Sep. 3rd, 2007

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Okay then, I have some updates.  First of all, due to lack of money, I never went to the spiritualist church thingy in the end, and I decided to save my money for an emergency.  Weekend was practically wasted due to lack of money, but oh well.  Monday didsn't really hold much in the way of accomplishment either, although I did get 30 (out of 35) quid my flatmate owes me, which is a good start.  I also found somewhere to get my digital camera instantly, and for 100 quid plus locally as well, score :D  Linky here.  Tomorrow I'll be calling up the insurance people to see if I can get the monetary value of my old camera, minus the 25 quid excess (45) sent to me as a cheque, meaning I get my camera for 55 quid, with deductions.  I also need to get the ball rolling at UEL with regards to recovering my money, plus I need to go and get the camera, so tomorrow'll be much more active, so may be an early night for me *gasp!*  I also need to top up my Oyster card, although regarding travel, I'll have to be careful come Thursday as there's a Tube strike on, dammit. :|

So yeah, gonna be busy tomorrow for sure, heh.

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