Oct. 23rd, 2007

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Well, I'm still sick, in fact I think I was a bit worse between Thursday and today, or yesterday rather.  I went to class on Monday and unfortunately I ended up going a little stir-crazy after an hour, wanting to get out of the class (which I was 15 mins late to), though I stayed, and went after the class (though there was a tutorial after), after chatting to a few people.  I've booked in an appointment with the nurse to see what's wrong with me, as I don't think I need the doctor just yet, although I've spent a lot of time in bed although I did go to uni on Thursday seeing as I said I'd meet up with my mate at uni, where I stayed for some time before heading home.  I wasn't in on Wednesday or Friday because I felt ill, and semi-regretted going in on Thursday, but hey I did it.
Over the weekend, I somehow managed to go out for a few drinks with ben and Kirsty, and hold it in, as well as take photos of the night, before having some sausage sandwiches back at mine with them and then going to the flat next door to smoke a bit of weed, and generally chill.  I can't see why weed isn't legalised to be honest, given that most people have done it at some point, and if it were legal, there'd be more room for actual criminals, but that's a separate argument altogether.  Internet is going on and off at the moment, which is a pain in the arse, but I think that this entry should still be able to be uploaded from home.  Just to elaborate a little more on Monday, as the weekend really wasn't anything out of the ordinary, although I did get myself a copy of the Sunday Times which I've yet to read, although I did read Dick Whittingtonbefore going to pass out, and also ended up eating 2 packets of biscuits, as well as eating most of a packet of broken ones.  I also watched Wargames yesterday, and understood it a little better.

Other than that, I was mostly passed out, except for when I went to book an appointment with the nurse (I think living right above the medical centre will prolly work out quite well, as well as living somewhat above where I meet my mentor).  I just added a spate of Long Way Round & Down stuff which I plan on buying at some point, although moving on, it's funny how you're most in demand when you're passed out in bed, trying to get better... I had about 8 people message me while I was in bed, with 2 people needed me, dammit! >_<  Oh well, I was rather bleh at the time (I'll apoligise when I see them next), and it was 5-6 hours before I woke up, and I p... hmm, go figure, I was just thinking about where the assessment place is and it's next door to me.  I think I'm in a really good spot, given I'm next door to Counselling, the Disability office, my mentoring place and also the Medical Centre... crazy shit really.  I got a message from my mate apoligising about not being in yesterday and not being in today either, dammit.  What makes matters even worse is that I'm still not enrolled for uni so I have to go and get it sorted, misplaced that sheet I need as well, and I need to get it sorted out, or it'll cause me some issues later! >_<

Lastly, eBay is a pain sometimes... I've been outbidded on everything I've bidded on so far, which sucks, although it seems that I'll be able to get myself a PS3 for cheaper than the normal rate, though it may just be half-price, heh.  But hey, it's better than nothing.  I may just consider bidding up to half price on a PS3 and a Wii, or rather 2/3, meaning about 200 for a PS3 and about 120 for a Wii, although for the Wii, that's still rather expensive.  I'll have to start considering some things, especially where the postage is 20-30 quid.  Anyway, I'm gonna attempt to drag my heels into class later on, so I hope I'm up to it, given I need to catch the 12:30 bus to uni... at least I have time to see if I am well enough to go to class, though I do feel a little better after having a shower.  Oh yeah, I may have forgot to mention that I promised my mate I'd be in yesterday, but it turns out he was too ill to go in yesterday, and won't be going in today, which sucks.  Anyway, I'll write more after my nurse's appointment.

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