Sep. 28th, 2007

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Well, what is there to say?  First of all, I've had a shave and finally did my laundry, and also organised my room some more... I also am not happy with my last flatmate, considering he left all my dishes and stuff dirty, so I'm leaving it to soak in to get rid of the oil that's on them, hopefully making it easier for me to clean them :|  Anyway, as you may have noticed, I changed the style of my journal... I decided to do after so long because I felt like a change.  My spiritual journal needs a lick of paint too, so I'll be working on that in time.  I've added a few more old entries, so the transferral is slowly but surely getting done.  What I intend to do now is reorganise my tags, because I have different tags stating the same thing essentially... like for instance, I have uni:general, uni: general and university stuff!  I'm going to merge them into the one tag so I can reduce the amount of tags I use.  I'm also going to rename "stuff" to uncategorised, so I can work out what I haven't categorised, and all categorised entries will no longer be under "stuff".  I made my way down the Greenwich yesterday for the Fresher's Fair, but unfortunately I was a bit late... on the plus side, I did get to look ay Bar Lat, which was quite nice.  I also went to Sparrows with Ben and Kirsty, and made a new friend, called Callum, who will be one of FS Radio's new DJs, with luck.  I met him first in Sparrows on Tuesday or Monday, as he was trying to get me to join the American Football team (Greenwich Mariners), but I hung around with him for most of the night, also got chatting to really nice girl as well, whose name I've forgotten, and at the moment I've forgotten her face, but eventually it'll come to me when I see her again.  I've gained a new appriciation for "I never forget a pretty face", especially when it makes girls giggle, hehe.

What does annoy me though is that I have no idea where this week has gone, plus it's all blended into one.  I really need to write to this at least every two days, minimum, or I'l forget everything.  Anyway, I need to do that transcription now so that's about it for now, will update more later, especially with the mini-company tag.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention I purchased a White Level Edition Planescape Torment, with novel on eBay, which I'm chuffed about.  On the subject of money, I am starting a spending table from October, in order to track my finances, so I'm hoping that it'll make things easier to manage.  Either way, I'll need to do some shopping next month... I just hope my university fees will come soon, so i can get started.  I still need to sort out UEL as well :|

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