Oct. 19th, 2007

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Well, I got my student card today, which was quite good... one less worry on my mind about uni.  Anyway, I've been a little under the weather since Tuesday, so I've not really gone in... though I went in on a day off after being around  Eltham town to meet up with my mate, where we chatted for a while.  I've had IRCd issues as well since yesterday, but I'm not fixing them till tomorrow.  Anyway, I'm still waiting for my Quake Wars, but I'm happy I got my student card... if I were enrolled, it'd be fun.  I just left some feedback on eBay, so now all I need is QW, and I'm sorted.  From next week, I'll have to go in for all my classes, though I dunno how I'll do the games festival thing, given it conflicts with classes, dammit :|

Either way, i hope I feel better next week, as I want to attend all my classes.  I did get some stuff done today, like seeing Chris (who I'll see next Wed.) and getting organised for an interview to get a National Insurance number, though I need to go looking for work, d'oh!  I'm a bit fed up with everything at the moment as well, not fun...

Anyway, I think now is a good time to take a rest, seeing as my arm is aching a fair bit, plus I feel a little dizzy and I feel a bit hot in the face :|

Edit: I forgot to mention that I got Wargames and Ghost Hunters on Thursday!

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