Sep. 15th, 2007

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So, new update...

I'm writing on my mum's laptop as my desktop fucked up yet again, and just when I thought it was fixed too!  Anyway, I'll explain more about the past few days bit later, when Ive had some rest...
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Okay, so I'm still on my mum's laptop, and I'm bringing an update... a proper one this time.  I never went to Northern Ireland because I woke up too late, and with the time I got up at, I'd have been there at 9pm at the latest.  Anyway, I wouldn't've had the money to go anyway, given I ran out after 2 drinks for Buttzy's birthday night.  He's off out tonight in Naas, given he couldn't afford Carlow as he was after spending 90 quid last night!  Sadly, I can't go out tonight, but I'm working on going out next week, and the same with Northern Ireland.  Nothing to report really, save for the fact I can spend an extra week in Ireland, as I'm not due in for re-induction till the 25th, though I plan on leaving on Friday or Saturday.  I also need to wrap up stuff here, though thankfully, my Irish bank accounts are resolved, so that's one less worry, especially as dealing with it now means that instead of E800+ over 2 years for paying back my credit card, it was a little over E400, which is good.

On the subject of sorting out my life, I decided a couple days ago to get myself fitter, and bring my stomach down, after seeing a program on some girl bringing down her weight and other stuff and living longer.... then tere was also What Not To Wear.  I also found out today that 39% of Irish people are overweight and 18% are clinically obese.  Anyway, when I get back to London, I have plans to improve myself for the new academic year.  Will detail more later, after CSI.

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