Nov. 29th, 2007

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I've developed a terrible update pattern for my journal now, seeing as asides from the Nov. 25th update (at this time still pending) this is the most recent update.  Either way, not a lot has happened over the past 4 days, although I missed my Multimedia Games class, which I wasn't happy with at all.  I've talked to Chris about it, and I'm to update him on how I get on with IBA with regards to attendance.  I spent about 7 quid last night on drinks at Sparrows, which was a good night which was finished with me going to Jose and Francesco's flat to hang out for a while.  I haven't done a lot besides that (besides not attending classes >_<) although I intend to start on my coursework this weekend, if not tomorrow, just so I can get at least one out of the way.  Anyway, other than that, there's really very little to say, although I have an idea I need to write down, although I can't say a lot at the moment, but it was inspired by Facebook, which is all I can say at the moment.  I'll say more later if I can.  Either way, I need to now cover the 25th and below...

I just had an interesting time a few minutes ago... two, erm, "sorta friends" (only recently met them but they're past aquaintence stage) dropped by on a "mission" to find out who gave one of them (called J) a call, although they gave up after they reached mine and Jose/Francesco's flat (we're next door to each other) and also after I gace J a lighter, lol  But yeah, fun times.  This year is actually beginning to be more intresting, especially as I intend to go out to Sparrows every Wednesday now, and perhaps the weekend as well... with the occasional visit other days.

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