Oct. 4th, 2007

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Well, I've had a nice run of luck the past few days.  First of all, the logging in issue resolved itself... which made me chuffed, and I also found out that it was due to a system crash, so Monday's class and lab couldn't be properly done, so that was lucky!  Anyway, I'm still without money, and have to go another 1-2 days without it, which is a pain, given I really need to do some shopping, and I also need to get ETQW before my double reward points offer thing runs out, if it hasn't already.  The uni money went in and all (thank fuck) and I'm now registered on my programme, but not for modules yet, which I imagine will be sorted in a few days.  Anyway, first class went well... Internet & Business Applications (IBA) looks to be dead easy, and with what I learnt from CCS last year, along with my current knowledge, although my lecturer Brian said that all that I'd scratch my head at would be the Business part, although admittedly, my business sense has gone up lately.  I was meant to get a book from him later, which I eventually got, although it was another stroke of luck to be honest!  I tried getting my book from Kevin (former PDP lecturer) as well as talking to him about PDP, and it seems that I can pass PDP if I do the uploads, seeing as I already passed the CSG, which is good.  Need to talk to my personal tutor about it, mind.

Wednesday (yesterday now) was an interesting start... we have a new lecturer for Multimedia GDD called Ryan, and although I've met him before, I've never been taught by him, but he's pretty cool, so I think I'll be enjoying this year.  As of now, my money still hasn't arrived, and nor has the copy of Planescape Torment (with novel) that I bought off eBay, and it was sent out on Friday last!  To make matters worse, there's a Royal Mail strike on today, so I can only hope I get it today... along with my money.  Either way, it's a little touch and go at the moment.  On the plus side though, I on;y have classes Monday-Wednesday now, with Thursday and Friday free, although I can use the IBA class on Friday to play catchup if I missed a lecture.  But yeah, I need to start working on my coursework for MMGDD, as it's different to my last one, although a similar plan is in order, so I'm gonna spend the next couple of days thinking about what games I'll compare, so I'm gonna get on top of this ASAP.  When I decide, I'm going to look for screenshots of the games.

Either way, this week is a little on-off for me at the moment... can only hope I can get ETQW this week, as well as the cables...
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Money finally arrived, though I had 35 quid taken off me, now I can do some shopping though, yay.  Package still hasn't arrived.. getting suspicious now.  I'll have a shower and check for the parcel at the residential office... I find it bizarre that it hasn't arrived yet to be honest.

That said, leter on it arrived, sans novel.  At least it got here in the end though.  Strike is now officially on however, which doesn't bother me now.  I talked about the missing novel with the seller on eBay, and it turns out she forgot to take out the listing, but she did promise to send it Free of Charge (FoC) if she came across a copy.  I imagine she'll either forget, or I'll aquire my own copy after a while, but the gesture was nice all the same.  I did go a little crazy on Amazon and got some wolf-related books saved for buying later.  That's really it for now.

I finally got some coverage on my phone, and it has a voicemail.. I got my 5% discount for university enrolment... yay! :D

I'm still not enrolled on any courses though, shit.

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