at updating this, lol.  8 days without an update now, heh.  Anyway, for nte most part, I forgot everything that happened between Tuesday and Thursday, except for the fact I found out that Nisa were having a special on shower gel for a quid, which is good.  Friday was much more interesting, especially with Drunk Friday.  I found out that someone stole my 2 pear Kopparbergs, so had to go to Wetherspoons and got more, although it turned out to be the best thing ever to do because  I got talking to a guy, and he informed me about a possible job opportunity at a computer shop in Eltham, which was cool.  After that, i headed home and drank my Kopparbergs and generally got tipsy and had a laugh on Drunk Friday, giving my flatmate one, though I shouldn't have, heh.

Anyway. I'm fed up having my food nicked, so I decided that I'm going to move most, if not all my food into my room, and talk to my cousin about putting cat food into my cupboard, with note saying that I've decided to start eating it because it won't get stolen then!  This is a variation of my cousin offering to buy me dog food and doing a similar thing, although I think cat food is better because then I can donate it to the local cat shelter when I'm done with it.  Anyway, today I'm going to go and do stuff, like go and sort out UEL, do some more shopping, do some laundry and other bits and bobs that I need to get done.

I'm gonna have an "early night", given I usually go to bed at about 7-8am at the moment... will finish off that outstanding entry later.
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So to follow up from this morning's entry, I got myself over to Eltham and did my shopping at Iceland, went over to the cat shelter, only to find it was closed!  Same went for the PC shop, was a half day.  I spent my last 11 quid on my Iceland groceries, and lunch (or rather brunch, if not my entire daily meal!) at co-op, before heading home.  Other than that, I've done sod all... although I did pop into Eltham Spiritualist Church.. I'm gonna be dropping by on Friday to see a medium at work, which sounds pretty cool.  Other than that, on Friday I'll be getting a refund on my battery, and getting one from Argos Eltham, and I'll also be seeing Virginia and well, that's about it... my life is kinda dull at the moment.

OH!  I did get myself a new deal on a phone... my bill will be £9 less (£14 less standard) from OCtober, because I got a £14/month loyalty discount with Three, and a new phone, so I pay £21 for my current plan of 750 mins, 150 texts, 50 video calling mins, 50 MMS and £5 downloads, which is good compared to £28 for the 750 & 150 alone.  I also got XSeries for an extra fiver (£26/mo now) and also a Nokia N73, which I can use once I get it, so score.

Anyway, that's about it for now... not expecting Thursday to be terribly active, but I intend to organise my room for more space... especialy with the foodage influx.  And next month, I'll be buying cat food, to "eat".

I'll explain later, if it hasn't been explained in the last entry, but otherwise I'll leave you guessing ;)

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